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Linx Ember Wax Pen Review – Great Battery and a Very...

Linx Ember is an affordable wax pen that offers a solid compact build, great battery strength, and very efficient airflow,

Linx Blaze Review: Smooth Hits, But Expensive

Here we review the Linx Blaze wax pen. It delivers hits that are super smooth and contains exceptional flavor. Read further to know more about it.

Hempod Review: Soon To Be Updated, Juul Pods Discontinued.

A review of Hempod atomizers that work with Juul batteries.

G Pen Nova Review: Conveniently Simple But Atomizer Gets Very Messy

Our G Pen Nova review revealed a simple and easy to use pen that is perfect for on the go, due to its discretion.

Quartz Quest Review : Strong, Smooth Rips Yet Very Fragile Build

Our Quartz Quest review showed an atomizer that delivers on strength and taste, but lacks in durability.

Kandypens Fixing Glue Issues: Commiting To Higher Quality Products

Kandypens Atomizer Glue is Being Removed Updates 11/14/2018: Kandypens is in the process of removing all glued atomizers. This is a great update and we...

The Kind Pen Dream Review : High Capacity Battery, Bad Atomizers

The Kind Pen Dream: High Powered Battery, Disappointing Atomizers Design & Quality The Kind Pen Dream is one of the larger vape pens on the market....

This Thing Rips R2 Rig Edition Review

This Thing Rips R2 Rig Edition: It Really Does Rip, but May Leave a Headache Design & Quality This Thing Rips recently released “Rig editions,” which...

Kandypens Elite Review: Glue Is Being Removed

KandyPens Elite Review: It's Leak Proof Because of Glue UPDATE 11/14/2018: Kandypens has recently committed to removing all glue from vaporizers. This is a great development...