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The G Pen Nova is a wax pen sold by Grenco Science. It’s primarily made for wax, but it may be used for dry herb as well. This discreet pen does give very smooth and tasteful hits. Even though I personally didn’t expect much from this pen, doing this G Pen Nova review did surprise me on how it hit, but there are a couple of flaws it has that can be improved to it.


  • Smooth and tasty hits
  • Discreet with a sleek design
  • No hassle to clean
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Collects a lot of reclaim
  • Takes time to heat up
  • Gets dirty often
  • Mouthpiece detaches apart without intention

Recommendations: Design the atomizer so it doesn’t collect as much reclaim around it. Also, giving it a stronger atomizer for stronger hits would make it better.

Check out my video review of it below along with a sample hit. Keep reading for the more in depth G Pen Nova review.

Sleek and smooth design to it

The G Pen Nova is made with silicone, giving it a great feel of comfort to it thought out the whole pen. From the body of the pen to the mouth piece, this pen has a firm and soft touch to it. It may tend to get dirty effortlessly but because it is made out of silicone, it’s really quick and easy to clean off.

Something that I should mention is how easy it is to get the mouth piece dirty. Depending where you place it, it may collect dust quickly. But good thing that it is really easy to clean due to the material it is made out of.

Easy and straightforward to use

The simplicity of this pen makes it very easy and convenient to use whenever and wherever you are. The G Pen Nova actually has the exact same options that the Saber vape pen does. Similarly easy to use, you will not have any complications with this pen.

Like many vape pens, five buttons to turn on or off and three buttons to change the type of voltage settings that you like. Them being 3.2V, 3.5V and 3.9V. A convenient feature it has the auto heat feature with a press of two buttons. It also turns off automatically to prevent it from overheating.

The atomizer would be better if it didn’t collect as much reclaim around it

The G Pen Nova comes with a simple ceramic, quartz bowl, nothing too special. When packing your dabs, it does have a small atomizer, giving you minimal space to pack enough dabs. It may pack enough for personal use, but it does often get very messy and oily after packing it a couple of times. As shown in the image below, this pen does tend to get oil and reclaim all over the sides and the bottom of the mouth piece.

g pen nova atomizer design

Aside from this, it can be easy to over pack as well as clog it. Something that may help with this is the built in ceramic stirring tool that comes with the mouth piece. This is a neat feature, especially if you’re smoking dry herbs, but it does get very oily and messy when smoking concentrates out of it. I personally just took it off and it made hitting it a lot smoother and easier.

g pen nova ceramic stirring tool
This ceramic tool is nice and all, but sliding it off will definitely give cleaner hits.

Decent strength and very tasty hits

The G pen nova does gives clean and smooth hits throughout the all three different voltage modes. Even though it isn’t as strong as I personally would like it to be, it does give unexpectedly good hits. But due to this, it does give very light and thin smoke hits. Besides that, this pen does give nice hits that allows you taste the terpenes, even with the highest voltage mode.

G Pen Nova is very efficient for a small pack

As mentioned earlier, this vape pen does have a small atomizer, giving it a small and light pack to it. Apart from this, it does last a lot more than I at least expected to. This pen is great if you want to conserve your oil for nice and decent hits. Unless you’re a heavy smoker, this small pack may last for a while, making it convenient when you are out with it.

Never tried packing this with dry herbs and I wouldn’t recommend to do so.

I never got a chance to pack this pen with flowers but I didn’t want to try it. It feel as if it would get very dirty and it wouldn’t even be worth the hit. Can’t really say much just because I didn’t see how it would hit, but with the atomizer being small and not as strong, Personally I would just stick with concentrate only.

This vape pen is very handy and portable, as well as discreet

This is something that I like a lot about the G Pen Nova, it is really convenient and you can take and fit it anywhere you go. The simplicity of it gives a look that makes it difficult to differentiate it with a normal vape pen to a wax pen.

The G Pen Nova would be a lot better if the mouth piece wouldn’t come off so easily

g pen nova design
Regardless of how many times I tried to attach it together, unless you clean thoroughly, the mouth piece gets sticky and difficult to close when dirty.

Although this discreet pen can fit anywhere, it should be noted that the mouth piece does get loose very quickly because of how much reclaim it collects from the outer of the atomizer. Because of this, the mouth piece sometimes won’t close completely, which bothered me a lot. This is a problem that I faced frequently, where I would put this pen in my pocket and the mouth piece kept detaching apart. Whether I tried to take it out or just leave it in my pocket, the mouth piece always came off, allowing dirt to get in the atomizer and your dabs.

Worth the price if you’re looking for simplicity and discretion

Like I said in the beginning of the article, I personally didn’t expect much from this pen. The G Pen Nova is worth $34.95, which is relatively cheap. It’s even cheaper at King Pen Vapes and instructions for that are below. If you are a heavy dabber, then this pen won’t really excite or surprise you. On the other hand, if you are just looking for something simple, easy and inexpensive that is also discreet enough to take with you go, then this can be a great temporary pen for you.

In conclusion, the G Pen Nova is a very convenient pen that is also portable. It can be worth the price if all you’re looking for is simplicity and convenience. If this pen didn’t collect as much reclaim around it and get messy, I would value it a lot more and give it more credit. Above all, the G Pen Nova is good for the price and the convenience. The cheapest G Pen Nova we could find was at KingPenVapes using coupon code KPV15 for 15% off. Total cost: $33.96.

What was your experience with the G Pen Nova? Leave a comment below or discuss in our forum!


  1. Just bought one. Used maybe twice or so, and the cartridge won’t heat. Switched cartridge from another battery and it worked,but the one won’t work on any battery

  2. I don’t have concentrate during this quarantine but I definitely have some herb. You think I can grind some herb and then put it in ? Also does it smell if you smoke inside a house with parents who don’t know that I smoke ? Should I make a sploof for that or I’m good without it ? Thank you !

  3. Vaporizing ground herbs can sometimes be very messy. Still, cleaning vape pens after each use is a very simple thing to do. The chemical you will use doesn’t leave any adhesive residues in the heating chamber.

  4. For oil vaporizers you must be certain not to wet the interior at all. You should never use water or alcohol to clean the chamber with the wick.

  5. I just opened my new Gpen Nova and after one use the little part inside the head of the pen is disconnected, this part is very important and responsible for heating the dry herb, is there anyone who can help me with that?


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