stiiizy vape pen review
Stiiizy vape pen review
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Stiiizy is a vape pen company that was created in 2017, and has since gained much popular favor. They designed a product that is different than the other commonly found 510 threaded vape pen cartridges. Read our Stiiizy pen review to find out why we recommended it as our favorite THC oil vape cartridge of 2018, and also why we have updated this review since then to make it one of our least favorites. As of 2019, Stiiiizy vape pods are very weak now as they have changed their oil to a much less potent formula.

Please note: This review covers the distillate cartridge. We’ve been informed that the live resin cartridges are a completely different quality standard.

Update 9/24/2018:vape pen pesticides and residual solvents test A Stiiizy pen pod failed for a Benzene test. See our for more information. Most recently Stiiizy’s oil has also felt weaker than it used to. We will be submitting a new test for strength, pesticides, and residual solvents shortly.

Update 2/22/2019: We updated this review to reflect the current state of Stiiizy vape pods in 2019: They are much weaker. This might be a benefit for some people that want to hit on a cart that is not too strong. For most of our readers they probably want something stronger.

Update 6/4/2019: Stiiizy looks like it may have changed its oil again, for the better! The new pods are looking lighter, we will update this review to reflect the latest Stiiiizy pods.

Update 8/10/2019: Stiiizy’s oil did get a little lighter color than it was in mid 2018. It still is very weak compared to other cartridges. Stiiizy pods are still nowhere near the strength they were at the end of 2017.

Update 5/30/2020: Stiiizy now has live resin pods. This review covers their distillate pods. It has been reported by some the live resin is much better. We should have a review up for the live resin pods soon.

The design of Stiiizy pods are a big improvement

stiiizy pen and packaging
The Stiiziy vape comes with this jazzy packaging.

Compared to some 510 threaded vape cartridges, Stiiizy created a superior version of the Pax Era. Pax was the first company to introduce pods as the new vape cartridges for vaping concentrate. The pods for both of these vape pens snap on and off magnetically. The great thing about them is you can refill Stiiizy pods too. The Stiiizy pods are made out of plastic and have a ceramic heating device inside.

The pod system for Stiiizy is still a great system to refill. Since they came out CCELL cartridges have gotten better as well. I would take a current generation CCELL and a good battery like the Vessel over a Stiiizy pod. This innovated design prevents wasting THC oil from accidental drops, glass cartridges sometimes can crack when dropped and waste the precious cannabis oil inside. Another nice feature micro USB connection that can be found at the bottom of the Stiiizy vape, it’s not recommended to use this vape pen while it’s charging though. Most smaller 510 batteries still require a screw on charger, but higher end batteries also use USB.

Both CCELL Uno and Dart outperform Stiiizy

Since originally posting this review, CCELL has made its own pod hardware. Unfortunately, it is not yet sold empty, but the Dart can be found on Moxie pods. The atomizer is the same on both the Uno and Dart, but I think the Uno battery hits a little bit harder. Both systems outperform Stiiizy substantially.

The reason it outperforms Stiiizy is the little plastic cap you can see above in between the atomizer base and the mouthpiece. CCELL made a snapping plastic lock rather than just relying on rubber to stay in place. Stiiizy has had issues where the rubber becomes loose and the pod stops working. CCELL’s system stops that from happening, plus it just hits way harder.

The Stiiizy pen started with potent THC oil, now it is weaker than most of what is available

The extracted THC oil Stiiizy originally had in 2017 and early 2018 was strong. The oil in Stiiizy pods had THC levels testing at 85%. The lab test results for each of their cartridges are easily accessible on their website, Later they were found to have weaker oil than claimed, as seen on our oil pen tests list. Vaping this cannabis extracted oil tasted very clean. Still it is clean tasting, but since they have moved to a yellow colored oil it does not taste as good as it did.

Stronger than Stiiizy: other THC carts that are better

Our original reviewer said it reminded them of the oil in the Dosist vape pen, only much stronger. I doubt it reflects the quality Dosist is using in 2019. Stiiizy now is one of the weakest options available in California. A stronger THC pod system you may want to look at is the Plug and Play vape. For stronger cartridges in California check out Airo Pro, stick e vape, Jetty Extracts, and Kurvana ASCND.

