Heavy Hitters vs Brass Knuckles Cartridge

heavy hitters vs brass knuckles

Brass Knuckles vs Heavy Hitters – Which is the best vape cartridge?

Reviewing Heavy hitters vs Brass knuckles cartridges was a true pleasure. Heavy Hitters and Brass knuckles are two companies that make some of the best pre-filled cartridges. We decided to put these two popular THC cartridges against each other. I’ve tried out more than a handful of different strains from brass knuckles and a couple of Heavy Hitters. I learned while vaping these two great products that each one had its strength and weaknesses. Continue reading to learn which cartridge is stronger and last longer.

UPDATE 9/11/2019: DISCLAIMER: In light of more recent news, it has become apparent that black market cartridges, counterfeit cartridges, and fake brands of cartridges have become more widespread than we had ever realized. We urge readers to apply their own discretion, and caution that at no point should readers assume that a review of a cartridge on our site is a guarantee of its safety. We advise readers to always verify their cartridges as coming from a legitimate source.

Heavy Hitters vs Brass Knuckles Vape Flavor: Both Cartridges Taste Great

Brass Knuckles tastes great and I was astonished how great it was when I first tried it.. I felt the same way about Heavy hitters, when I tried their OG Kush for the first time it was an outstanding experience. After trying Bubba Kush from Heavy Hitters I had mix reactions to this pre-filled vape cartridge. I really enjoyed the OG Kush a lot, it reminded me of LA Kush from Brass knuckles. The bubba cartridge had a bitter taste to it. My friend didn’t like the taste of the Bubba heavy hitters cartridge too. However, his sister said she didn’t think it was bitter. She suggested her brother and I like sweet cartridges, which is true but we prefer the taste of flower too.

I tried most of the Brass knuckles cartridges as I vaped them loyally for a year, I found myself loving some while hating others. Heavy Hitters only recently made its way to the bay area from SoCal. These cartridges definitely remind me of Brass knuckles and are comparable to them. I really liked The Heavy hitters OG KUSH because it reminded of the actual taste of the flower. I really didn’t like their Bubba strain at all because it tasted bitter. Both brands rank among my top three favorite tasting cartridges with lucky vape cartridges being my third.

bad brass knuckles vape cartridge

I’ve had carts that tasted bad from both of these companies. I had to actually return a couple of Brass knuckles cartridges because they tasted burnt. I bought the blue dream strain from Brass knuckles three different times. The first two times I purchased it there were no problems. There are counterfeits being reported going around for Brass knuckles so be careful who you purchase it from. The first two times I purchased blue dream cartridge came from a delivery service in Modesto. The blue strain brass knuckles cartridges were great! Its when I purchased the blue strain cartridge in Oakland from a dispensary named fancy dabz when I had a bad experience. The hash oil didn’t look right and actually looked darker than usual. I was able to return this cartridge for another strain that didn’t taste bitter.

THC Vape Oil Strength: Brass knuckles is a bit Stronger

Unfortunately, I could not locate any test results identifying the percent of THC in Heavy hitters Cartridges. Brass knuckles have their lab results available online via sclabs.com. I’ve been a loyal customer of Brass knuckles now for the last year. Unfortunately, their lab results posted online reveal they are inconsistent with their THC strength on some strains. There’s definitely a noticeable difference in strength when you vape. You can see on SClabs some strains amount of THC fluctuate.

The lesson here is to check the lab results for any strain you intend on buying before you make your purchase. A lot of people were saying brass knuckles started to cut their products with more fillers and perhaps this news started to do harm to their business. It’s great to see Brass knuckles cartridges testing very high again for THC. During the time it was getting low 70% THC scores is when I started looking for alternatives. I felt lucky when I was able to get strong Brass knuckle carts and missed the strength when I got a weaker cartridge from them.

So far I have not tried any other cartridge with more strength than brass knuckles. I recently vaped a Forbidden fruit strain that tested at 87% THC from brass knuckles, the strength was stronger than any other cartridge I experienced. Heavy Hitters is strong but isn’t as strong as Brass knuckle cartridges testing near ninety percent.

