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Dab Connection’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Hemp Holidays, stoner fans! I'm Penguin Pete, your Jester of Joints, ready to toss off another one of our Dab Connection Holiday Gift...

The Ultimate 420 Gift Guide for Your Stoner Friends

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first in our series of 4/20/2023 content to come, so stay tuned! First we bring you wisdom from the...

Unique Vaping Tools & Accessories You Didn’t Know Existed

NOTE: The following is a guest post supplied by third-party editing. We’re all familiar with using pens for vaping, but they aren’t the only tool...

Hemper Box Candy Monster | Not a Monstrous Value

Another day, another Hemper subscription box, and yet not much variety between the two. Better to go subscription than $100 for a back issue.

Hemper Box Chinese Takeout | Inscrutable?

Happy Holiday season, all ye diverse, beautiful cosmic blueberries who celebrate! We're kicking off Sativa Santa's December gift list for stoners with a Hemper...

SensiBox Subscription Box : Mixed Bag, Unbeatable Value

So we're going to do our "miscellaneous" category some justice today and check out a SensiBox. SensiBox comes from Spiced UP of Manchester, NH....

The Dab Connection Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Here it is, the end of 2021, and we're another year older and not a bit wiser. Hard to believe that this is our...

Daily High Club Subscription Box Review – Improved and Affordable

The Daily High Club offers slightly more choices than other subscription box companies with its three different tiers of packages
kurativ review

Kurativ Review – 7 Sample Products In A Beautiful Gift Box!

Kurativ sample kit is an awesome way to try out their quality and interesting products. The box come with seven sample products.

The Dab Connection Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Announcing Dab Connection's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide! Everything for the stoner on your list from Green Wednesday to Christmas Eve!