Greetings, my beautiful cosmic blueberries and fellow astronauts aboard Spaceship Earth! I come with blogilicious salutations of a newly created range of enlightenment. Insert several more sentences of new-agey wellness molecule-terpene babble. To get to the point, I report back from my latest voyage into cosmic harmony, trying to discover a legal mushroom edible that clocks any noticeable effect. The newly burgeoning psychedelics market is riding the coattails of the cannabis industry, you see, and so far the results for these new mushroom gummies coming out have been, well, less than trippy.

But then Hometown Hero came out with a blend, Magical Muscaria Gummies $24.99. They combine Amanita Muscaria mushroom, Lion’s Mane mushroom, something called “holy basil,” and a decent shot of CBD. Sounds like quite the ambitious cocktail there, barkeep, but if the house is buyin’ then I’m a-drinkin’. Hometown Hero has garnered many a rave review here at Dab Connection; they do not skimp on potency. So if anybody can buy me a ticket to the magical mystery trip, I’m counting on them to not leave me stranded.


  • Noticeable effects!
  • Decent potency
  • Potential nootropic
  • Fresh and tasty


  • No party potential
  • Sensitive stomachs may object
  • Basil what now?

Recommendations: More muscimol, please? You’re on the right track, just add more steam.


Test #1: Eating Entire Bag At Once

As I promised at the end of my Munchies’ Week video series, I tried the gummies the Penguin Pete way: Doing some math and figuring, if last time I tried Amanita gummies I did 2100mg at once and felt nothing, and these come four to a bag at 500mg /pc., then the whole bag is still less than the amount of Amanita Muscaria I have previously dosed at once multiple times with no consequence. Had all four first thing in the morning with coffee, even before breakfast.

I lay this out to say: Of course, you readers should adjust the dosage to your own circumstances. I know my tolerance and (I never get tired of saying it, because this part is so cool) I’m a professional drug tester.

Anyway, the directions on the Magical Muscaria Gummies is one time where the manufacturer loosens up on the recommendation. Huzzah, we are permitted to throw caution to the wind and Cookie Monster the bag. My objective here is to verify potency and effects, even the unpleasant effects. And, if at all possible, discover anything that might be described as a “trip” that is legally available. I understand that this is not Psilocybin, but Amanitas are reported to have psychedelic potential, so I hold out hope eternal.

I am happy to report: I did not suffer for my rashness but rather had a pleasant (even though not psychedelic) time.



First off, one of the reasons you have to be careful with Amanitas is that they can cause an upset stomach if they’re too rich in ibotenic acid (non-activated muscimol). I did indeed get some stomach cramps after a while, but a prompt breakfast set me right again. I have an iron constitution though. In an RPG, I make a great tank.

I can definitely say that my mood was a bit uplifted and I was extremely serene and centered. I had good focus and concentration. The CBD helped cut muscle tension and relax me, while once again the Amanita gave me the tiniest sense that I was at the onset of feeling psychedelic, without ever quite launching a “trip” proper. This lasted for hours, but may yet have subtle lingering effects now as this was only 24-ish hours ago. I had had this similar experience with the Amanita Regalia caps I tried from Boom Boyz, so I am happy to verify that you can get the whole-shroom experience in a gummy!

For most of the rest of the day, I was drowsy enough for a nap and also had a hearty appetite that night. Amanitas do have a reputation for putting you to sleep at higher doses, so that is another effect I’m noting. I’m trying to observe everything as scientifically as possible, which is a bit difficult when you hit me with “holy basil,” I never even heard of it before. I’m assuming it’s related to the basil on the spice rack and the effects have something to do with essential oils, blah blah.

Of course, people microdose shroom gummies for ambient effects like reducing anxiety, improving focus, or what have you. I realize also that we have to tread carefully in selling commercial psychedelics to the public. So I’m waiting patiently over here for a my-size dosage to come by, but in the meantime, I can see where others would find this product satisfactory.


Hometown Hero Magical Muscaria Gummies Are the Best So Far

Compared to every other mushroom gummy I’ve tried which was a complete dud so far, Hometown Hero came through in concentrating the Amanita essence in a gummy. I knew I could count on them! I will continue my mushroom explorations periodically but hope to revisit more HH mushroom products as time goes on and perhaps more legalization goes through.

We would like to say “thank you” to Ethernal Gold Dispensary which provided the review sample.

Readers, have you tried Hometown Hero Muscaria gummies and find them magical or mundane? Go ask Alice in the comments below or in the melting walls of our forum.




  1. Has anyone done any testing on these to see what is in them. I am hearing that a lot of gummies on the market are a scam and have fake 3rd party labs.


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