Here we take a look at Cart Toon Cartridges which are THC cartridges that are recently showing up everywhere. These carts do not seem to have a central oil producer and appear to be just a packaging company, but we cannot find their packaging directly for sale. The hardware used on the carts looks like it could be CCELL or a similar clone.

Cart Toon Cartridges are popping up, but they are not registered in a legal state

cart toon cartridges
You can even find Power Puff carts.

Toon Carts seem to be unregistered and you cannot rely on the “brand” Toon Carts to deliver anything specific as if it were a state-registered brand like Select Elite. The hardware does seem to be consistently the same though. They all use the same CCELL (or clone) style cartridge, some with ceramic tip and some with a metal tip.

Cartoon characters on THC vape cartridges

cart toon cartridge south park
Johnny Bravo and South Park are there too.

Toon Carts feature various cartoon characters on the packaging. Spongebob, Disney characters, Dragonball Z, Rugrats, South Park and  Thunder Cats are some of the characters you will see on Toon Carts. They would not be able to get away with these trademark violations if the company was legitimately registered. Disney and other cartoon creators would be litigating them if they continued operating after sending cease and desist letters.

There’s an Instagram, but no proof of making oil for Cart Toon Carts

You can see their Instagram page here. They don’t show anything but already filled cartridges and related packaging. No pictures of any grows, extraction facility, or anything else that would indicate a place of business where actual THC oil products are made. At the time of this posting, there have been no posts for them for over 17 weeks.

Can’t find their packaging on DHGate or Alibaba

sponge bob cartridge
Even Spongebob is not immune to Cart Toon carts.

We searched around trying to find their packaging for sale online without oil in it, just like you can find fake Dank Vapes. However, we could not locate anything. Even name specific cartoon and vape searches turned up no results. Previously any brand that was a blatant trademark violator, like Mario Carts, could also be found on DHGate and Alibaba.

What can we expect from Cart Toon Carts? Uncertainty

Since there are no lab results we are not sure if Cart Toon Cartridges will be clean or not. There is nothing to indicate strength either. Based on a visual test the oil does look decent, but you never know for sure until you hit it.

Have you hit on some Cart Toon Cartridges? We would love to hear your feedback on them. Comment below or post in our forum!



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