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[sc name=”AMP_Rating”]Supreme Pods, also known as Supreme G Extracts pods, are THC pods that are compatible with Juul batteries. Although they seem to be made from Supreme, they’re actually from the creators of Canawoods according to their Instagram account. After reviewing the Supreme G Pods, they surprisingly turned out to be amazing tasting and efficient, well made pods. These are not do be confused with Supreme cartridges, which are an untested, possibly fake cartridge.


  • Amazing taste
  • Efficient hardware
  • Thick hits


  • Doesn’t feel as potent

Supreme G Pods first post was misleading, but came back with positive lab results

supreme pods lab results
It’s unfortunate how they shared inauthentic lab results. Photo from datdude41510

As shown above, Supreme G Extracts shared their lab results, displaying quality and potent oil. To begin, their first post shown above was false, DatDude41510 contacted the company that tested Supreme G’s, they claimed they never tested them.

Goof thing that they came back strong, showing no sort of pesticides and over 90% Cannabinoid content!

supreme pods lab results
These Supreme Pods showed clean, with no pesticides or artificial flavors – dabbinaladdin

Strawberry Cough gives an amazing high

supreme pods strawberry cough
Strawberry cough gives an amazing flavor, tasting identical to strawberry candy.

When I first un-packaged this pod, I didn’t expect much just because I thought that they are originally made by Supreme themselves. Supreme may not have a reputable background but from our research, they seem to be created by another company. Even though they’re originally made by Canawoods, neither company has much information about them nor are found on Weed maps.

Despite their lack of origins, we did love almost everything about the Supreme G pods. From the way it rips to the taste, they turned out to be very efficient and smooth. Something about this Pod is that at first, you need to pull it 3 times to actually start getting good hits. This allows the distillate to absorb into the coil, allowing it to burn efficiently.

supreme pods package
To start actually getting good rips you have to take a few hits in advance.

Moderate oil, but didn’t feel as potent

supreme g pods oil quality
The distillate do have a nice strong and thick density to it, but don’t feel as potent as they look.

The Supreme G Pods holds 1000 mg/1 gram of distillate inside the pod. Although they say to be at 94% THC, they personally didn’t taste as potent. Even though the oil is thick in density, the high felt light. Still satisfying, but I needed multiple hits to even feel a good buzz. Good thing that this Supreme Pod is very efficient, allowing you to hit it a lot without wasting much oil.

Amazing and sweet, satisfying taste

The flavor we tried was Strawberry Cough and it has such a fascinating taste to it, it’s not harsh what so ever. Every hit, all through out the pod always hits smooth and clean, never rough nor would it drawback. This particular strain tasted a lot like a strawberry candy. Again, it was nice and light, the flavor didn’t taste too strong nor taste artificial. If only they provided with new lab results, I can ensure what’s in the distillate, making them more reputable.

Supreme G Pods is efficient and does last a while

This pod lasted me around 3-4 days, which is normal for me to finish a gram of distillate. Something I noticed is how long and durable it is, making it easy to conserve your oil. Because of how light it was for me, I did vape it consistently and more often than not. This resulted in me finishing the pod a lot quicker than if I would if it were more potent.

An inside look of the Supreme Pod

supreme pods atomizer
The atomizer uses a wicked wire that is denser and bigger than any ordinary pods and cartridges.

Disarming the Supreme pod was surprisingly easy to take apart. All I did was detach the bottom plastic with pliers, and the coil should be able to come off easily. Furthermore, this pod uses a wick that is wrapped around cotton, similar to the hemp pods. Only difference is, unlike the hemp pods, these pods are actually durable and of quality. They always give great tasting hits, I don’t think I ever got any harsh or burnt hits throughout the pod.

What if my Supreme Pod is leaking?

This is a major problem with most Juul compatible pods. Some pods can’t withstand the density of oil and starts leaking either on the bottom or mouth piece. If this happens, the best thing you can do is change the pod and move the oil from one pod or cartridge to another.

Although there isn’t much you can do fixing it, you can do a few things to prevent this from happening. First off, do NOT keep the pod in the Juul for extensive periods of time. This will cause it to slightly drip out from the bottom of the pod. Also, these pods should be sealed with the piece of plastic already provided underneath the pod itself. If you break the seal or leave it in warm temperatures, this can cause it to leak. You can also prevent this by removing your Supreme Pod while charging your battery.

Supreme G Pods vs Bare Pods

supreme pods vs bare pods
Taking a closer look, Bare Pods use a ceramic coil, which does give very light hits. As for Supreme Pods, they stronger, wicked coil.

Both amazing tasting pods, at the same time neither have official lab results out. But without a doubt, Supreme Pods do rip a lot better than the Bare Pods. Bare pods may be a bit more credible, but they use such a weak coil on their pod. This makes it hard to get any good hits, whereas Supreme Pods always give thick hits.

From an inside look, the Supreme G Pods has a more efficient atomizer compared to the Bare Pod. Because of this, I would prefer Supreme pods over Bare’s, the coil really does make a difference in smoke quality.

Above all, Supreme Pods are flavorful and satisfying to smoke

In conclusion, the Supreme pod really is enjoyable and mellow to vape. I highly recommend you try Supreme Pods flavors if you ever come across them! For you heavy smokers (depending which flavor) they might not feel as strong, but still is tasteful and efficient. As for light smokers, this is perfect if you don’t want to get baked in the first few hits.

What was your experience with Supreme Pods? Leave a comment below or discuss in our forum!


  1. Hey there. I picked up a strawberry cough cartridge, identical to the one above. Then it just stopped working. It’s practically full. Is there something I can do to solve the issue? I’d really appreciate your time got laid off last week, I could really use the lift. Thanks again. Stoned is the way of the walk 🚶‍♂️

  2. I just received a pod of Fruity Pebbles. If this is 100% distillate, then I wonder how it has such high terpene flavor? Usually the CO2/solvent THC oils will have the terpene flavor but distillates do not? This is my understanding but I could be wrong. The pod is very tasty and very strong..smells and tastes like fruity pebbles cereal, one puff from a juul battery and I’m good to go. A pod could last me a very long time since a week of puffs hasn’t put a dent in the liquid.

  3. I have three consecutive lab results from supreme gs and the oil is clean so @DatDude41510 can stop hating on a product that’s takes his buissness every one can eat.


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