Here at Dab Connection, we do plenty of reviews to inform the cannabis consumer about the best products to enjoy for health and happiness. And here we are at the closing of the year 2020: We made it! At first it looked like the trials of this year would dampen everyone’s spirit, like we wouldn’t bother with holidays this year.

But then we notice a bit of grassroots defiance out there. Maybe 2020 hasn’t broken our spirits after all? What if we blew out the end of the year with the biggest celebration ever, even if we have to do it with masks on over Zoom? Let’s get to our top picks for the stoners, dabbers, and vapers on everyone’s list – or even for those who just want a nice holiday treat for themselves!

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These are products our staff has personally tried and can vouch for. We remind readers that we take no kickbacks, commissions, or payment of any kind for reviews.

Cloudious9 Tectonic9 Grinder

tectonic9 grinder
Unpacking this device, it comes with the grinder itself, a USB charger and a little pouch for the grinder.

A portable, automatically dispensing grinder. It’s a simple, well-built design to grind dry herb which dispenses the final product into a pipe, bong, vape, or preroll with ease. This is a long-lasting, durable unit which we’ve found to be an indispensable feature in our cannabis kit.

Vessel BASE Charger


We were impressed with the practicality and simplicity of the Vessel BASE. Vessel, a hardware brand which has won our favor before, makes this vape battery holder and charger. It stands the pen up and charges it while keeping the oil ready to go. What’s not to like?

Cartsdom Roulette cartridge holder

For the six-shooting vape cart fan! It stores the cartridges on their end so you get every drop of oil. The solid build quality and better hand feel brings the Cartsdom Roulette to the top of our list.

DynaVap M Starter Pack

dynavap m starter pack
dynavap m starter pack

The DynaVap is mainly ideal for vaporizing dry herb, although it can vaporize extracts as well. But what we like is the quality of the build, and the fact that it comes with a complete kit including cleaning supplies. It is built to be very easy to clean, and vapes dry herb with a monster hit that is guaranteed to put the partridge in your pear tree.

High Five Duo dab rig

high five duo unboxing

It’s been a tough year for dab rigs. The industry is still getting its bearings and still discovering what designs work. We get our hands on one to review it and it breaks, or we find flaws in the design, or there’s a big lawsuit over warranties. Out of all that going on, we’ll pick the High Five Duo for being the best general-purpose dab rig for both beginners and experts. It has the best balance between features and affordability, and the one we’re rated highest so far.

Vessel Compass CCELL cart battery


Here we are with Vessel again, but what can we say? CCELL carts are the most popular vape cartridges on the market, vaping is popular, and Vessel makes this sweet, durable, fist-sized unit to fit all CCELL vape carts. Nice balance between aesthetics and functionality. Maybe a bit pricier than the usual battery, but a gift should be a little fancy, right?

Green Roads CBD coffee and tea set

We aren’t recommending a lot of consumables here because they generally have to stay within the state jurisdiction, while hardware and accessories can ship anywhere. But our staff did get around to reviewing one CBD company making coffee and tea, and reports the product to be packaged responsibly, tasty, and delivering great sensations. Warm up a loved one with a cup today!

Cute Etsy stuff

While dab Connection staff hasn’t personally reviewed these items, we found them to be clever enough to be worth mentioning. We also don’t necessarily review extended cannabis culture stuff because then we’d be here all day. But for the stoner on your list who has everything else, these seem to be safe choices.

Weedja Ouija board rolling tray


Yes, there’s millions of weed rolling trays out there, but the Ouija board design is one of the most clever we’ve seen yet. Get in touch with your ancestors after consuming the proper ceremonial chemicals.

The Puck 510 vape cart organizer


This is the kind of thing we’d never get around to reviewing here, because there’s not that much to say about it. But hey, it’s a puck! It holds carts! Looks like it holds 12 of them. It’s inexpensive and better than just having the carts roll around in your dresser drawer.

Bzz Box locking stash box


For some of you with roommates, housemates, small kids, or really inquisitive cats, we know that keeping your stash safe is an issue. This unassuming box comes with a handy set of accessories including stash jars, rolling tray, rolling paper holders, and a combination lock so you can’t lose the key. It looks good for a bit of privacy to keep people’s mitts out of your stuff.

“My Cough is Not From Coronavirus” face mask


This is one face mask which I think we can all agree comes in handy specifically for stoners! You all know that you get those sidelong glances at the grocery store when you have to clear the old pipes after blazing one out in the parking lot. Now you don’t feel the need to explain yourself.

The Grow Planner


For those of you who cultivate, whether professionally or at home, here is a ganja gardener’s day-planner. Forget those expensive and troublesome phone apps, let’s get back to natural paper and handwritten notes! Handsome and practical, just like the people who know how to grow God’s vegetables.

Recommends from other sources

We’re egalitarian around here, so we’ll even entertain a couple other suggestions from around the weedosphere (sorry). Here’s a few products we see getting favorable reviews on other sites. Again, not personally reviewed by us, but seem to be trendy products anyway.

The Buddy one-hitter pipe


New Yorker stoners seem to be sold on this discreet one-hitter pipe. You can get a custom engraving of whatever business name or sassy slogan you can come up with included. Another product for the sneaky stoner in these twilight years of early legalization.

Ardent FX cannabis infuser


Proceed at your own risk with this one. This review seems very candid; the reviewer isn’t too hot on the baking recipes but concludes that this would be dandy for its base purpose. The Ardent FX is an automatic cannabis decarboxylator and infuser. Just stick your weed in here, follow the directions, then add your butter or oil to whip up a batch of infused edible ingredient, which you can then make into pot brownies or whatever your turn-on is. At $350, it is an expensive way to activate cannabis, but if you’re an avid marijuana chef who needs a steady supply of infused cannabis, this can cut a lot of time. It also may help those who would like to decarb their weed the old-fashioned way but lack the kitchen smarts.


Readers, do you also have suggestions for gifts for cannabis enthusiasts? Unload them here in the comments, or bring up some deals at your local dispensary in our forum. We’re curious to find out what Green Wednesday or Black Friday deals are happening at dispensaries around the country.


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