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Smilyn Edibles Revisited | A Mixed Basket

Smilyn is a name brand in cannabis products well-known to our frequent readers. Among several reviews by our staff, we've covered everything Smilyn from...

Boom Boyz Amanita Regalia Caps | An Exploration

Psychonaut Pete here, with our first psychedelic shrooms review. I have taken the plunge and obtained a 3.5 oz. Sample of cracker-dry mushroom caps,...

Opinion: Are “Bad Trips on Shrooms” an Exaggeration?

Greetings, fellow cosmic blueberries aboard Spaceship Earth! I’ve recently launched Dab Connection’s inaugural mushroom video, reviewing some Amanita Regalia. We’ll be diving deeper and...

Green Roads Lion’s Mane Capsules Review – Excellent Health Elixir

Lion’s Mane Capsules are an interesting and excellent health elixir that you can get at a affordable price.