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Today we will dissect the VLAB Halo, one of the latest portable E-Rigs to compete with the Focus V Carta. The VLAB Halo offers a solidly crafted alternative to the Focus V Carta at a cheaper price, similar to the price of the Core E-Rig from Shenzhen Crossing. The full retail price for the VLAB Halo currently runs for $149.00 on their website. For this review, let’s see if the VLAB Halo is worth the bargain.


  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • Solid battery life/strength
  • Great flavor
  • Cheaper than other portable E-Rigs


  • None

Recommendations: None

vlab halo kit unpacked

While the overall design is similar to the Focus V Carta, the VLAB Halo has a few key differences

Although the design for the Halo is similar to the Focus V Carta, it has a few distinctive features of its own. Even though the VLAB Halo looks somewhat bulkier in size than the Focus V Carta, the battery is lighter in weight and its base has a comfortable grip due to its ergonomic shape. The atomizer for the Halo is most similar to the one used for the Focus V Carta. Instead of a ceramic heating plate, the VLAB Halo uses a titanium coil atomizer in a ceramic chamber, which allows for better vapor production. However, the VLAB Halo exclusively works with extracts, unlike the Focus V Carta and the Dip E-Rig.

When opening the kit, you will find the following:

  • HALO E-Rig battery
  • Glass bubbler
  • Carb cap with tether ring
  • Quartz cup
  • Ceramic cup
  • Coil atomizer
  • Silicone atomizer sleeve
  • A set of (5) Q-Tips
  • Alcohol wipes (2)
  • Silicone wax container
  • Stainless steel dab tool
  • USB-C charging cable

vlab halo smaller kit contents

The battery for the VLAB Halo lasts longer than Focus V Carta, most similar to The Core E-Rig in terms of performance

The most distinctive feature of the VLAB Halo is the glass bubbler, which allows for improved airflow with its eight holes of percolation evenly spaced around the glass. While the Dip E-Rig from VapeDynamics still wins for the longest battery life and most efficient performance, the battery for the VLAB Halo felt stronger and longer lasting than the Focus V Carta in my experience. Overall, the closest rival for the VLAB Halo would be the Core e-Rig from Shenzhen Crossing in terms of the retail price and overall performance.

Operating the VLAB Halo for the best performance:

    • Charge the Halo using the USB-C charging cable included in the smaller kit
    • Remove the glass bubbler from the base and fill it with water slightly above the air holes around the inner base of the glass
    • Reattach the glass bubbler aligning the inlet hole to the base of the battery
    • Screw the atomizer onto the battery (Switch between your quartz or ceramic dish by removing the top lid of the atomizer)
    • Load your preferred extract by using the dab tool included in the smaller kit
    • Attach the carb cap using the tether onto the atomizer
    • Turn on the battery by pressing the power button five times quickly
    • Switch between the temperature settings by pressing the power button three times quickly. The temperature settings for the VLAB Halo is limited to three main temperature settings:
  • 480 degrees Fahrenheit/249 degrees Celsius (green)
  • 600 degrees Fahrenheit/316 degrees Celsius (blue)
  • 750 degrees Fahrenheit/399 degrees Celsius (red)
  • Turn on session mode by holding down the power button until the unit vibrates
  • Inhale slowly through the glass mouthpiece a few seconds after the atomizer coil starts to heat up
    • Turn off the device by pressing the power button twice quickly

vlab halo assembled

Cleaning the VLAB Halo for best maintenance (which is familiar if you’ve used the Focus V Carta or any similar portable E-Rig):

  • Remove the glass bubbler from the base of the battery and soak the glass in isopropyl alcohol
  • Remove the lid – the silicone atomizer cover as well as the quartz or ceramic dish – and soak in isopropyl alcohol
  • Wipe the inside of the atomizer and gently soak up any residue between the coils carefully using a Q-Tip (a few of which is also included in the smaller kit) with isopropyl alcohol
  • Wipe down the base of the battery with alcohol wipes (also included in the kit)
  • Recharge the battery until fully charged (for your next session)

Here’s a brief comparison between the VLAB Halo and other similar portable E-Rigs:

VLAB Halo Waxmaid Ares Focus V Carta The Core E-Rig The Dip E-Rig
Glass bubbler/mouthpiece Silicone mouthpiece with glass bubbler at the bottom Glass bubbler/mouthpiece Glass bubbler/mouthpiece Also glass bubbler/mouthpiece
3600 mAh 3000mAh 1200 mAh 3000mAh 4200mAh
480F, 600F, 750F 475F, 525F 500F, 630F, 770F, 842F 2.6V, 2.9V, 3.9V 4.2V (by voltage) 450F, 500F, 550F, 600F
Quartz & titanium inserts w/

ad size : 167.117 x 24
container width : 167.117

coil atomizer, ceramic chamber

The Quartz chip is fixed above the titanium coil Quartz & titanium inserts w/ ceramic heating plate Quartz chip fixed above the ceramic heating plate A ceramic heating plate, ceramic silicon carbide for extracts
Works with extracts  It works with extracts Works with herbs & extracts It works with extracts Works with herbs & extracts
35 cycles avg per full battery charge 60 cycles avg per full battery charge 40-50 cycles avg per full battery charge 30 cycles avg per full battery charge 40-45 cycles avg per full battery charge
vlab halo atomizer lid
Vlab Halo Atomizer Lid

The temperature settings for the VLAB Halo are more flexible than the Waxmaid Ares

While I would recommend the quartz dish for live resin, which includes sugars, sauces, badders, and diamonds, I would recommend using the ceramic dish for live rosin. While the lowest setting at 480 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient enough for the best flavor out of most concentrates, the next highest setting at 600 degrees Fahrenheit is preferred for live resin diamonds, shatter, and other crystalline extracts. On the other hand, I found the highest setting to be slightly too harsh for some concentrates. The Halo is also a bit more flexible than the Waxmaid Ares in terms of temperature control, but the Waxmaid Ares is likewise better in terms of overall performance with its fixed quartz chip.

The Halo is recommended for anyone looking for a great portable E-Rig at a lower price than the Focus V Carta

In conclusion, the VLAB Halo beats the Focus V Carta and the Core E-Rig in terms of battery life and/or strength. Still, the VLAB Halo is recommended for its lightweight design, ergonomic build, great taste, and solid performance. Although the VLAB Halo is still very solid and affordable, the more expensive Dip from VapeDynamics wins for the best overall portable E-Rig on the market. If I had to rank all the portable E-Rigs that I’ve reviewed so far, the Waxmaid Ares would be the second-best while the VLAB Halo comes in a close third place. The VLAB Halo is available in black, white, apple green, lavender purple, and peach pink, which can be purchased through their website here.

Have you tried VLAB Halo? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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