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DabConnection is happy to bring you another new brand to our growing list of cartridge reviews. This time it’s Jetty Extracts Gold under the spotlight and the Sativa dominant Maui Wowie. Coming from the licensed Mankind dispensary in San Diego, quality assurance is what we’re after. Take a walk out onto the Jetty in the following Jetty Extracts cartridge review and see why it made our best vape cartridges in California list.


  • High Potency
  • Robust Flavor
  • Durable & Comfortable Cartridge Design
  • High-Quality Concentrate
  • Tested Clean in an Independent Test


  • High Price Tag
  • Light On Number Of Puffs
  • No Visible Proof Of Purity On Package For Each Unit
  • Weak Safety Seal

Recommendations: We love the new CCELL cartridge design over the old wick style. The oil vapes up faster than other similar brands.  It would be best if Jetty makes obvious the lab doing the testing and includes the information on each cartridge. They have tested clean though when independently tested.

Licensing Information: C11-0000-374-LIC, CDPH-10002243

See our video review below and keep reading on for the more in depth review of Jetty cartridges.

Jetty Extracts improves & offers a superb cartridge

Jetty Extracts Logo
The Jetty Extracts Logo

I remember Jetty Extracts cartridges from a few years back. These days, they no longer use the wick draw system of old but the preferred c-cell design. It’s the slim style that doesn’t come to close to the outer glass. At the base are four evenly spaced absorption holes. Their positioning at the very bottom ensures very little oil residue left over.

One thing I do not remember from the old style cartridges is such fantastic flavor and potency. It’s possible that my memory is just fading, but the Jetty Extracts Gold cartridges seem much better in this regard. Despite a few issues with packaging and labeling, these are fine cartridges indeed.

The Jetty Extracts Gold Maui Wowie is full of flavor & true to strain

With all the different cross-breeds of Maui Wowie, we can only say that the flavor hits home. Tropical reminiscents of Hawaii burst over your palate with hints of citrus, earth, and pineapple. Jetty Extracts Gold Maui Wowie is strong and it doesn’t take much of a vape to enjoy the full flavor.

Jetty Extracts Gold Maui Wowie packs a potent punch at 88.36% THC

The potency of the Jetty Extracts Maui Wowie is up there and effects set in fast. Energy and a positive vibe result after a single draw from this cartridge. Like other premium carts, the packaging provides percentages as well as levels by mg. The .5-gram Maui Wowie cart has 441.8 mg of THC and no CBD.

Jetty Extracts Gold Cartridge Design
Close Up Of The Jetty Extracts Gold Maui Wowie Cartridge

Jetty carts are durable and include a comfortable wooden mouthpiece

Jetty Extracts Gold cartridges start with the usual 510 threads at the bottom. Above that is their seagull logo with a green border that covers the ignition system. Next is a strong glass tube with the ceramic center and metal drawtube inside. Above the glass tube is a metal ring and then a smooth wooden mouthpiece. The mouthpiece does not unscrew making the cart non-refillable.

Carts come with a tamper-proof seal

Jetty Extract Gold cartridges use a sticker as a tamper-proof seal which isn’t that sticky. It would be easy to peel it off and get to the cart inside, then reapply it later. The package is a cylinder that you twist and lift to open. A small gunny sack with drawstrings on the inside holds the actual cartridge.

Jetty Extracts Gold Carts provide a batch #, but no lab to verify with

Jetty Extracts Gold Label
Notice The Batch Number Plus Manufacturing, Packaged On, & Best By Dates

Nowhere on the packaging or on the company website does it show the lab that does the testing. Since there is a batch number, you would assume that means you can check the results of testing. I have an email out and will update the post with their answer. Besides a batch #, Jetty Extracts shows the manufacturing, packaging, and best by dates.


$35.00 for a .5-gram cartridge at a licensed CA dispensary isn’t bad

It sure would be nice to see that price drop lower, especially considering the $35.00 is before taxes. That’s right. In a licensed CA dispensary you have to pay taxes, and you won’t get out of any of them unless you have an MMID card. Still. a lot of .5-gram carts are even more in licensed California dispensaries.

Take the Honey Vape Green Crack or the Sunday Goods Trainwreck over at MedMen in nearby Kearny Mesa. Both .5g cartridges, the Honey Vape costs $40.00 and Sunday Goods $45.00. When you save 5 to 10 bucks and are able to take advantage of discounts as well, it makes a big difference.

