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Battery Life

The PCKT ONE battery is unique in that it has both options for powering on: pull draw or push button. The battery lasts a long time with a 660mah battery. It also comes with an extended magnet adapter to make it fit thicker cartridges.

PCKT Vapor just released a new battery. Check out our PCKT One Plus review for more info.



  • Very high build quality
  • Pull draw or push button
  • Long lasting battery
  • Comes with three different size magnet adapters


  • A bit expensive
  • Push button is on the bottom
  • Must use extended adapter for thicker carts, like new style CCELL cartridges

Recommendations: Make the push button more easily accessible. Make the hole larger so it can carry the newer style larger cartridges without the extended adapter.

PCKT ONE Vapor is easy to operate, comes with all you need, save a pre-filled cartridge

The PCKT ONE Vapor comes with the battery itself, USB charging cable, three different size magnet adapters, and manual/warranty card. The three magnet adapters are a great addition. Some carts are too thick to fit some batteries. The adapters come in at this point quite handily.The extendo adapted is the longest and is currently needed to fit standard CCELL cartridges like those found on Select Oil carts.

PCKT ONE is 2.7 inches long and 0.6 inches wide. So, if you’re looking for something tiny, with a bang, check it out

Build Quality on the PCKT ONE Vapor is excellent! Design is great.

Just put the PCKT ONE battery in your hand and you can feel the excellent quality of the materials.The finish feels nice on your hand. It feels heavier than similar sized batteries, in a good way.

Pull Draw or Push Button

PCKT ONE shines here! This vape battery has the ability to be push button or pull draw. The only thing about the push button is that it’s on the bottom of the battery. Still easy to hit since it is so small, but it would be better placed on the side. This may be due to them marketing it more as a pull draw then a push button and not to confuse people.

Pros: The PCKT ONE gives you the option to take a pull draw hit, giving you a stronger hit!

Cons: The push button is on the bottom, which isn’t the most comfortable place on the batter.

PCKT one vapor battery and charger
PCKT ONE comes with the battery itself, USB charging cable and three different size magnet adapters

Charging speed was normal, battery life was long

The PCKT ONE battery is 660maH, 110maH more than the very popular CCELL Palm. This gave a long battery life to the PCKT ONE Vapor that far exceeded other vape batteries that are focused on cartridges.

Strength was decent and the push button helps in this category

When you have a pull draw cartridge, strength can vary a lot depending on the cartridge. The PCKT ONE Vapor push button give you the option to take a harder hit than you can typically get with a pull draw system.

Value: PCKT ONE Vapor is not cheap, but neither are cartridges

The PCKT ONE Vapor comes out to about $50 at most place you would buy it, including their site. The price is higher than some other batteries out there, but carts are expensive as well. I prefer not to use bulky mods, but that is a cheaper option. Given the high end finish and option to do both push button and pull draw, its a decent value.

Pros: With the PCKT ONE Vapor, it’s uniqueness makes it well worth the price!

Cons: The price is a bit higher than some batteries out there.

pckt one back of box
PCKT ONE comes with three separate magnetic adapters to make any 510-cartridge fit.

In conclusion, the PCKT ONE vapor battery offers a great option with the ability to both use pull draw and button push. This is the first battery I have seen with this feature. It is a little on the pricey side, but considering cart costs its not that bad at all. You can get it here!

What was your experience with the PCKT ONE? Leave a comment below or discuss in our forum!


  1. PCKT IS NOT A TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY. Read the reviews, this company has horrible customer service. They only post positive reviews on their site, and censor critical reviews. I have had it break 4 times, I have sent mine back 3 times, and kept falling for the extended warranties, thinking they had my back

  2. Just received my PCKT ONE PLUS. Elegant, awesome streamline design, which is super sturdy. Impressed with the quality and performance. It is worth the price.

  3. Dont fall for all the hype the PCKT ONE PLUS is a piece of garbage. I got 2 and both wont power up after just 1 day of use…

  4. Just received my brand new PCKT ONE PLUS. Unfortunately it doesn’t work without the stem. Not impressed with the quality control for such a high end expensive battery. Can’t comment on performance of the vape..

  5. I drilled out my PCKT One to take CCell cartridges. I got a PCKT One as a gift. Went to my local dispensary and got a Select-brand cartridge. The Select is a CCell, and it did not fit into the PCKT. Because the PCKT seems to be heavy aluminum, I took a chance that I could remove some wall thickness and not destroy the unit. My original hole was 10.48mm, and I used a 27/64 inch drill bit to open it to 10.68mm. The CCell drops right in with some clearance. This is probably not recommended, but it worked for me. If you try this, carefully measure the depth of the PCKT hole and wrap tape around your drill bit so you stop before it hits the vapor nozzle, be sure to clean out all the scraps of aluminum.

    • Might not be the official or recommended way, but still great work and good to know for readers willing to try it. Hopefully this means future ones will come a little more bored out as well if it is that simple of a fix for them on the factory end. Thanks for posting!


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