Design and Build Quality

Hempod CBD vape pods are made for use with CBD or cannabis oils such as distillate or CO2 oil. After reviewing the hempods CBD pods and breaking one apart, we have come to the conclusion that it is not a good quality product. They are made for use with Juul batteries but allow you to fill up essentially a remade Juul pod with their own materials.

UPDATE 6/19/2019: Hempod has discontinued the product we reviewed here. They now offer prefilled CBD pods that use CCELL hardware and we will be updating the review shortly.

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  • Very slick
  • Discreet
  • Hard hits
  • Compatible with Juul batteries
  • Wicked atomizer
  • Wick burns when hit too hard
  • Leaks
Recommendations:  Change the core of the atomizer to wickless, ceramic or quartz and this thing gets a lot of potential.
hempod cbd vape pod marijuana cannabis
Hempod Packaging

Design and Build Quality

The outside design and feel of the pod seems to be decent. The design fails when you actually rip the thing apart and you see that the inside is just a wicked atomizer. Similar to the Juul, it gives a very hard hit from the wick burning. We found after taking one apart after use that the wick did in fact seem to be burned.

The outside housing is actually built pretty decently. But when it comes down to the build quality of the internal atomizer, Hempods are very much lacking.

The quality of the actual heating element which is the most important part of a vape pod is just not so good. You are literally hitting off a wick. And that is the same technology we saw from 2014 and before.

hempod cbd vape pod marijuana cannabis
Hempod CBD Vape Pod


The atomizer really disappoint. It does not really hit that well. And when you get a harsh, you know it’s from the wick burning. This is not the type of wick that I am used to having. I prefer to hit something off with a ceramic core like the current generation CCELL cartridges or the Stiizy pen but refilled with better oil.

They could have made this atomizer a lot better by having it hit off with a ceramic or quartz core. Anything besides hitting off a wick is typically going to be better at this point. The technology is really outdated and we hope in the future that the heating element portion of this atomizer is updated.

hempod cbd vape pod marijuana cannabis
Empty pod revealing the use of wick.



The Hempods are not that efficient because they leak. Even after minimal use you could see that leaking was occuring in the battery. I did not even use it a whole lot because honestly the taste is just not worth it and didn’t want to waste quality distillate on this type of pod.

hempod cbd vape pod marijuana cannabis
Refilled pod

Value here is really low.

Value is low because it’s just something that I wouldn’t buy at all again because of the heating element. Pretty much it comes down to atomizer quality and the quality justice is not here. Because of that the value’s rate is very low.

Concluding our Hempod review…

The Hempod just like the G Pen Gio needs one major upgrade, a better core. Currently the atomizer core it uses just does not deliver the quality that can be found on current generation CCELL Cartridges, Stiizy Pens, ALD VFire and other ceramic core atomizers. The Hempod for now is something I would skip and would not get again until they upgrade the atomizer type.

There’s a lot of hype about this product but here at DabConnection we don’t think it was up to the hype.

What do you think about Hempod? Have you tried it yourself? Comment below or post in our forum!


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