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Reviews of eRigs from various manufacturers.
Review of the Dr. Dabber Switch, probably the best e-rig you can get.
The High Five Duos is a very intuitive e-rig that gives you control over the length of session time and with adjustable temp.
Here we review Kandypen's OURA portable eRig. In this article, we describe its pros, cons, and if it's worth the value.
Here we review the Pulsar RoK eRig. See why it's a decent eRig but takes some getting used to.
A comparison of two rigs, the Dr. Dabber Switch vs. the Puffco Peak.
A review of the Carta V2 by Focus V. This portable eRig is reliable, hits well, and is substantially cheaper than the Puffco Peak.
After reviewing the King's Pipe Inline Perc rig, we loved how smooth and powerful each hit provided. Coming with an inline percolator, it guarantees very smooth yet heavy rips with the right heating temperature.
Two eRig companies that have very similar products are Dr Dabber and Dabado. The products look as if they are made from the same factory. They probably are. Here we will put heads up Dr Dabber vs Dabado on...
The Puffco Peak is being eagerly awaited by many, so as the release date gets closer, we wanted to share what we know so far! This “first-ever smart rig” as claimed by the website, costs a whopping $379.99! So,...
Dr Dabber Boost 510 Review - Better, Cheaper & More Control The Dr Dabber Boost 510 mod takes the popular eRig and allows you use it with your own battery. Is this an upgrade on the Boost? Lets see.. Design & Quality of...
The Dr. Dabber Boost eRig is Back in a New Revision; No Teflon On Top Dr. Dabber just released their new Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition, so we’re reviewing the original Dr. Dabber Boost 2015 model today, and see how...