Extra Extra! Read all about it! Penguin Pete finally hit the psychedelic threshold! For those of you who have been following my documented psychonaut journey into the depths of the Amanita Muscaria & Pantherina mushrooms, you know that I have been sampling these looking for results beyond a mere therapeutic microdose. Measuring in mushroom cap volume per gummy – recently ramped up as high as 700MG/piece – I dosed my way up from 2100 to 4200 MG and still didn’t get the psychedelic effects others swear Amanitas are capable of.

Still, I was pacified with some effects that suggested I was on the edge of the trip. I resolved to continue scaling my dosage until I got a true “tripping balls” effect. I am pleased to report that Mushroom Lyfe assisted my first Amanita trip, even though several brands I’ve tried were sufficient potency that I’m sure they could have been as lucky.


  • Potent!
  • Lab tested!
  • Fresh!
  • Full trip possible!


  • Oops, forgot about the hangover effect from shrooms

Suggestions: Just keep concentrating that muscimol, we have a breakthrough here.


A Trip In A Bag

So, I told you all about my continued dose laddering back there. This time when I received Mushroom Lyfe, I noted that the larger bag packed a total of 12,000MG of Amanita cap; in roughest of rough calculations this should be around 7 grams of muscimol (hey, anybody got a conversion formula, leave a comment). I figured this was about 3x my previous record dose, just a hair less, and everything I had experienced so far told me that I mostly wouldn’t regret scarfing the whole damn bag at once.

Just like that, down the hatch.

Twenty gummies of 600MG Purple Punch I snacked down, right about lunch time. Within minutes, as happens often (I see others report it) I had a brief stomach rumble which comes with Amanita consumption in almost any form. I had just had a full meal so nausea was no concern (and I experience none). As I had before with Amanita gummies, I settled in for the expected wait time of an hour and the mild effects I’d been having with Amanitas so far.

At about the 45 minute mark, however, things took a different course. The “body high” sensation I get with psychedelics hit. Time slowed down. My reflexes slowed even more. The effects were still building. I howled like a Wookie about to jump to lightspeed, because this was no drill! I logged off my work for the day, knowing I’d be no good for productivity but I also had a great excuse to catch up on my anime viewing. It peaked at about the 1.5 hour mark, and stayed there until well into the evening hours.



Mushroom Lyfe Trip Report:

The below are merely objective observations how this particular trip hit me. Your mileage may vary with the way mushrooms affect you, the way you approach shrooming, and even the variable potency of batches.

  • Felt mostly like a heavy alcohol buzz without the nausea
  • Euphoric indeed!
  • Giggly, giddy peak
  • Gave me a motormouth
  • Gave me extreme dry mouth
  • Kept me awake past 24 hours
  • Made me very dizzy and clumsy
  • Messed with my sinuses (albeit my sinuses suck anyway)

My wife of 30 years is a good objective witness, and she says I was slurring my speech and wobbling around a lot. Indeed, the dizziness and lack of coordination made a walk across the floor challenging, like I was on a merry-go-round. The sensation of moving around was also exhausting; it took every fiber of my concentration just to put one foot in front of the other. I was well aware that I walked like I was several bricks shy of a load; I did not realize that I was slurring.

By about 9PM most of the fun parts had worn off, but I didn’t get to sleep until about noon the next day. Then I slept like the dead until the subsequent morning. I took the bag on Sunday, and on Tuesday I was still a bit wobbly.

On the whole, the experience was fun and felt like any satisfying trip on psilocybin or whatnot. The downsides were more my own failing for lack of proper preparations for a real trip, but I was cause by surprise. Normally I reserve a weekend for psychedelics. They are not just a casual after-work party drug. Speaking as a man of advanced years, mushroom trips can be physically taxing as well. It had been so long since the last time I did psychedelic anything, I forgot how long that takes before you’re back down to Earth.


Perfect Timing For A Mushroom Epiphany

From these results, I can now conclude that Amanitas are indeed psychedelic in the same sense as other psychedelics. But again, different from psilocybin and other mushrooms. It’s tough to describe but those who have experienced each may appreciate that Amanita or at least the 7 grams of muscimol felt like a “diet trip,” nowhere near as intense as my hardest day on festival-standard blotter acid. But also definitely in the same family. I experienced no notable visual or audio distortions. At no time did the buzz feel oppressive.

I’ll welcome the same experience again, perhaps a bit better planned now that I finally have a target dose I can aim for. And Mushroom Lyfe Euphoric Mushroom Gummies get high quality marks from me! While the price of $61.99 for a 20-gummy 12000MG bag is a bit hefty for what I am calling “a light trip,” it is legal and can be mailed to your house. Find Mushroom Lyfe Euphoric Mushroom Gummies here.

Readers – it’s your turn to share your magical mystery shroom trips, here in the comments or in our patiently-waiting forum.


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