Stiiizy pods are weaker then most vape cartridges.

At first we were blown away by the strength and quality of Stiiizy. Now Stiiizy is in the bottom 10% of cartridges. I would put it as one of the worst THC vaping options out there. The hardware is still good though and refilling with different oil is nice. However, you can just get an vFire that is very similar and made by the same manufacturer of Stiiizy hardware, ALD, and the same hardware that is used in the Plug and Play vape.

You will have to hit Stiiizy over and over to keep the high up, if you feel anything. Some pods produced no effect for me. I double checked with a friend who mostly hits straight dabs on eRigs, and he said he could not feel anything from Stiiizy pods. This vape pen used to be almost as powerful as dabbing from a dab rig. The original Stiiizy was one of the first vapes to get hits like you would from loading wax on a wax pen like the Omicron v5.

Taste is missing from the THC oil when vaped.

Our original reviewer tried five different strains from Stiiizy which include Grand Daddy Purp, Gelato, Skywalker OG, and Mango, and Pineapple express. I have gone through and retried these strains as well as others. Since Stiiizy pods have changed their oil, all of them lack in great taste as well. They almost taste like nothing, which matches what you get for strength.

Unfortunately, the Granddaddy Purple didn’t remind of the cannabis strain I am familiar smoking, it tasted bland. The Skywalker OG probably tasted the best of the bunch but also was bland.. Gelato used to taste like a lighter version of the Brass Knuckles Gelato but now it is pretty much flavorless too. Our previous reviewer’s favorite was the Mango CBD pod, since it used to be like Mango. Pineapple express a favorite of many of us at DabConnection, but we can’t help but expect that has lost its old flavor as well.

Still one of the cheaper prefilled cartridges if you can find it at a good price.

stiiizy pen review
Stiiizy pens come in this fly box.

It’s quite disappointing that the prices of these Stiiizy pods for sale are much higher in some cities than others. In the bay area the prices for a half gram are from $30-$40.00 before the 15% California cannabis tax. I managed to find them in Modesto, an hour drive away for $20.00 a half gram before taxes. Two half gram Stiiizy pods used to last longer than two carts from Amber Industries. Now the Stiiizy pods are effectively useless for someone with even mild THC tolerance.

This Stiiizy pen review shows how much it has changed. From one of the strongest, to weakest.

The Stiiizy pen originall was superior than 510 cartridges, the dual airflow mouthpiece and ceramic core heating element were innovative. The pods were better than the old generation CCELLs that were out at the time Stiiizy was released. Now CCELLs in the current generation are better and if you want a pod system, Plug and Play vape is better. You can even get the same hardware as the Plug and Play by way of the vFire and fill it with any oil you like.toronto vaporizers

The vFire can be filled without having to buy Stiiizy’s oil

Given that Stiiizy and vFire are both ceramic core and made by the same manufacturer in China, you probably are getting the same heating element and performance. The better part about vFire is you can put better oil in it. Any random THC oil is most likely going to be better than what Stiiiizy currently puts in their pods. The hardware is efficient, but the oil sucks.

In conclusion, The Stiiizy Pen has gone from top of the line to bottom of the barrel. What once was one of the best is now one of the worst and something nobody who reviews for this site would buy. It is not something we would recommend any of our readers to buy either. It might be good for someone who is used to smoking very low potency cannabis and wants a very light effect, but it might be easier to just hit less on a better THC vape cartridge.

The Stiiizy pen had earned the highest overall average rating on Weedmaps for their product from people rating it and now any old ratings for Stiiizy should not be counted because it is completely different now. We would not recommend Stiiizy at this point in 2019. Things can change again though and should they get better oil later, we will update this review.

How has Stiiizy been for you?

What other vape carts compare to it? Comment below or post in our forum!

Update: An independent lab test was done on the Stiiizy pod Hardcore OG strain from an Instagram user that goes by the username @datdude41510 that showed only 68% THC found.



