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hmbldt pen review
Design and Build Quality
Oil Quality
Number of Puffs

Dosist Pen Review reveals a very effective CBD Cartridge

The Dosist pen review was a great experience. At the time of review, it was called the hmbldt pen, but was just recently relabeled. This vape pen is a very efficient medical cannabis oil vaporizer. I’ve tried many vape pens and cartridges before this review, there was no other as nice and effective. The Dosist calm vape pen is true to its name and provided me with a calm feeling. I never tried CBD before I tried this Dosist pen. I was astonished at its pain relieving and anxiety relief effects it provided. There is a very small minor head change from the 4% THC in the vape pen.

Design Quality was professional inside and out.

hmbldt vape pen review

This product is of the highest quality when it comes to vaping cannabis oil. The Dosist vape pen is recyclable, you can turn them in for a $5.00 discount. It’s the only recyclable vape pen on the market that provides precise dosages of CBD. The Dosist dose pen will vibrate after one dosage, there’s also a light that flashes to indicate to stop. It looks like it came straight out of a pharmacy. Times magazine voted the Dosist pen one of the best inventions for 2016.

Strength of Dose and Recommendation Amounts are Appropriate.

The number of doses recommended are accurately suggested. The directions are simple, new cannabis smokers should start off with one puff an hour. Occasional cannabis smokers are recommended two doses an hour. Three puffs an hour should only be taken for those who frequently use cannabis. I took three puffs before I went to sleep at night and I am instantly relaxed. There’s a light head change with this CBD vape pen, but it’s not an intense head high. I actually felt calm and relaxed using this recyclable CBD cartridge.

This pen I liked so much I actually bought three more right after trying this CBD cartridge. I switched from vaping concentrated THC oil cartridges to vaping a prefilled CBD vape pen. Now I begin my day with a puff of CBD so I can maintain my energy and stay productive. I always found myself sapped of energy after vaping wax cartridges with too much THC.

hmbldt dose pen review

The Taste on the Dosist Pen is a great blend of terpenes and cannabis extracted oil

The taste of CBD is unique and different than THC. The taste is very pleasant and light. The vape is a very cool mist and not harsh on the throat at all. It has a familiar taste of cannabis. It’s truly a medical device that provides medicine that is enjoyable to vape.

Dosist offers Affordable Recycleable Vape Pens

The cost of the Dosist 50 dose pen is $40.00 at my local dispensary, a larger 200 dose size is available at $100.00. These two options make it affordable for those who don’t need to use much of this CBD product. Those who need it more frequently can save money on a 200 dose pen for $100.00. Incorporating this CBD vape pen into your day can help reduce the use of THC vape pens and cartridges.

Most of the Dosist Pens are Efficient with its Accuracy of Doses

After going through multiple Dosist vape pens I experienced accuracy with most of them. They are reliable and affordable but not perfect. I had consistency with the smaller dose pens but not with the larger 200 dose pen. I didn’t get the same vape clouds from the bigger pen, I experienced bigger clouds from the smaller pen. Either of these vape pens will not give you big vape clouds.

As you can see in the video below each hit doesn’t emit too much vapor. Three hits are the perfect amount to take before bed. The recommended doses are appropriate. It’s recommended three doses per hour for a heavy cannabis user, as someone in this category it proved to be suitable. I allowed a friend to try it who isn’t a cannabis smoker, she only needed one puff per hour to feel relief from pain in her knee. One puff is the recommendation for those inexperienced with cannabis.

Ingredients are triple checked during three different stages.

These ape pens are made with cannabis grown in Humboldt County, California. Labeled on the back of the packaging are THC, CBD, and terpenes. No fillers or additives is also stated. Dosist conducts multiple lab tests during three different stages. CO2 or Ethanol is used for extraction. Lab tests are conducted looking for pesticides, microbio, or residual solvents. The second lab test is done after the fractional distillation, additives and contaminations are searched for in these test. The final lab test is done after terpenes have been added with the extracted cannabinoids.

hmbldt calm review

As you can see above there’s a sample code provided with each purchase, you can see the lab results using this code at

The number of hits available come in 50 and 200 doses

The Dosist Pen lets you know the exact amount of doses you’re going to buy. Their 50 dose vape pen cost $40.00 and their 200 dose option is priced at $100.00. I went through 4 CBD vape pens total in a couple of weeks. The doses are accurate. I never had any issues getting my full count. I only tried the 50 dosage pens so I can’t comment yet on the 200 doses.

Overall conclusion: One of the Best CBD Vape Pens

CBD is truely a medicine that provides a natural calming and pain relief. As someone with anxiety, I benefited significantly having this Dosist CBD vape pen. The effects are felt right away. I had trouble keeping track of how many doses I used so having a counter on the vape pen would be helpful. I will now be using CBD in my daily life after trying it out. Its definitely worth trying out once to see what benefits it may have for you personally. You can find more information on the Dosist pen here.

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Jesse grew up in Northern California. He started working online straight after high-school for eBay as an affiliate marketer for 9+ years. His success allowed him to travel and live in different states but he ended up back in California after quickly learning there is no better place for THC then there. His all time favorite favorite type of concentrate is sugar wax.


  1. Dissatisfied with 200 dose pens. Purchased the 50 dose pens of Calm and Bliss from Airfield Supply, San Jose, CA. Because of good experiences with both pens, I purchased the 200 dose pens of both Calm and Bliss and was greatly disappointed. With the Bliss pen there was no marijuana aftertaste as with the 50 dose and with both pens there was a chemical aftertaste that left a slight burning sensation. Unlike the 50 dose Calm pen, the 200 dose did not calm but within a couple of hours made me feel moody, which increased my anxiety. The only help from Dosist was to do an exchange for another 200 dose pen, which I did and the effects were the same disappointment. I do not recommend the 200 dose pens.

    • Did you contact the company directly? I would not expect them to do a refund since someone else sold it, but did they not offer a replacement?

  2. FYI. I have been using the 200 dose versions of these pens and have had 3 batteries die already (2 calms and 1 relief), and less than 60% used. Thankfully the dispensary will take it back, but I have to drive all the way back out and hope that the new pens don’t crap out as well.


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