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Can you believe it’s 2020? Well, we couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming calendar year of Cannabis Events California 2020! Check it out and see which events you can make it to in this sunny state. From business seminars and film screenings to full-blown cannabis festivals! From NorCal to SoCal – there’s something for everyone.

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Cannabis Events California 2020

Remedy Room Dispensary Grand Opening

Remedy_Room Grand Opening

Saturday, June 13th, 2020

8642 Limonite Ave., Jurupa Valley, Riverside County, Southern California

Contact: Braelee Conticchio 720-681-3764

Instagram: @remedyroom420

Celebrity appearances, Green Carpet with a professional photographer, taco trucks, Hawaiian barbeque, the best deals around, and more! All sponsored by NUGL Magazine, make sure to stop by any time 10 am to 10 pm, right off Route 60 OR Interstate 15.




High Art Friday Night

High Art Friday Night


March 13 and 27 (5:00 PM)

Gallery 105
105 4th St
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Price: Free

This is an art, wine and cannabis meetup and discussion. What is trending in the NorCal art scene added with a touch of weed and wine talk?  Bring your own and dress like you’re going to an art gallery because you are!

More HERE.


  1. You are totally right Richard. It is interesting that people just keep going to the doctor and the doctor will just keep finding something wrong over and over again. The pharmaceuticals out there have so many side effects, especially liver problems like you mentioned. I think they just put some of the elderly through the ringer to just keep them going and going to different meds as they slowly die. The older people I know that are in great shape don’t go to the doctor non stop.

    Another thing related is drinking vs. smoking weed. Elderly people that have been drinking forever are falling apart, yet the ones that mainly smoke weed seem fine at least out of the ones I know. Drinking is killing people yet weed is illegal. Even if not for medical purposes but just to chill, weed is better, while alcohol long term will kill you. On top of that, drinking crap alcohol is even extra worse as its less filtered.


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