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Today we review one of the major players in the Erig market, the Dr. Dabber Switch. It is an induction heating vaporizer for both extracts and flower. Features include 25 different calibrated heat settings to handle any situation and a patent-pending induction process which reduces heating-up time. The design also allows the electronic components to be sealed off from the heating element, preventing mechanical failure due to leakage.


  • Easy to use
  • Stable
  • Really strong hits
  • Great taste
  • Efficient 


  • Expensive
  • Almost not portable
  • Not discrete
  • Weak battery
  • Doesn’t  come with a quartz cup
  • Not Optimized for Quartz Cup (optional)
  • The button becomes defective after long term use

Recommendations: A quartz cup should be included and the battery should be replaceable.

Dr. Dabber Switch has a nice design and a decent build quality

The Switch has a great design and its easy to use. It has one button which you click one time and wait until it is ready to use. The light switches from red to green indicating its readiness. It comes with five settings out of the bag. I didn’t use dry herb since I heard its not really good. The dab hits like a champ compared to other E-rigs. It’s definitely the best I have tried so far. It is lighter than it looks and it’s great E-rig for home usage but definitely not portable.

Dr Dabber Switch front of the box
Dr Dabber Switch box looks very fancy

Perfect rig for huge dabs at home

This E-rig doesn’t get clogged easily. It doesn’t need to be cleaned continuously. There still will be some wax that goes into the glass but other than that additional cleaning is not necessary. No unscrewing it, no getting it unclogged like GPen Roam or the other ones that need constant cleaning.

Doesn’t get clogged and it doesn’t need to be cleaned all the time

This E-rig doesn’t get clogged easily. It doesn’t need to be cleaned continuously. There still will be some wax that goes into the glass but other than that additional cleaning is not necessary.  No unscrewing it, no getting it unclogged like Puffco Peak or the other ones that need constant cleaning.

Dr Dabber Switch back of the box
Dr Dabber Switch back of the box gives you all the details about the product

Hits and taste are really great but the battery has some problems

Hits are great and the taste is really good. It would be really nice if the rig came with quartz or a glass bucket included. They have one in their store but they didn’t send it for the review.

Battery should give you around 100 hits. In the beginning, the battery life is incredible. You go through 2-3 days of heavy use before you need to charge it. But for some reason, the battery degrades horribly. After a month of usage, the battery lasts only for one day. Good thing is that you can use it while you charge it. I don’t see how this battery could last for too long without asking for a warranty replacement within a year. It would be much better if they included replaceable batteries.

Dr. Dabber Switch is not a portable e-rig

It’s not portable at all. It’s a huge beast that you basically have to keep on your table if you want to enjoy it. You have to have a high table or you will be basically hunching over. It’s uncomfortable to hold it in your hands while you are doing a dab. It only comes with a flat carb cap but it works really well the way it’s built. It really closes up the seal compared to other erig carb caps.

Dr Dabber Switch open box
all parts are neatly packed in the box

Magnets and magic stops it from overheating and you can customize the colors

Dr. Dabber Switch doesn’t get overheated after uses which is a great thing.  It’s because of the way it heats up compared to every other rig. They say it’s magnets and magic and all that stuff.

You can take dab after dab without worrying the battery will heat up. The battery is not close to the atomizer so you won’t have to worry about touching it or burning yourself.

Another great thing is that you can customize the colors that are really cool and give it a futuristic look. It’s for people that are not afraid to have their dab rig around. The bright colors can get annoying after some time especially at night.

Pricey E-rig that will set you back for 400$

It is pretty expensive since it cost 400 bucks but in comparison to Puffco Peak or Source Versa you don’t have to replace the atomizer. You probably want to just like you would do with a rig but if you keep it clean it will work. The taste will go down but it doesn’t burn out. It’s up to you if it’s worth the price.

Dr Dabber Switch set up
Dr Dabber Switch looks great on your table

Concluding Dr. Dabber Switch review

It’s the best e-rig around for the house. If you are looking for a portable rig look somewhere else. For that, I would recommend ???  which doesn’t excel at home but its best e-rig for on the road.

You can find out more information on Dr. Dabber Switch on the website here.

What are your thoughts on the Dr. Dabber Switch?

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