  1. The Da Buddha vaporizer is the ideal option for those who want a vaporizer that combines outstanding performance with exceptional durability.


  2. This guy could not be more wrong. I’m literally vaping on a SFV OG Indica Stiiizy vape pod that is 89.87%. I mean, that’s PRETTY high, and so am I. You just sound like a bitter nerd. Keep hating, Stiiizy is doing just fine without you. They opened a store near me and their pods ARE STRONG, all distillate between 84-90%. How much stronger does it get? LOL!

    • The last few times we tried it, it just was not that good. The THC percentage was decent but it just did not feel strong, but it’s always worth another try. It has been a bit since we tried it last. And no we are not bitter nor take any of the reviews personally, it’s solely judged based on comparing it to other products. Stiiizy at the end of 2017 was the best thing out there, then retrying it later it got weaker. If things change and it’s much better again we change our review also.

  3. Man here in Michigan i have had nothing but good things to say about Stiiizy! MKX, Plat and all that are the ones getting weaker and not consistent. One week id grab a sativa plat at 90% 2 weeks later same strain is like 68! Wtf?! Stiiizy have been my go to for awhile now. And i love the look of it too. No one thinks im smoking a cart! The silver pods are fantastic aswell as the original. Have yet to get my hands on the gold live resin but am sure theyre great aswell.

  4. I’m in Michigan an stiiizy pods are absolutely amazing. I am used to getting the 510 thread an have recently switched to stiiizy (today to be exact) which are 3/100 an half gram for a penny. I am very impressed. I took one hit from each pod an am completely MEDICATED. Absolutely thumbs up an will continue to go forward with this company. Thanks

    • Thanks for commenting! They seem to vary state to state. I heard they are much better in NV than CA too. The CA versions were excellent when they came out, but since then have tried 7 of them and they all have been weak.

      What’s your overall favorite cart for MI?

      • Can confirm, living in the northern end on NV I myself have the $20 starter kit with $40 pod, bought two flavors being sour diesel and strawnana. So far I’ve tried the sour and it is extremely satisfactory, excellent flavor and $40 a half is about par.

    • I’ve been buying stiiizy pods for the past few years because the only delivery place that comes to my house sells stiiizy. The review is right, they just keep getting weaker and weaker, I don’t like them at all, when I have time to hit clinics up I avoid them like the plague. I’ve had probably 10 regular and 5 live resin pods this year and one of the live resin ones was half decent, the rest were all really really weak. I am generally a 1 hit quitter, even 10mg gummies I have to eat half of one… and the stiiizy pods take me 4-5 hits to feel anything. they were good several years ago though

  5. MODNOTE Please see our reply to this comment. We left it up because this spammer tipped us off to a known scam website!

    STIIIZY is a sleek, modern vaporizer that lets you access your medicine anytime, anywhere. Designed to fit easily in your pocket or handbag and to give off a subtle scent, medicating on the go has never been easier! A STIIIZY Pen Starter Kit combined with specialized pods produces an effective, health-conscious THC delivery system. STIIIZY is a brand you can trust no matter if you’re a veteran smoker or a new patient looking to break into the world of vaping. Simply plug in your favorite STIIIZY Pods cartridge and inhale!

    What Makes STIIIZY So Great?

    STIIIZY’s distillates are handcrafted through a solvent-free distillation process using only the most top-shelf quality concentrates and cannabis-derived terpenes. Most vaporizer cartridges available on the market today are made with some kind of additive, whether it be vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, or other medium chain triglycerides. A study from 2010 showed that inhaling propylene glycol can exacerbate asthma and allergies, with multiple studies showing that propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol break down into the carcinogens formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, especially when vaped at high temperatures. Whether you buy STIIIZY online or in a dispensary, you can guarantee that each cartridge is lab-tested with no fillers or cutting agents added.

    Where Can I Find A STIIIZY Pen For Sale?

    ELECTRO420VAPES is California’s leading mobile dispensary offering millions of Californians access to top-shelf concentrates, flowers, and other cannabis consumables. Whether you live in Fresno or Los Angeles, we are here to help. Browse our catalog of everything STIIIZY for sale and try some of the best concentrates ever made!