Value Goes to Heavy Hitters 2.2g cartridge

heavy hitters vs brass knuckles vape cartridge

A Heavy hitters 2.2g cartridge cost me $110.00 with tax included, that’s 1.1 grams at $55.00. The cheapest one gram Brass knuckles cart I could find in the bay area was for $55.00. You’re getting more for your money with Heavy hitters because those extra free .2 grams do make difference. It’s great to be able to save by buying more.

Efficiency: Best Vape Cartridge Design goes to Brass Knuckles

Something as simple as unscrewing your THC oil cartridge shouldn’t be problematic. I’ve tried over a dozen different pre filled vape cartridge brands and these two rank among the top 5. A THC oil cartridge must be efficient at not wasting any extract. Brass knuckles and Heavy hitters have created a cartridge that does not waste any co2 oil. No product is perfect and that holds true with Brass knuckles, I had to return a few cartridges that malfunctioned. I was glad that I was able to exchange them without any problems. Heavy Hitters and Brass knuckles both provide huge clouds.

Ingredients: Pesticides found in both cartridges

Unforunately, lab results revealed pesticides in carts from both of these companies. Multiple sources online reported buying both Heavy Hitter and Brass knuckles cartridges, they then sent them to be tested for pesticides where they both failed. It’s important to understand in California they’re no regulations to prevent marijuana-related products from being sold with pesticides. Currently, in states like Nevada and Colorado, they’re stricter regulations in place to protect the public from harmful cannabis products.

Number of hits: Heavy Hitters provides more hits for less money

Heavy Hitters were designed to last long and that it does. The Heavy Hitters 2.2 cartridge provided me with more hits I could count. The largest capacity for Brass knuckles is only 1 gram, this cartridge will last me for three days with heavy usage. The Heavy hitters larger cartridge will last me a whole week or a two-day rave sharing it with 5 others.

Vape cartridge brands better than both Heavy Hitters and Brass Knuckles

Both of these brands are not that great. Since we originally did this post, we have found many THC carts to be better than both of these brands. Heavy Hitters is only in CA (legally), so we will list some CA brands that are better:

Airo Pro, Select Elite, Korova, Kurvana, Justdab, and stick e vape

If you happen to be in Nevada, you should also check out cartridges by Roots and Kabunky. They are NV only brands, but both better than Brass Knuckles, which is available in NV. See our best carts of CA and best carts of NV lists for more choices that beat BK and HH.

Heavy Hitters vs Brass Knuckles cartridges Final Results: Its a draw!

Brass knuckles vape cartridges are top tier carts (besides the pesticides, but they claim they have fixed this). They are strong but worth the cost. Heavy hitters offer a more economical vape pen hash oil cartridge. These two companies definitely offer some of the best vape cartridges on the market. Heavy Hitters has introduced an innovation that others are sure to mimic. There were flaws on both cartridges, as none of them are perfect. These are some of the best but they are not the best available. Cannabis oil cartridges will continue to improve as more people accept vaping as an alternative to smoking. The most powerful THC cartridge right now is Stiiizy. I created a table below of the Heavy Hitters vs Brass Knuckles cartridge points. The score ended in a tie with none being better than the other. I recommend trying both of them to determine which one you prefer. Comment below if you have tried these both and let us know which you prefer.

Flavor THC Strength Vape Clouds Cart Design Quality Control Durability Price Value
Brass Knuckles Brass Knuckles Heavy Hitters Heavy Hitters None Brass Knuckles Heavy Hitters



  1. The individual dropping an f-bomb for reviewing product/s that contain pesticides needs to get a life & then use that life to research federal & state laws on the matter. They would find off the cuff that there is no pesticide products federally registered for use on marijuana plants, individual state laws on the matter will vary from state to state. That he is informing the reader of the fact that they tested positive for pesticides IS WHAT A REVIEW IS FOR.

  2. I’ve had 3 heavy hitters cartridges leak where they screw into the battery! they shouldn’t be leaking like that! they’re probably the most expensive cartridge on the market…I’ve written to heavy hitters several times without a response from them!