Number of puffs is just a little light

Jetty Extracts Gold Cartridge Package
Package And Price Of The Jetty Extracts Gold .5-gram Cartridge,center/>

It’s interesting because at the time of testing I had two other .5-gram carts to compare with the Jetty Extracts Gold. There wasn’t a huge disparity in how fast the oil receded, but just enough to notice. I love the Maui Wowie and I really wish this cartridge would last a little longer.

Large vapes are easy but they may hurt

For those who like lung bursting vapes, this is a go-to cartridge. Not only is it potent, but it expands quickly inside the lungs. Those terpenes will hit you and if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself coughing up a huge storm. You can check that video if you haven’t already and see the vape it gives!

End of the rocks on the Jetty Extracts Gold cartridge

Flaws in the Jetty Extract Gold cartridge have nothing to do with design, flavor, or potency. They have more to do with the packaging and how information is presented. It’ll be interesting to hear what Jetty Extracts has to say about lab analysis, and we will update as soon as they answer back. Assuming the lab tests are clear, they make an incredible vaping experience.

If you want to know more about Jetty Extracts, be sure to visit their website. Have you tried a Jetty cartridge? Leave us a comment below or post on our forum.


  1. I don’t understand the hate either. Their rosin solventless cart line is great. GMO, el gordo and fatso are so gassy and pungent and hits heavy. Great flavor. And my two fav distillates (if I have to get distillate) is heavy hitters and Jetty. The northern lights, Maui wowie, trainwreck and gelato distillate are very strain specific terps. It tastes great imo not too fake or chemically and very accurate on the flavor profile. The only thing that I don’t typically enjoy from jetty is the unrefined live resin line. I’ve only had a few strains but I prefer their distillate and rosin.

  2. I really am confused why there is mostly hate toward this product. In 2022 I find the product fantastic and a local dispo has it on special all the time. Only complaint is I go through the carts quickly, but then again I puff heavy too. I give it’s live resin line a thumbs up from a novice stoner.

    • Well, this review is from 2019, and Jetty as distributed throughout the state. Both location and time tend to be variables in a cannabis company’s level of quality, we notice.

      They’re also a famously economical brand, so maybe account for variability of quality control there. Bottom line: Just because we review a product once 4 years ago doesn’t mean that it’s a final judgment on the brand forever.

  3. Purchased 2 new Jetty Pax cartridges and Pax battery, then after only a couple days, cartridges are clogged or something , has no suction to activate pen. In my opinion it is a very poor design to have a issue so soon, seems like a waste of money and feel I basically was ripped off since I barely used and now cannot use. Not Happy with Jetty Product!!! Jetty has to be aware of this issue, as Im sure Im not the only person to have this happen to them.

  4. I have to offer my opinion on Jetty, as I find their popularity baffling. I have never been satisfied with a Jetty purchase. The color is usually as brown as a turd. It doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t smoke well, and I don’t get high. I dislike the wooden tip as it is far less sanitary. It retains my lips’ moisture, and eventually, the wood will feel soggy near the end of my vape sesh. I certainly wouldn’t wanna pass this off to others (pre or post-COVID. I wish they made a better product, as most San Francisco dispensaries carry a large variety of Jetty carts. I have tried each variation that is offered – none were amber, none were enjoyable. If you like this product, you are either an amateur or a weakling.

  5. My 1/3 full Jetty Maui Wowie 1 gm cartridge is not giving any vape when used with a fully powered battery. I tried to troubleshoot per various internet sites with no success.

    Suggestions? Diana

  6. I have been the vaping with cartridges from local dispensaries for the past three years , mostly kingpin . I have now been diagnosed with COPD. I bought my 1st Jetty cartridge and I am very interested in lab test.
    Hybrid. Allies OG
    Indica Granddaddy Purp
    Batch TO577GDP/ID:132226
    UID 1A4060300002199000000332
    Thank you , Ed Hubble

  7. First time and last time purchase
    I purchased the vape refill loved the exterior packaging. It was a struggle to open it tk the point i went on YouTube to look. No instructions how to open the cannister. My hand turned red struggling to open it. I went to a beach restaurant one of tbe guys helped me. One of the worst experiences ive had never again jetty is mixed in with shitty. Now i wont be so vain to buy a product based on packaging. The weed is good to smoke but i wont buy a second one.

  8. I just purchased a Jetty Gold Alien OG and they now use a plastic tube, not glass. I bought it from WHTC in Studio City, CA which is a licensed shop and Jetty retailer. The other thing that annoyed me is that the wood tip is slightly crooked. Jetty confirmed that this is common.

    Other than that, it was a tasty and decently strong cart.


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