  6. STIIIZYs are absolutely fire. Especially the live resins. They feel amazing to hold, extremely lightweight and portable, very discreet and yet gets you stoned and feeling great.
    I do have to say: if you smoke only your stiiizy all day long, or otherwise are smoking a lot of weed with it, yes it won’t “hit” you because you’re using it too much.
    Stiiizys are the best when hit a few times a day at most

    • Heard the live resins are good, but the regular ones just have not been that strong and since they redid it I have tried 7 of them. Compared to other brands like Chemistry carts, it’s just not even close on strength. The other thing I have heard is the NV version of the distillate is strong, but have not tried it myself on the CA version.

      Back towards the end of 2017 they had much lighter colored distillate and it was super strong. I can’t verify if this is true, but a delivery person told me they made it weaker to appeal to more people since their original formula was just too strong. If this was October 2017, I would be telling you Stiiizy is the best distillate pod anywhere. But now, 2 for $40 Kanji vapes at TheDispensary in LV would put Stiiizy to shame. As does Old Pal available in both states for around $20 to $25 a cart.

  7. I see a lot of consternation in the comments and an update for 2020 but no conclusion… any good recommendation as of now on whether this brand got investor-ized (aka destroyed at the soul level) or if it recovered? I heard new pods were better and I see those stocked.

    A good update might be to revisit: is it worth it now, considering their fairly good prices, or are all these problems still happening to where other brands are WAY more preferred, even with the changes recently? Been looking for an easy vape and a brother recommended Stiiizy, but he was on the old stuff. These reports of new ones being trash worries me.

    If the answer is just ‘nope lol’, what’s the best entry-level indica option mandatory vape pen out there to see if I want to revisit vaping? I did it with nicotine briefly but was never a smoker, and now blazing is legal in cali so I have a new reason to look again.

    Thanks for the updated post in general, I hate seeing 5 year old posts talking praises on products now abandoned.

  8. Where can we buy JUST THE CHARGER that screws into the pen? I have 3 Brass Knuckles pen, Plume, Metrix & Jeff Sessions pens. All pens come with their own screw in chargers, but the chargers last 2-3 months. I’m not talking about the pen. Apparently, all these chargers are made in China & they don’t solder the wires inside the chargers. I don’t have solder, a soldering iron, proper tool or patience to fix these wires. Oh yeah, it’s not my job. I have spent SO MUCH $ because you have to buy the entire pen assembly to vape your oil? DO YOU KNOW WHERE WE CAN BUY JUST THE SCREW IN BLACK CHARGER?

  9. How long does stiiizy vape pen (indica) stay in your system while using it occasionally. Used it twice 2 weeks ago. Thank you!

  10. Checking our reviews online after everyone saying it was so good. Toronto vaporizer has a completely fake review on it. These things suck thanks for being honest.

  11. I can’t figure out how to charge mine. I got it as a hand me down with no charger but I cant even see where the charger would go?

  12. Stiizy pods give me better hits than any universal brand I’ve tried, if you get one that works. I wouldn’t try any other vape pen. I really think a lot of it is preference

    • Just retried these again… if you have not tried as a comparison Select Elite or Aces Extracts… try those out then see if Stiiizy is still for you

      Stiiizy is not totally bad it’s just a lot weaker than a lot of better brands that are out now. Some people like a bit weaker though, some carts might be too strong.

  13. i got a stizzy sfv full gram pod but i do not have the battery for the thing and i live in Maryland, is the pod compatible with any other vape batteries, like jul or something else i can buy locally?

