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Today we look at the XMax Qomo, possibly the smallest portable electronic dab rig. We’ll detail our experience objectively as always in our non-affiliate reviews. The XMax Qomo currently runs for $89. For this review of the XMax Qomo, we will discuss its pros and cons.


  • Ultra-portability and simplicity of use
  • Great for traveling or short-term use
  • More compact than most E-Rigs 


  • Requires more maintenance than other mini E-rigs
  • The battery could be stronger

Recommendations: The strength of the battery could use some work.

xmax qomo box

The XMax Qomo is possibly the most compact mini E-Rig

The XMax Qomo is one of the smallest E-Rig currently on the market. The design and mechanics of the XMax Qomo are similar to a PuffCo, but it’s made much more portable and easy to carry on the palm of your hand. This E-Rig is even more compact than the XVape Vista Mini 2. It’s even better to travel with or share with friends because of its ultra-portability and simplicity of use.

vista mini 2 box

 The XMax Qomo is easy to assemble

When opening the box, the Qomo comes with very few parts, and it’s straightforward to assemble. This E-rig comes in five main pieces, with the carb cap, the atomizer, and splash guard already attached to the battery as well as the bubbler and USB cable with an extra silicone O-ring. 

xmax qomo parts
the rig is easy to assemble

The XMax Qomo is less than half the size of a regular PuffCo when assembled

The battery portion for the XMax Qomo is one of the most compact I’ve seen from this kind of E-Rig and the cone-shaped glass bubbler is conveniently small. When assembled, it’s less than half the size of a regular PuffCo. The glass bubbler fits comfortably into the base of the battery, which has 3 heat settings from 280 degrees Celsius/536 degrees Fahrenheit to 350 degrees Celsius/662 degrees Fahrenheit. 

xmax qomo set up

The battery for the XMax Qomo needs some work

While this E-rig is easy to use, it is harder to clean and maintain because it does clog from time to time, so cleaning after every session is advised. Overfilling the atomizer can damage the battery. The battery will overheat after too many sessions, so that’s one of the main weaknesses with this E-Rig. The battery needs some work as it drains relatively quickly compared to other similar mini E-rigs.

xmax qomo 2

The performance of XMax Qomo is similar to Xvape Vista Mini 2

Although the hits are better on the High Five Duo, this E-rig produces nice milky hits once the battery is preheated. The performance of this E-Rig is similar to Xvape Vista Mini 2, as both need preheating before using each device. The battery is turned on and off by pressing three times, then only once to preheat. The 3 different heat settings can be switched by pressing the button twice.

high five duo unboxing

Compared to other similar mini E-rigs

Compared to other similar mini E-rigs, it is smaller than the XVape Vista Mini 2, but the performance of the battery is less effective than most similar E-rigs. This battery sometimes needs two cycles of preheat to get enough milky hits. This E-rig requires more maintenance than your standard mini E-rig since the unit is smaller and easier to clog or break if not cleaned properly. This unit will get very sticky after a few sessions and will need to be cleaned so that you have proper airflow. Overfilling or overheating will damage the battery, so caution is strongly advised.

xmax qomo

The XMax Qomo will usually work with most concentrates 

This rig will work with most concentrates as long as the amount loaded into the atomizer is small enough that it doesn’t block the airflow of the side of the carb cap that goes into the atomizer, which can get clogged as well as the airflow in between the glass bubbler and the atomizer side if you overfill it.

xmax qomo 3

 The XMax Qomo scores points for its ultra-portability and simplicity of use

The XMax Qomo scores points for its ultra-portability and simplicity of use. The parts are easy to clean and can be easily assembled. The size of the E-rig is very portable for travel and shared with friends. The glass bubbler is easy to clean and handle when cleaning the rig. The atomizer and carb cap is well-designed and easy to assemble as well. 

xmax qomo 4

The XMax Qomo battery and atomizer could be improved 

Overall, the XMax Qomo is perfect for short trips because of its ultra-portability and simplicity of use. However, its battery can overheat and needs more strength. More temperature settings would also be appreciated and the atomizer could be improved by making it slightly taller, so the airflow isn’t blocked by any concentrates that are loaded into the atomizer.


The XMax Qomo is a good choice for a travel-size E-rig

Concluding my thoughts on the XMax Qomo, I would recommend the XVAPE Vista Mini 2 electronic dab rig for the ultra-portability and simplicity of use. This E-rig will need more maintenance than your usual portable E-rig between sessions. In conclusion, the XMax Qomo is a good choice for a travel-size E-rig that’s easy to assemble and works with most concentrates.

What are your thoughts on the XMax Qomo? Have you tried it or have a question? Post a comment below or in our forum!


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