  3. I’ve had three brass knuckle cartridges fall apart on me in my pocket I will probably never buy them again if they’re the last Vape out there

  4. How the hell are you reviewing products by a company that has failed pesticide tests. You’re whats wrong with this industry and you’re basically telling people to go buy shit that can hurt them. Fuck you.

  5. Its a draw because both brands had the same creator. The guy that created Heavy Hitters left Heavy Hitters and created Brass Knuckles. Rumor has it, it was due to integrity issues he had with his business partner. Brass blew up overnight and shit all over HH and the industry. If you follow both brands on social media you’ll see that HH now copies everything Brass does. When Brass first came out my friends and I did strain comparisons and you couldn’t tell the difference between HH and Brass on their Skywalker other than the potency was stronger with Brass. We found similar results when we compared their Girl Scout Cookies vs. each another. Now, HH has changed their flavoring on those two strains and it doesn’t taste as good. My favorite HH was Truth. It used to taste bomb AF but now they changed it too. Its horrible now. All Brass strains are fire. I did have an issue with a bad cartridge though but my dispensary exchanged it out. I’ve probably purchased at least 30 Brass. I have tried every strain. My go to though is their Abracadabra and their Gelato.

    • BrassKnuckles has been spreading rumors and bad mouthing Heavy Hitters for years. Anyone who knows the real story knows HH is the actual OG brand and their dominance in todays market is proof.

      • I would say both are not as good as many other brands that don’t advertise or really put out any promo.

        Aces Extracts and Select Elite would crush both in CA…

        Cannavative, Roots, and Fuze Live Resin crush both in NV…

        Not sure if they are in CO, but Airo Pro and Eureka Vapor are both better there

        The thing with carts is the least promo’d brands just sell out in the store because they are an exceptionally good deal (like Left Coasts $40 1 gram) or they are exceptionally strong like Aces/Roots/ETC

  6. I started on heavy hitters, but my experience with bk is that you do get more hits but HH is cleaner and better flavor. With BK still bomb but a dirtier taste. All the BK I got was earthier but not as fruity with the same strain. The hit feels heavy even with the same oil. Try it out for yourself if you can afford it. The oil even looks thicker on the HH.

  7. Brass knuckles hands down. Glad to hear the fatboss cartridge didn’t test positive for pesticides. *Loyal Fat Boss Holistic patient since 2015*

    • I do have to compliment the design of the 1gr cartridge and coil by brass knuckles. you really is a good design to where you don’t waste any liquid. But for the 2.2gr. category I have to pick Heavy Hitters. I think they designed is way better than brass knuckles. Maybe the BK 2.2gr N/A design will be a hit one day ( when THC vapor gets teleported into my lungs or when they make one so they can even compete but until then……. HH

  8. I prefer the Heavy Hitters due to the selection, quality, and value. They have several choices of straight Indica or Sativa, where as Brass Knuckles are almost exclusively Hybrid. Every Heavy Hitters cartridge I purchased has been in the upper 80’s to low 90’s in potency. I have been able to find Heavy Hitters cartridges for as low as $25 a gram if I buy 2, and Brass Knuckles are a standard $60 a gram. Both are great, but basically the same cartridge for $35 less,..I’ll take the Heavy Hitters!

    • Right! That new reverse flow things clogs the cartridge and burns it faster but the smoothest hit you can get! You have to burn it alittle for it to unclog. I haven’t tried heavy hitters and I’m checking if BK has a 2g cartridge but sadly they don’t. So I’ll definitely try Heavy Hitters for the 2 gram cartridge.

  9. I personally prefer Brass Knuckles to any other carts. I do agree that flavrx is up and coming as well, but I have had to return flavrx NUMEROUS times due to non working carts and bad firing pins, Vs far less than 1% of Brass Knuckles needing to be returned. Forbidden Fruit is the best flavor of any brand I’ve seen so far, but I also enjoy the sweeter tastes instead of the Kush taste.


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