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Dank Vapes claim to be made from the creators of DankWoods. This upcoming brand was established in 2018, creating a good reputation for itself. Unfortunately, the pesticides tests are currently uncertain and there have been many fakes out there. Doing this review revealed a quality hardware system with strong, tasty oil.

Update 2/11/2019: Dank Vapes has changed their packaging and we have a new Dank Vapes review up for 2019.


  • Strong oil quality
  • Great built to it
  • Amazing, sweet taste to it


  • Strong hits will guarantee you are coughing
  • There are vendors selling fakes
  • The test results show that the THC percent is 30% lower than it claims to be

UPDATE 9/11/2019: DISCLAIMER: In light of more recent news, it has become apparent that black market cartridges, counterfeit cartridges, and fake brands of cartridges have become more widespread than we had ever realized. We urge readers to apply their own discretion, and caution that at no point should readers assume that a review of a cartridge on our site is a guarantee of its safety.

We advise readers to always verify their cartridges as coming from a legitimate source. We do not recommend the Dank Vapes brand as it’s all just packaging now.

See our video review of Dank Vapes below. Keep reading on to see our more in depth, written review.

Dank Vapes cartridges overall are excellent, despite its lab strength test

These Dank Vapes cartridges are amazing, strong distillates that I would recommend to anyone. From the distillate and its design to the oil, these carts are built with high quality.With the flavor always exceeding your expectation, they will always surprisingly taste just as the package says. The only unfortunate thing about these carts is that they aren’t as potent as they claim to be. Aside from all of this, these carts have such a strong and rich, sweet taste. In this Dank Vapes review I tried Mimosa, Grand Daddy Purple and Fruity Pebbles.

The lab results keep coming back passed and failed

Below we show three different pesticide test results from Dank Vapes. Early on they came out testing with negative lab results, having pesticides in them. The month of December, 2018, they came in passing than again failing to be clean. We are unsure if either one came from a fake or not. Regardless, they all came in with lower THC percent than they promote to be. Claiming to be over 90% THC, the strength result came in at average 65%.

dank vape lab test results
Dank tested positive in at least 5 types of pesticides on this test.
dank vapes thc percent
Dank Vapes King Louie with 65% total THC.

Most recent test results from Dank Vapes:

dank vape test lab result
This result came in failing with pesticides, at 63.79% THC
dank vape pesticide test
Dank Vape came positive in a dozen of pesticides. This is very unfortunate for the reputation they have.

Comes with a unique design and packaging

dank vapes cartridge box
These one of a kind packages allows you to visibly see the oil content in it and gives some background on flavor.

The packaging to these Dank Vape cartridges are made very particular and different. Its unique package claims to be all organic and contains no propylene glycol, with THC levels above 90%.

Aside of this, the design to the distillate is very unique as well. Its design allows it to give clean and smooth hits, with a great airflow to it. The good thing about this too is the mouth piece isn’t a screw on mouth piece. These sleek and comfortable cartridges will not draw back any oil when hitting it at all.

Dank Vapes Mimosa gives strong, savory hits

dank vapes mimosa
This flavor has a nice mind high following an amazing, strong taste

Something you will notice right away when hitting these cartridges is the taste. The Mimosa flavor has a very pleasant, fruity taste that will make you keep wanting to hit it. The Mimosa strain itself is a hybrid. It does have somewhat of an orange taste, but you can also taste a mixture of other fruits in it. The only thing about these cartridges being strong is that they will leave you coughing after a few hits. It is slightly harsh if you’re not use to it, otherwise they’re amazing.

Grand Daddy Purple gives a strong, grape flavor and a nice body high

dank vapes cartridge
The Grand Daddy Purple has a phenomenal taste and a mellow body high

The taste to the Grand Daddy Purple has such a strong, delicious taste that gives it an amazing experience. The Grand Daddy Purple strain is a popular Indica strain. These sweet and compelling hits have such a strong grape taste, you’ll be surprised on how accurate it is. Even though it gives a nice body high, it does give a decent and satisfying mind high.

Fruity Pebbles tastes too accurate, making it a bit skeptical

dank vapes fruity pebbles
This cart will shock you on how precise it taste to the cereal itself, that you’ll keep wanting to hit it just for the taste.

This amazing hybrid has a sweet taste to it that is exactly like the cereal itself. Giving me a nice mellow mind high and a great body high to sleep, its high does last for a while. Only thing is this cart tastes very identical to Fruity Pebbles that it had me questioning the potency and THC percent of it. With its previous failed test results, this makes me a bit unsure of the quality or strength. I should also mention that this oil was the only one that has a dark color and thin oil density. These hits may be tasteful, but would often leave harsh hits.Despite all of this, I admit it has a fascinating taste that makes me want to keep smoking it.

