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Battery Life and Charging

The Yocan UNI Pro is a great battery for vape cartridges. They label it as a mod battery which it is, but it’s designed for THC and CBD vape cartridges, not your standard eCig type of RDA atomizers. Overall, the versatility of this vape cartridge battery is what makes it a standout.


  • Versatile battery, hits any cartridge
  • Long lasting battery
  • Hard hits


  • Can’t see oil when cartridge is in

Recommendations: USB-C would be nice for faster charging

Yocan UNI Pro hits a wide variety of vape cartridges

Yocan UNI Pro
Here’s the packaging for the Uni Pro.

The Yocan UNI Pro has a perfect range of voltages and variable side adjustments to pretty much hit any type of vape cartridge. It’s not the absolute best battery for any individual type of cartridge, however, as a catch-all-battery that cover everything, this is a really easy one to carry.

Here we will go through some of the details of the Yocan UNI Pro, and why we think this is one of the best batteries for vape cartridges for 2020.

Design is stellar with unique cartridge holster, build quality is good

uni pro cartridge holder
The part in the middle expands and contracts to hold the cartridge tight.

The Yocan UNI Pro has an excellent design. This thing is made for THC cartridges. The top portion opens up back and forth so you can hold a wide variety of cartridges.

Inadvertently, this top portion that closes around the cartridge also acts as a shock when you drop it and will slightly loosen. Yocan UNI Pro also protects the cartridge in full with a sliding up and down mechanism. You can have 1 gram cartridge go deeper into it or have a half gram pop out a little more.

I dropped the Yocan UNI Pro many times now and I’ve been using this battery for a while and I never broke a single cartridge.

Build quality is good. It doesn’t have a super-premium feel as you find on a Vessel battery, but it does feel much better than you’ll find on any of the SteamCloud products, like the SteamCloud EVOD or SteamCloud Mini. I would say on build quality, it’s probably comparable to CCELL batteries with a little bit less of a quality finish.

Don’t judge the build quality based on weight

When you first hold the Yocan UNI Pro, the build might actually feel cheap to you because it seems so light compared to it’s size. However, the reason why is because of the big hole in the center that’s where the cart goes in. It still has the battery capacity which we will discuss below.

The Yocan UNI Pro is really one of the best-designed cartridge batteries out there. You can tell a lot of thought went into making this a versatile THC cartridge battery.

Battery life is great, charging is okay

Yocan UNI Pro being charged

The Yocan UNI Pro doesn’t charge that fast, partly due to its high capacity. It’s a 650mAh battery which compared to the Vessel’s 280mAh or CCELL’s Palm at 550mAh, it’s a good improvement in charging capacity.

However, since its still micro USB, it does take a while to charge. Its a kind of thing that you would like to leave overnight to charge, but if you do leave it charged for an hour, it would probably last for a couple of days of regular use.

The charging is not that bad, it just does take a while to charge all the way. But once it is fully charged, it lasts a very long time. I would say that this might be the longest-lasting battery that is specifically made for cartridges. Of course, there are mods out there with 2000mAh that would last longer. Although for a compact cartridge specific battery, the Yocan UNI Pro really lasts probably the longest.

Hits are hard on the Yocan UNI Pro

Yocan UNI Pro build quality
Here’s the UNI Pro when it’s on.

This battery hits pretty hard. It’s not the absolute hardest-hitting battery ever for CCELL cartridges but on some of these off-brand cartridges, we could not get any other batteries to fit on the CCELL batteries.

A perfect example is the Javelina cartridge, they have an off-type of hardware that is not standard. It does not work with the CCELL Palm or Silo. However, if you throw it on a Yocan UNI Pro, the cartridge will go from okay to being great. Something about the Yocan UNI Pro and this cartridge combination hit very well.

In Colorado specifically, you’ll find that a lot of companies are using non-standard batteries which means not every cartridge is gonna be made by iKrusher or CCELL like the majority of them are in California and Nevada. That’s why for Colorado users that come across all these random hardware styles, the UNI Pro is an excellent choice.

Another cartridge that works well with Yocan UNI Pro that is non-standard is the APEX RemPen. You really can’t go wrong with the versatility of this battery, it really works very well.

Yocan UNI Pro also works with AiroPro

This is not the ideal battery for AiroPro because it has very little room for the mouthpiece to pop out. However, it actually does work. So if ever your AiroPro battery went down or you just need another hit, you can use AiroPro on to this and it will work, just leave the magnetic adaptor out and pop the AiroPro into the unit. There might be a difficulty in popping it back out once it’s in, you might need to use a key or knife to kinda edge your way out of it.

At $35.99, the Yocan UNI Pro is a great deal

Considering that its much cheaper than many other batteries, and its 70% cheaper than the Vessel, the Yocan UNI Pro is a great deal. You can basically buy this battery and without any other battery go across US and Canada and hit all THC cartridges that you want and get a fairly good experience out of all of them.

A brief warning on car charging

All eCig batteries, including the UNI Pro, should NOT be charged on a cigarette lighter port. This can result in an explosion. It’s a warning many people don’t even bother to notice, but batteries have blown up in people’s cars, so be warned.

Concluding our Yocan UNI Pro review…

The Yocan UNI Pro is a great all-in-one battery for someone that doesn’t want to carry multiple batteries. You may not get the absolute hardest hit on every kind of cartridge but its better than average on every single cartridge and it hits some of those random brands better than any other batteries. Overall, it’s a great choice especially for someone looking for an all in one cartridge battery solution.

To know more about the Yocan UNI Pro, you can always visit their website. Also, you can get the Yocan UNI Pro HERE.

Have you tried Yocan UNI Pro? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forum!


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