This Thing Rips R Series 2 Review : Bad Taste Due to Junk Coils

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This Thing Rips R Series 2 Review

– Cheap Materials & Bad Taste

This Thing Rips - R Series 2 - Vape pen
This Thing Rips – R Series 2 – Vape Pen

The ‘R Series 2’ from This Thing Rips is the little brother of the ‘R2 Rig Edition‘. This vape pen comes in at 5.5 inches tall and 12mm wide. The R Series 2 battery charges through a micro USB cable, unlike the This Thing Rips Roil and OG Four 2.0.

Design & Quality of The R Series 2

This Thing Rips vape pens all have the same style: a 650mAh battery, an atomizer, a see-through colored plastic chamber, and a “pen cover” (like an extra long pen lid) to disguise the vape pen. Each “This Thing Rips” model is defined by which type of atomizer is included, and is represented by a different color:

This Thing Rips Vape Pens - Roil - R Series 2 - ReMIX - OG Four 2.0
This Thing Rips Vape Pens; Roil, R Series 2, ReMIX, OG Four 2.0
  • Roil – Blue – Ceramic donut.
  • R2 Series – Green – Coils with ceramic rods and ceramic cup.
  • ReMIX – Red – Ceramic plate.
  • OG Four2.0 – Orange – Coils with quartz rods and “lava” quartz cup.

This means the R Series 2 includes 2 atomizers with ceramic rods and a ceramic cup; one single coil and one double coil. As mentioned above, this vape pen comes with a 650mAh battery, compared to the 1300mAh battery of its big brother (Rig Edition). However, we’re stuck with the same cheap looking, light up, “hashtag” power button used on the This Thing Rips ReMIX vape pen.

What’s Included With the R Series 2?

  • Set It & Forget It Smart Battery
  • Dual Ceramic Ti Coil Atomizer
  • Single Ceramic Ti Coil Atomizer
  • Discreet Pen Cap
  • XL Polycarbonate Visual Reaction Chamber
  • XXL Patented SURE-GRIP Silicone Jar
  • Hypercharge USB Cable
  • Stainless Steel Tool
  • 2 x Cleaning Wipes
  • Mouthpiece
  • Instructions For Use
This Thing Rips - R Series 2
This Thing Rips – R Series 2 Vaporizer Pen and Pen Cap
This Thing Rips - R Series 2 - USB
The bottom of This Thing Rips – R Series 2 Vaporizer also has a USB charging port

Unfortunately, these coils are even cheaper than those used on the Rig Edition. So, expect much of the same – metallic taste, small gauge, quick heats up, burning wax, etc. These cheap coils really ruin what could be a relatively good, cheap vape pen.

Temperature Settings

R Series 2 This Thing Rips
The R Series 2 has 3 temperature settings

There are 3 temperature settings on this vape pen. The hashtag button glows a different color to show which setting it’s on.

  • Low temp = Blue light (3.6v)
  • Medium temp = Orange light (3.8v)
  • High temp = Red light (4.2v)

However, the colors do not follow that order (Low -> Medium -> High). This R Series 2 vape pen actually goes backwards in order: High -> Medium -> Low.

Ease of Use: Annoying Threading to Unscrew

This Thing Rips R Series 2 works like most vape pens: fill coil with material, select temperature, press button and inhale. This is simple enough, but the problem here is with the threading on the plastic. Unlike the easy to pull o-rings from R2 Rig Edition, in order to fill this pen you have to unscrew the green plastic chamber. The threading on the plastic cap is annoying because of its numerous threads, requiring about 8 twists to remove it each time.

The R Series 2 vape pen also comes with a large silicone container and a small dab tool.


This Thing Rips R Series 2 coils get hot very quickly! The double coil delivers a strong hit, but still not as strong as the Rig Edition. This is because the coils in the R2 Series have a smaller gauge compared to the larger model.

Efficiency: Possible Leaks In The R Series 2 Vape

The R Series 2 has low coils. If your material misses the coil, you can hold your pen at an angle that will make your dab slide into the coil. Your wax won’t get stuck and lost underneath like with higher coils. This makes it pretty efficient.

Don’t overfill your atomizer or leave it full though, unless you want your wax to leak out. There are still holes for the wax to slide into, if too full.