  14. I blaze everyday, i’m a mad dab head also. got 1,000$ plus rigs and pick up quads of oil at a time. Not to mention i always roll one up in between dabs. Also, i am from cali; personally i fuckkk with stiiizy i have had their old pods and new batches and strength is nearly the same i can say. I dont expect every batch to come out the same but would like them to be real close or better. Maybe i havent had a shitty pod yet, i have done tried nearly every flavor ( favorite being their birthday cake, purple punch and strawnana). No pods have leaked on me either ( you guys probably bought a fake pod) I Would have to say you guys are tripping. i believe their hardware is the shit, plug and play does not have nearly as much flavors.. What i do love about the plug and play is that is has a cotton filter within the mouthpiece, pulls real smooth rips, personally i think their exotics are terpened trash. their king loui, pineapple express and girl scout are fire thoughh… i think the solution to the stiiizy “thc weakness” would be replacing it with your own distillate oil. A lot of people do and i dont mind refilling the pod with other better distillate. Your review is based more on oil quality. i have not had any bad batches yet fortunately and hope not to, but then again like i say just refill the pods with other distillates if you wish to do so. All other batteries are to big for me. the plug and play is too long and i dont fucks with screw on batteries, i find that those leak the most. Then again to each their own right? My favorite strain is Skywalker og and you just might hate it lol. Foreals though coming from a straight connoisseur i would rate stiiizy 7/10 or 8/10… i really like their new stiiizy biiig battery (advanced kit) man does that battery give you fat rips like dabs.

    • Finally got another Stiiizy just to make sure the previous one about a year ago I tried was not a fake. it is still weak, substantially weaker than it was end of 2017.

      It might not be the absolute worst, but I feel almost nothing after hitting it and when there are so many better brands readily available, I just could not pick stiiiizy.

      I was told they made it weaker to make it more mainstream and it might be better for people that want weaker hits, but try Aces Extracts, Select Elite, Korova, Loud+Clear…. all substantially stronger.

    • Facts yo i dont understand how any of the screw on one’s and shit are any better. Im a major pot head and havs been smoking weed nonstop for 5 years now on a daily and tbh stizzy is the best fucking dab pen ive ever bought.. If you buy a stizzy and that ahit dont make you cough and be high as fuck. You tripping or bought bullshit.. Tbh i have bought the best dap pen. I own the rose gold one its amazing i love the flavor of wax. I get super faded… Tbh i dont know wahts with all this negative ass remarks.. U either judt putting stizzy down like a hater or just experienced not a good stizzy…???????????? i suggest any and everyone to get one their the shit i fuck with them hard and im a major pot head!!!

  15. Bear in mind alll these assholes do is blaze all day everyday then write about it. They have built up their tolerance levels. Think about it? They probably only endorse the companies that give them free stuff for publicity anyways.

    • No we actually get very little for free, especially on carts. All of the carts at the top of our best lists were not free either. Yes our tolerance level is higher than some, but most of our readers hit things regularly. I can tell you Stiiizy was substantially weaker and you could ask anyone who has been hitting it since they started.

      Update: it looks like they may have gone back to the lighter color oil again, we should be updating this review soon

    • Checked out the latest Stiiizy pods on video and they are now back to a lighter color oil. They may have improved it back to what it was which would be great. We have updated the review to reflect that and will get the review updated soon.

  16. I’ve had a few of the stiiizy pods as well and honestly it’s not as bad as these reviews read. 1-2 hits and you can’t feel it for sure so I’m confused at the talk about the potency being weak. Never had a leak but then again I always keep my stiiizy standing upright. Sour Diesel pod is what I’m on currently and no complaints at all.

  17. I just picked up birthday cake and sour tangie from a DC delivery service. I first had Stiizy towards middle to end of 2018. To me they’re still more or less the same, although this is the first time trying these 2 stiizy strains. I did notice the thc lab tests are lower than what they used to be, but only about 10~% i think. They used to list around high 80’s to low 90’s thc if i remember right but now are showing high 70’s to low 80’s. Honestly tho, they feel really close to how I remember them in mid to late 2018.

    I have low to mid 90%’s thc distillate and have filled a few stiizy pods with that, and to me i’d say 70%~ thc feels about right for the 2 strains i just tried. The stiizy’s were both 0.5g white box versions with no packing date(altho i feel these are legit).

    • I think we should give them another try, but the last time I tried them was ~July 2018 and compared to what they had end of 2017 when it was getting popular seemed way different.

