Alright, let’s talk ColdFire carts. I recently got my hands on their Petrol 41 and OG Cookies strains, and let me tell you, they’re something else. I’ve been on a bit of a vape journey in the last six months, trying this and that, but Coldfire is probably the best you can get in LA at the moment.¬†

Coldfire cart

Very smooth 

First off, these carts are smooth as heck. Like, smoother than a freshly paved road. Whether you’re hitting the Petrol 41 or the OG Cookies, you’re in for a treat. The taste? Oh boy, it’s like a flavor explosion in your mouth. It’s right up there with the big guns like Buddies and Heavy Hitters, no doubt.

Speaking of Heavy Hitters, I found out from the budtenders that they’re not doing live resin carts anymore. That’s where ColdFire steps in, and let me tell you, they’re filling that gap like pros.

Coldfire cart

The packaging is not that great, but who cares

Got these bad boys from Circle Dispensary in Long Beach, and at around 50 bucks for a gram, they’re not breaking the bank either (Always consider the high California weed tax). But here’s the kicker – the packaging is kinda meh. Like, it’s nothing to write home about. But hey, don’t judge a book by its cover, right? Because what’s inside those not-so-flashy packages is pure gold.

In a nutshell, ColdFire carts are the real deal. If you’re in Cali and you’re into vaping, you owe it to yourself to give ’em a whirl. Just be ready to forgive their bland packaging once you taste the magic they hold inside.

Coldfire cart details

You can find out more about their products here.

Have you tried these ColdFire carts? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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