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Today I will look at Jeeter Juice, which is the distillate cartridge line of Jeeter, most famous for their infused pre-rolled joints. Jeeter’s line of infused pre-roll joints is distributed by Dreamfields Farms at many California dispensaries. I’ve been seeing a lot of these Jeeter Juice cartridges at many of the shops in LA.  I will discuss the pros and cons of this cartridge.


  • Uses C-Cell M6T
  • The oil lasts an average length


  • Below average strength
  • Artificial taste
  • Perfume-like aftertaste
  • Uses botanical terpenes

Recommendations: This cartridge leaves a lot of room for improvement starting from the airflow problems with the hardware to the overly artificial taste. The strength of this distillate can be improved as well. The use of botanical terpenes is my strongest issue with this cartridge.

jeeter juice box

The packaging for Jeeter Juice looks cheap, similar to street brands

The packaging looks very cheap, almost like a glossier, more polished version of the black market Dank Vapes or Cereal Carts with its “nutrition facts,” which is why I wanted to try this since they were sold in so many dispensaries in LA. As per their website at Dreamfields Farms, these are distillate oil cartridges infused with botanical terpenes.

The distillate for Jeeter Juice looks okay with no discoloration

For this review, I picked up their Purple Punch, which is a cross between Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, a strain that is best used for nighttime. When you first look at this Jeeter Juice Purple Punch cartridge, its oil quality looks lighter in color with very little noticeable discoloration. For the most part, it looks like standard distillate oil like other recent distillate cartridges.

jeeter juice cartridge

Jeeter Juice uses C-Cell M6T hardware, airflow often clogs

The hardware and efficiency of this Jeeter Juice cartridge was another issue that I had with this cartridge. Each cartridge has the Jeeter logo and is color-labeled. This makes it easy to tell which strain of Jeeter Juice cartridge it is. Its build quality and design is similar to the Dr. Zodiak Jupiter C-Cell cartridges, though it shares other qualities as well. This Jeeter Juice cartridge, which uses the M6T model of C-Cell cartridges, had some problems with airflow that clogged early and often during the use of this cartridge, similar to a Dr. Zodiak cartridge. It seems to last the average number of puffs for a full gram distillate cartridge much like a real Dr. Zodiak cartridge from last year.

jeeter juice cartridge close up

The taste is overly artificial with a perfume-like aftertaste

Its taste is also one of the main weaknesses. It has an artificial taste very much similar to Welsh’s grape juice, but with a harsh perfume-like aftertaste. That might be caused by mixing botanical terpenes with distillate oil in this cartridge. I would recommend most other distillate cartridges over this one, including Absolute Extracts, Heavy Hitters, Kurvana, and Plug Play. Its artificial fruitiness reminds me of some of the Dr. Zodiak cartridges, the Breath Mint Rad Vapes cartridge, and some of the older West Coast Cure cartridges that I’ve had. 

The effects of this cartridge were minimal and didn’t last long

The effects were not as strong for his one, which has 80.07% THC and 0.36% CBD. They are initially relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric, but the effects don’t last long enough as you have to have the full intended effect. Needless to say, this wasn’t strong enough to have a full night’s sleep with this Purple Punch cartridge. During the use of this cartridge, this distillate had little to no medical benefits for my nerve pain and initially gave me a slight headache. Again, I would recommend most other distillate cartridges like Heavy Hitters, Kurvana, and Plug Play over this for much better effects, much better taste, and higher potency.

jeeter juice details

There are other better distillate choices than Jeeter Juice

Jeeter Juice carts are also available at most dispensaries in Southern California. I cannot recommend these distillate cartridges that are infused with botanical terpene blends. Although this cartridge is possibly not as bad as other similarly looking street brands, there are plenty of other better choices for distillate cartridges including Absolute Extracts, Heavy Hitters, Legion of Bloom, Kurvana, and Plug Play.

Concluding this review…

Overall, I can’t recommend this cartridge, which had a much more unpleasant aftertaste than Heavy Hitters Lava Cake distillate that I’ve tried here in the past. Its below-average quality, its artificial taste, and lack of strength are similar to some of the cartridges from Dr. Zodiak, the Breath Mint Rad Vapes cartridge, and the previous generation of West Coast Cure before their new CurePods that I’ve tried in the past. The main draw of this cartridge is that this does not seem as bad as other similarly looking street brands and the price is cheaper than most distillate cartridges. Again, I would highly recommend most other distillate options in both the recreational and medical market over this one, including many distillate options such as Absolute Extracts, Heavy Hitters, Legion of Bloom, Kurvana, and Plug Play.

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  1. I wont say its unheard of but I’m shocked you’re so unhappy with all the progress we’ve made but we are sorry if some strains didn’t work out well with you but try something different if possible ask a budtender recommendation from

  2. The cartridge shown in the picture is a fake Jeeter juice. They don’t have purple punch, nor does any of their Jeeter juice carts come in purple packaging. If you’re going to review and bash Jeeter, at least smoke the real thing.

  3. I tried Jeeter carts and was horribly unimpressed. Grossed out in fact. Anyone who uses botanical terpenes is not selling marijuana and are only trying to rip you off with crap products. High was weak and didn’t last. Tasted like delta8. Only positive is my dispensary gave me my money back

  4. Just bought a Jeeter Juice cart for the first time, and I’m very disappointed. For being live diamonds, I was expecting a very high quality smoke. Nope! Far from the truth. Everything you mentioned is on point. I don’t know why people like that synthetic flavor. I like the taste of live resin/cured resin terpenes, not some whack-ass additive. Almora and Himalayan have great price points and flavor/high is just as legit.

  5. Great review! I’m just learning about how some carts have botanical terpenes and some have cannabis derived terpenes. I know that I really like some of the carts that have botanical terpenes, here in Ohio. I just got my medical card in July, but so far I love the Airopro carts here. I know that their Strain and Artisan Series both have botanical terpenes. The Airopro Live Flower series has cannabis derived terpenes too, but I think I like the Northern Lights Strain series better than the Blue Widow or Super Silver or Purple Hindu Live Flower series. I really like the lavender flavor and smell in that Northern Lights cart.

    The first Airopro cart that I ever tried was the Black Mamba Artisan Series. That one definitely has botanical terps, and it’s one of my favorites. I liked it way better than the other Artisan series that I tried though, because the Mystical Melody did have too much of a strong, sweet flavor, like mentioned about the cart in this review.


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