Versatility / Atomizer Options: OK

The This Thing Rips R Series 2 atomizers work with the three other ‘normal’ This Thing Rips pens: OG Four 2.0, Roil, and Remix. You probably won’t want to use the (plastic film coated) OG Four 2.0, but the Roil ceramic donut and ReMIX ceramic plate are great options if you own the R Series 2.

This Thing Rips - R Series 2 - Single Ceramic Ti Coil Atomizer
This Thing Rips – R Series 2 – Single Ceramic Ti Coil Atomizer

Surprisingly, the This Thing Rips R Series 2 works with the atomizer of the R2 Rig Edition, because it still uses a resistance similar to the smaller model. As mentioned, the coil and gauge is better on the Rig Edition, so it would be an upgrade (not a huge one, but definitely better). It looks ridiculous, size-wise, but will work. Ironically, the This Thing Rips R2 atomizers do not work on the bigger Rig version…

Out of all the This Thing Rips atomizers we have tested, the ReMIX is by far the best. If you already have an R2 Series, get a ReMIX replacement coil for better flavor.

Portability: Taller Than The Rig Edition…

The R Series 2 includes a 'pen cap' for a more discreet look
The R Series 2 includes a ‘pen cap’ for a more discreet look

The This Thing Rips R Series 2 is the standard 12mm wide and 5.5 inches tall. The included “pen cap” adds almost half an inch to the 5.9 inch tall vape pen, which makes it even taller than the Rig Edition!

This one won’t fit in your shirt pen pocket if that’s what you planned, but still fits snugly in your pants pocket – no problem.

Discretion: Bright Colors And # Light Are Not Discreet

R Series 2 vape pen
The R Series 2 vape pen has a bright green, see-through chamber that fills with smoke when in use – making it difficult to be discreet.

Though it’s supposed to be disguised as a pen, the “pen cap” is only discreet if nobody actually looks at it. The half-a-foot long pen with a strangely long cap looks a bit odd. The cover is really only useful when not in use, either stashed in your pocket or carrying it.

When using the R Series 2 vape pen, the bright green chamber clearly fills with smoke and creates an unmistakable visual.

Taste Is Awful on the R Series 2

Taste is just plain bad on the R Series 2. If you use nice wax in this vape pen, it will quickly taste like metal. You’ll be forced to experience the infamous “vape pen” taste, leaving you with a rough throat as well.

The bad quality of the R Series 2 makes it impossible to enjoy the taste of a good wax. Also, the smell of the cheap burning coil is migraine inducing, and can be instant.

Value: Low Price For Low Quality

According to This Thing Rips, the R Series 2 vape pen has a $135 value… I don’t know how, or on what planet this would be worth $135…

BS aside, at $49.95 the R Series 2 is a decent price for a kit including a large concentrate container, a single coil atomizer and a double coil atomizer. If they would just use better tasting coils – this would be a good deal.

R Series 2 vape pen
The R Series 2 Vaporizer Kit is a good price at $49.95

Another problem with this deal is the Warranty. This warranty is only 90 days – even for the battery. That’s only a quarter of the standard 1-year warranty offered on most batteries by other vape pen companies. These batteries tend to die, so be careful after your 3 months is up.

Be careful of their warranty registration too. For some reason they request your credit card information and make you sign so they can charge your card without needing your input any more! It’s not required, so make sure NOT to sign it! We don’t know if or why they would charge you, but this is the first and only company who asks to store your CC info and get authorization. It’s best not to leave those details with any company.

Replacements For R Series 2

This Thing Rips R Series 2 replacements are actually very well priced. However, remember the quality of the materials isn’t great. For $24.95 you get a single and a double coil atomizer, as well as another plastic chamber and pen cap. You can’t actually purchase these online, so you’ll have to go to a physical store to buy them.

We really can’t stress this enough: if the coils were good, this would be a great deal. But the atomizers are the worst part. So, though the price is low, they’re just terrible quality!

Conclusion: Would Not Buy

If you happen to be in a store and they don’t have anything else, this is a good enough purchase for there and then. However, if you’re looking to taste or really enjoy your wax, do not get this pen.

The cheap quality materials used in the R Series 2 make this an extremely undesirable vape pen. The taste is awful, discretion is an issue, and it just feels like a cheap vape pen in use. It’s OK in a hurry, but it certainly wouldn’t be a first (or second) choice.


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