      Like before the oil was more light colored, then it went dark yellow. How is the consistency on what you are getting? and by DC to you mean Washington DC area? Thanks for commenting!

  18. I’ve tried almost every stiiizy pod and have had no problems at all while I have tried mario carts primacan, and other well known brands but their potency isn’t nearly as strong as they’re claiming shit didn’t even hit me the stiiizy on the other hand was 1-2 hits. The oil in the stiiizy will obviously run so don’t have it upside down all you need to do is leave the stiiizy standing and you won’t have any problems

    • I gotta say you might be trying old Stiiizy as there is still some old oil out there, but having gone through several after their change it really is garbage compared to other brands out there. also Mario Cats is a mostly fake brand so I would not use them to compare. When you get a chance give Kurvana ASCND or Airo Pro a try and see if you still would ever get a Stiiizy again!

      Also, if any of the Stiiizy pods you are using have the light colored oil, that definitely is an older one and those were great!

  19. I recently tried these and tbh they aren’t terrible like you’re all saying… La kush strawberry blondie was my shit and still is top oil.. but og kush and strawnanna from stiiizy are still better then 90% of tanks that are available on the central coast

    • Thanks for commenting! I would also just note that you may be hitting the older batches. We tried six of the most recent but it’s also possible you have found some good ones in those two we will definitely give those strains a try. Ever since they went to the yellow oil over the previous light colored oil we all thought it has been going downhill.

  20. Stis review needs to be revisited!! They started off strong, now the oil is weak! The pods break half the time. I was a regular customer, 2 pods a week. The final nail in the coffin when I ordered my gelato pod and it tasted TERRIBLE. I reached out and no help from anyone. WASTE OF MONEY!! try plug and play, much much better!! There are some great pax era pods but I’m so tired of overpaying for .5g. plug and play brings everything we loved about stiiizy and pax and mad it even better (minus the Bluetooth)

  21. Do not buy Stizzy cartridges. The cartridges fail at least 50% of the time. We have so many broken cartridges. At first they would take them back if they were pretty full now nobody will take them back not even Stizzy. You will be throwing your money away if you buy Stizzy. I was very disappointing.

  22. Your reviews are spot on! I would only suggest some how including consistency in product manufacturing and customer support. In my opinion STIIIZY used to be super consistent with their oil quality, but as you said in your review they seem to go up and down in strength. Im in the same boat Gelato is mt favorite accurately representing the strain, and Pineapple express close second. But my last gelato pod tasted SOOO BAD, and for someone who needs their medication refilled every 3 to 4 days I cant afford to have a bad pod. My delivery service was not able to help specifically with stiiizy because they say the company just does not help at all and that the company actually owed them $500 for some reason. they told me to reach out directly, and when I did, via email and IG they were NO HELP AT ALL. I forwarded them my IG and showed them how I promo them all the time and I showed them my roaches, I got literally 70 empty pods on my desk, still they said “taste is subjective” and they will not help… I have since stopped using stiiizy. Even brass knuckles (which i no longer use, tired of oil inconsistency, crystallizing, and carts breaking) helps their customers.

    • David that is awful to hear and this has been my experience with Stiiizy as well lately. I will update this review with some more data as well. Overall the quailty of the oil just seems to be not as good as it used to be. They used to have these really dank light colored oils and they have gotten darker and weaker. I also would mention the latest generation CCELL carts with a decent battery hits harder than Stiiizy. I would say anywhere Stiiizy is available you typically can find Select Oil close by or at the same place, and I would take Select anytime over Stiiizy.

      One more thing I would mention is check out Roots Extracts when you go to Las Vegas. These are the consistently strongest carts I have ever tried.

  23. Ive been using stiizy for awhile now, i often buy allot at one time, and ive found that my pods have been leaking allot more lately than when i 1st started using stiizy. Some start out sticky and others just start randomly. This is the only downfall to this excellent vape, I love all the diff flavors of pods , I prefer sativa or hybird and can say I don’t have any complaints about the pods other than the leaking , due to some local clinics charging so much for pods makes me not want to keep buying them if they don’t address this frequently leaky problem.


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