Penguin Pete here again, back from my latest mushroom adventure. We have a row of Amanita Muscaria + Pantheria (and as much Muscimol as I can bodily tolerate) to review from multiple suppliers, so we’re pacing ourselves! Today we’re covering Minnesota Nice Botanicals‘ Amanita mushroom gummies.


  • Every bit as potent as claimed
  • lab tests concurrent
  • fresh and juicy, a pleasure to eat
  • good effects
  • minimal discomfort


  • flavor maybe a tad “off” for grape ones, but honestly, we care about effects here.

Recommendations: Hold her steady right there, you’re doing just fine! Maybe higher potency per serving in the future?

Minnesota Nice offers a wide selection:

The folks at Minnesota Nice Botancals have sent us not one, not two, but THREE bags of their edible Amanita mushroom gummies. That breaks down likewise:


  • Amanita Muscaria 10ct. 350MG
  • Amanita Muscaria 10ct. 700MG
  • Amanita Pantherina 10ct. 350MG

For a total of 14,000MG of mushroom dosing ahead of me. I have only sampled one bag, at my so-far-maximum dosage of 2100MG. Since we tend to build up tolerance fast for Amanita mushrooms, I have to pace myself over the next week or so and sample some every few days. And this time, we’re in search of a takeoff.

These bags are available at their site, in quantities from 5pc. to 20pc. ranging $11-$48. Still good bang for the buck!

The Freshest and Tastiest Shroom Gummies yet!

I was impressed with Minnesota Nice at first sight. The unpretentious packages show a fresh, sugared assortment of tender gummies inside, looking very artisan and “small-batch.” The gummies inside were nothing but delightful, so fresh that they might as well have made them right in front of me. These are moist, soft, and sweet, far away from the hard lumps some industrial manufacturers deliver to us.

Some Effects Noted

I am getting to be quite familiar with what I dub the “Amanita feeling,” at least for me. Sharper and more focused concentration, mildly elevated mood, a cozy and relaxed body feeling, along with raised tolerance for weed + raging appetite, and a tendency to sleep very soundly (they also tend to make me a bit gassy right after ingesting). What Amanita family mushrooms are NOT is full-on psychedelic, at least not in the sense that psilocybin shrooms are. I offer this article I found which investigates the Amanita experience in depth.

However, I have an opportunity to expand my horizons here, so I’m going to experiment with higher dosages later on as I go though the Minnasota Nice offerings. Right now with Amanitas I’m trying to find what dosage is the limit for me, in hopes of teasing out its full capability of experiences. I know, mushrooms are touted for microdosing, wellness, etc. but let’s face it: Some of you are here to get high and I am trying to see if I can off Amanitas.

But even without it, I can see where a mushroom gummy regimen would benefit some people. So I can at least verify, these are the real deal for that purpose.

Is Muscimol Variable in Effects?

Once again, I find myself chasing down science papers on the effects of Muscimol, and I’m wondering if my system just doesn’t process Muscimol right. From that source, I read things like “A psychoactive dose of muscimol is reported to be between 8 and 15 mg” and “The patient may become confused, disoriented, and delirious and may experience visual distortions, hallucinations.” Meanwhile, I’m tanking 2100MG and feeling a mild effect that I have to analyze every time to make sure it’s not a placebo.

My next mission is to try 4200MG, using the 700MG gummies which warn on the package that one must never exceed six gummies in a 24 hour period. So that’s six times 700, and we’ll see what we shall see! Readers, share your muscimol experiences here in the comments or in our dazed and confused forum.

Update: 4200MG certainly gave me some breakthrough levels of concentration, and I would highly recommend the experience for those seeking relief from stress at least. My next mission is to take 12000MG Amanita gummies (20 pieces x “600MG” of Amanita material, mind, which is roughly 7 grams — but from a different company so I will draw the results over there).

Part II: Minnesota Nice Amanita Gummies findings

Excellent! The fresh quality and amped potency, plus Minnesota Nice’s helpful documentation on the site, guided me to an enlightening shroom experience. I am welcoming this new frontier in psychedelics, glad that we can explore a “new” (on the commercial market anyway) potential therapeutic substance as a community. Again, please refer to the video, which describes the effects here. Both the Pantheria and the Muscaria varieties had similar results; I will just say that the Pantheria is both mildly stronger than the Muscaria, and maybe takes a longer time to “peak” in effects.

I recommend these, they gave me a good “mini-trip” at least and delightful effects while I had it. There’s room for improvement in the future, but in this rapidly emerging Amanita gummy market, Minnesota Nice Botanicals is currently in the lead! Find your gummy adventure here.

Readers, share your mushroom adventures of any variety, especially mushroom gummies, here in the comments or in our forum.



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