Psychonaut Pete here, with our first psychedelic shrooms review. I have taken the plunge and obtained a 3.5 oz. Sample of cracker-dry mushroom caps, of the Amanita Regalis variety from Psilo/Mart Boom Boyz label. While it left me far less certain of my dose than I would be with an artificial preparation, my policy when trying a new psychedelic is “try the plant first.”

However, we’re just feeling around the growing legal psychedelic mushrooms market, so we’ll all learn this together. Take everything here with a grain of salt, because the research I could scratch up about this makes an X-Files case look airtight.

Either Amanita Regalis and Amanita Panthera are both varieties (strains?) of the Amanita Muscaria species and can be treated as one and the same, or else I’m mistaken. Mycology is an absolute freakshow of a study; currently there’s controversy over what mushrooms should be called a specific a. muscaria species. Welcome to the far-out world of fungi!

Full video review of Boom Boyz Amanita Regalis mushroom caps here.


I Might Have Mis-Prepared These!

Like I say, you can find 2 things researching the Amanita Muscaria branch of shrooms: (1) Clinical listing of species with no notes on psychedelic effects, (2) wild reports from the likes of Reddit and Erowid vaults. Good luck!

By consensus of study, including some helpful YouTube shows, I came to the conclusion that this is how you take Amanita caps:

  • * boil in about 2 cups water for about 20 minutes
  • * strain off water
  • * add a shot of lemon juice
  • * sip like a tea
  • * optional: eat the boiled solid mushroom part

Also, ibotenic acid (which Amanitas contain) is said to be toxic, but through decarbing preparation is converted into muscimol, the chief psychedelic ingredient. We also have to decarb THCA into THC from weed to edibles, so this is a familiar step.

Per the dispensary recommendation, I split the 3.5 grams into 2 sessions a week apart, taking just less than half the caps one night and taking the remaining caps plus a lot of powder in the bottom the next week. Results were identical.

The main factor here is that I don’t know much about how these were prepared. The labeling says that they’ve “coated the outside of them with a proprietary blend of Umami Mushroom Seasoning and Muscimol Extract Powder.” The dosage instructions mention nothing about boiling tea. Are they decarbed prior to drying? Are they pre-baked for the decarb step? The lab test sheet, accessible only by QR code, seems to test it as 3-to-1 muscimol to ibotenic acid, both tiny amounts, so is that good or bad?

For all I know I should have crunched them dry with peanut butter. I’m not placing much stock in effects because I might have simply ended up with too small a dose. On the other hand, you should always start carefully with psychedelic mushrooms if you’re not familiar with them.

Boom Boyz Amanita Regalia Appear To Be the Real Deal

I can testify that the taste of these are excellent; once boiled, they were like any culinary mushroom.

I will say this much: I felt some extremely mild effects, but nothing that really stood out as psychedelic. What I did experience amounts to:

  • * Calming and relaxing
  • * Clear-headed, great focus
  • * Energizing at first, then tired later

In short, I’ve been more buzzed off a beer. But I did feel a body sensation that told me I was somewhere in the neighborhood of a mushroom effect. Mostly relaxing. No stomach upset that some people report, maybe a gas rumble once.

This gives me several possible conclusions:

  • * I ended up with a microdose (most likely)
  • * I botched a preparation step or needed none
  • * I have amazing resistance to Amanita mushrooms (wouldn’t surprise me)
  • * These are bunk, or the effects are wildly over-reported

Even under reviews of this product on PsiloMart’s own site, I see people leaning towards “helped me get great sleep” rather than “party drug.”

Well, I came here to trip balls and chew bubble-gum and I’m all out of you-know-what. So next time I am resolving to a higher dose, perhaps from an edible where dosage is a clearer matter.


Anybody out there know if I’m doing anything wrong?

That name again is Amanita Regalis bulk mushroom caps from Boom Boyz via PsiloMart: 3.5 grams runs $39.99. Seems reasonable enough, but not exactly nirvana in a bottle either. FWIW, High Times features them in a Hemp Cup box, so there’s that much vote of confidence if you take it that way.

We’ll of course investigate the legal mushroom / psychedelics market further in the future whenever the opportunity arises, but in the meantime, any experience you commenters could add to help guide your fellow psychonauts is greatly appreciated. Here in the comments or in our humble forum.


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