Cherry Pie is probably the smoothest one

dank vapes cherry pie
This smooth cartridge gives just the perfect amount of sweet and soothing hits

Without a doubt, Dank Vapes Cherry Pie is the smoothest flavor that gives easy and effortless hits. Unlike the other flavors, this cart won’t give you any sort of harsh or rough hit. Giving a well balanced body/mind high and tasting a lot like cherry, I prefer this on a daily basis.

Oil quality seems decent quality

The quality of the oil to these Dank Vapes isn’t as bad as it really is. Even though they are unfortunately about 65% THC, they do hit very strong. With thick oil density, these carts did hit a lot harder than I expect it to.

dank vapes oil quality
Even though it still isn’t sure the quality with no test, it’s still of quality

Regardless of the strength results, it will still surprise you how it hits

Although the test averaged at 65% THC, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the way these carts rip. Depending which flavor you get, it will give smooth yet strong hits. Unfortunately it may be a bit harsh, depending which flavor. Other than that, these cartridges will conveniently get you high with just a few hits. Sometimes, only 2-3 hits were just enough to get me through the moment.

These cartridges give very rich and pleasant taste to it

Another thing that I loved a lot about these Dank Vapes is the taste to every flavor. This has to be by far my personal favorite feature of Dank Vapes. Any flavor that you purchase will never fail to its expectation. But watch out, enough hits of these and it will give you a slumped, after high.

These efficient carts will lasts longer than anticipated

These Dank Vapes lasted me longer than I’d expect them to. It could be because of how strong these carts are, I only needed a few hits every couple of hours. This allows me conserve this cartridge and still get high when I want to. Depending on how often you smoke, it lasts you anywhere between 1-4 weeks and does have well over 100+ hits. Despite if your’e in a group of friends or it is for personal, it will last you a good while.

There are unfortunately many fakes out there being sold

The only bad thing about these carts is that many vendors out there are selling fakes. This allows vendors to put what ever they want in the distillate. It is difficult to differentiate with them looking identical, but you can tell by a couple of minor details. Find more info about fake Dank Vapes here.

Which flavor is better?

dank vapes flavors
I have to admit, all of these carts tasted amazing. It all leads to preference as to which is better

This is a very difficult to pick, for they all are fantastic and have a great high and taste to them. It all ends up with personal preference. I have to go with either Cherry Pie or Grand Daddy Purple just because I’ve always loved the taste. They both really have nice and fruity taste to it, as well as a well balanced high. If your’e looking more of a mind high, your best bet would be the Mimosa or Cherry Pie flavor. If you want a stronger taste and more of a body high, go with Grand Daddy Purple or Fruity Pebbles. Even with the drowsy come down, the taste and strength really is desirable and worth it.

Dank Vapes VS Mario Carts

dank vapes and mario carts
Mario carts are alright, but are no where near as enticing as Dank Vapes cartridges.

Without a doubt, I would chose Dank Vapes over Mario carts anytime. First off, Mario carts claim that they are 83-87% THC, but a recent test shows THC coming in at 69.35%. Dank Vapes may not have any test results, but I can tell you that it feels well over 70% THC. Second, the taste is just too good that I will much prefer Dank Vapes. Another thing I should mention is that Mario carts doesn’t have as much information of their company as Dank Vapes.

Dank Vapes VS Exotic Carts

dank vapes and exotic carts
With both of them having good oil quality, Dank Vapes is still more potent and better

Even with the Exotic Carts, I will still choose Dank Vapes for many reasons. Don’t get me wrong, the Exotic carts are still strong and good. But the taste is still no where near as fascinating. Dank Vapes may give a slight harsh hit but only because of how strong the oil is. Exotic carts would give harsh and burnt hits to it with decent yet unknown oil, making it less enjoyable. Another thing is that Dank Vape are a lot more legit than Exotic carts too, having more proof and credibility to their company.

To conclude, Dank Vapes are well worth the experience and I’ll recommend to anyone

These Dank Vapes really are that amazing. Even with the mis-confusion of the lab tests and low THC percent, I still find them to be great. Another thing is, as mentioned earlier, that there are many fake Dank Vapes being sold. Even though these carts are well recommended to try, I would still watch out for its legitimacy.

Other than that, I definitely recommend anyone cart lovers to try this out. Regardless which flavor you get, you will be pleased with its strength and taste. Depending where you are, these usually costs anywhere between $30-$60. Above all, Dank Vapes are well worth the price and I surely will be buying more of them in the future.



  1. What pen do you use for these? I’m newer to this and want one that will work with dank vapes that isn’t expensive. I don’t really want to go above $75.

  2. To anyone that wants these shipped to your house you’ll have to go on the deep web and go to empiremarket. It’s about $28 for one

  3. im an old bad ass smoker from back in the day. i smoke about 3 danks a week. cant make these last a week, unless u get to high you forget where you put it.


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