This Thing Rips Roil Review : Best of the R Series, But Uses Old Tech

This Thing Rips Roil vape pen
This Thing Rips Roil vape pen
Design & Quality
Ease of Use
Versatility / Atomizer Options

This Thing Rips Roil Review: Big Improvement Over R2 Series

Tasty Ceramic Donut – But Cheaper To Get Separate Pieces (Rather Than Kit)

This Thing Rips ROIL Vape Pen
This Thing Rips ROIL Vape Pen

Design & Quality of The Roil Vape Pen

The This Thing Rips Roil is the ceramic donut vape pen that is cross compatible with other This Thing Rips vapes and part of it’s R Series line. It’s a solid, low-temp wax pen.

The range of other vape pens by This Thing Rips have the same style: 650mah battery, atomizer, colored see-through chamber and a “pen cover” to mask your vape pen. Each model by This Thing Rips is defined by which atomizer is included, and represented by a different color:

This Thing Rips Vape Pens; Roil, R Series 2, ReMIX, OG Four 2.0
This Thing Rips Vape Pens; Roil, R Series 2, ReMIX, OG Four 2.0
  • Roil – Blue – Ceramic donut.
  • R2 Series – Green – Coils with ceramic rods and ceramic cup.
  • ReMIX – Red – Ceramic plate.
  • OG Four 2.0 – Orange – Coils with quartz rods and “lava” quartz cup.

That means the Roil includes 2 ceramic donut atomizers. Along with the atomizers, it comes with a 650mah battery, and has three settings. Unlike the This Thing Rips R2 Series, this pen needs a 510 charger, not a micro USB cable.

The 3 settings are: Blue – Low, Orange – Medium, and Red – High. Don’t be surprised when the colors don’t follow in the regular order though (Low -> Medium -> High), because they go backwards on the Roil (High/Red -> Medium/Orange -> Low/Blue).

This Thing Rips Roil
The Roil includes 650mah battery, XL silicone jar, and ceramic donut atomizers

Our only gripes here are just the same as all the other This Thing Rips pens. In order to fill it, you have to unscrew the blue plastic chamber multiple times, until it comes off. The other, is a complaint that unfortunately all coil-less vape pens have to deal with – they get super hot on the outside.

Realistically though, this is your run of the mill, average ceramic donut vape pen. This design has been around since 2014.

Ease of Use: Threading Gets Tiring

This Thing Rips Roil works exactly like most vape pens; fill coil with material, select temperature, press button and inhale. The annoying part is the plastic threading, as you have to unscrew a very long thread every time you need to reload. It’s not the end of the world, but gets old quick with constant use.

Strength: It Does Rip

The Roil gives you a good hit on the high level. However, on lower temps, it feels restricted. If the Roil vape pen had a better airflow system, it would hit harder overall.

Better Than Coils, But Not Great For Coil-Less

The Roil is easier to fill, this is simply because ceramic donuts are easier than single coils. But, it could be better. If the atomizer was a full plate without the donut hole, it would be great. With the ceramic donut, some wax is lost down in the middle of the hole and on the side walls in the space before the donut.

Given the other ceramic options out there, this is not high on efficiency. The tech here is a bit dated.

Versatility / Atomizer Options

This Thing Rips is one of the few companies to offer you all the options.

The Roil works with 3 other This Thing Rips vape pens: the R Series 2, the OG Four 2.0, and the ReMIX. You can get the ceramic plate ReMIX, OR either of the coiled vape pens – R Series 2 or OG Four 2.0 (Pro-Tip: don’t get a coiled one).

This Thing Rips - Roil - ceramic donut
The This Thing Rips Roil comes with ceramic donut atomizers

This model also works with their larger version vaporizers: the R2 Rig Edition and the OG Four 2.0 Rig Edition, but they look very weird on a thin battery.

Portability: Fits Easily In Your Pocket

Roil Vape Pen
The This Thing Rips Roil vape pen kit comes with a ‘pen cap’ to disguise your vape on the go

The Roil is pretty much the same as the rest of the This Thing Rips line. It is the standard 12mm wide but is actually shorter than the R Series 2 and ReMIX because the Roil (and OG Four 2.0) uses a smaller battery, by about 0.3 inches.

This won’t fit in your shirt pen pocket (with the pen cap), but it’s a perfect size for your pants pocket, or handbag.

This Thing Rips Roil
Roil is not very discreet (in use) with a bright blue chamber that fills with smoke and light up button.

Discretion: Too Bright on The Roil

The pen cap of the Roil makes the pen more discreet, but it’s really only useful when stored away. With the cap on, the pen is oddly long and clearly has a button.

When in use, the bright blue visual chamber fills up with smoke and is extremely obvious. Just like the orange chamber of the OG Four 2.0, the red chamber of the ReMIX, and the green chamber of the R Series 2. These see-through bright colors, are anything but discreet.

Taste: Pretty Good For This Thing Rips

Taste is good with the Roil. When run at lower temperatures, you can get good low temp dabs that make the taste stand out. So far this is the best tasting This Thing Rips pen we have tried.

Value: Better to Get Separate Pieces

You know the drill with the This Thing Rips vape pens… This one supposedly has a value of $175… In real life it’s $77.10…. (get it? ‘710’!)

Anyway, at close to $80 it’s competitively priced compared to similar models.

The XL silicone container is a nice touch. If the battery had the same better silver finish as the OG Four 2.0 it would be ten times better. The black plastic finish on this pen just makes it feel cheap.

The biggest problem is that the Roil vaporizer kit is a worse deal than just getting the replacements and a battery by themselves.

The This Thing Rips ROIL
The This Thing Rips ROIL is $77.10 – like 710, get it?

They sell the attachment with 2 atomizers for $39.99! The replacements for the R2 Series are $24.95 for 2, so the Roil is $15 more expensive…

The other problem is the Warranty is only 90-days, even for the battery, which is a quarter of the standard 1-year warranty! TGet also request your credit card information and then make you sign so they can charge your card without needing your input any more…

It’s not required, so make sure to not sign! This is the only company I have seen ask for a credit card on a warranty replacement that is supposed to be free.

If the price was around $65 it would be a better deal and more in line with it’s value.

Replacements: Not Cheap

Charging $39.99 for an attachment with 2 ceramic donut atomizers isn’t cheap. On the other hand, at around $20 for each atomizer – it’s not the worse deal ever.

You can’t purchase these online direct from the company – so you’ll have to go to a physical store to buy them or get them here.

This Thing Rips Roil
This Thing Rips doesn’t allow online purchases, so you’ll have to go in search of a physical store!

This Thing Rips Roil Conclusion

The 90-day warranty makes the battery not worth the cost.

We recommend getting the attachment and an unbranded variable voltage battery instead of the Roil kit. Otherwise, I would skip this vape pen, it’s very ‘2014’ technology-wise.

Ceramic donut vape pens have been around for quite a while, and at this point there are many better coil free options out there that are much more efficient. This is not an awful vape pen, but not something I would buy.



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