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Today I will take a look at The Wand from Ispire, which introduces a different kind of E-Nail that uses induction heating instead of having to use a torch. Ispire currently also offers a variety of refillable cartridges, cartridge batteries, and disposable vapes. The full retail price for the Ispire Wand currently runs for $169.00 on their website. As always in our non-affiliate reviews, we will detail our experience objectively. For this review, we will check out their new induction heating E-Nail device, The Wand.


  • Sleek design
  • Precise temperature settings
  • Extremely accessible features
  • Exceptional taste


  • Bulkier than other E-Nails
  • Battery drains slightly faster than others

Recommendations: A slightly less bulky version would be great, in addition to this existing prototype.

ispire wand kit

The Wand by Ispire offers a safer and more accessible dabbing experience

The Wand from Ispire is the latest innovative E-nail designed to provide a more accessible dabbing session with its unique induction heating process. The kit will also include two 18650 (2900mAh) batteries in the shipping package. The device works with most glass rigs with 14mm and 18mm female joints. The Wand will only work with their own patent-pending glass bangers, which were specifically designed for the induction area for the Wand device. The glass banger cups included in the kit are made of metal encased in between two walls of borosilicate glass. The kit itself includes the following:

  • The Wand device
  • Angled banger
  • Straight banger
  • Two borosilicate inner cups (for concentrates)
  • Carb cap
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card

ispire wand device on off

The variable temperature settings for the Wand device is similar to the Freeze Pipe E-Nail interface

Although the temperature settings for the Freeze Pipe E-Nail ranges between 200-750F, the temperature settings for the Wand range from 250-800F. In my opinion, it is recommended to start at 450 degrees, then work up or down. This also depends on the consistency of the extract, the amount of extract, and your own personal preference. Personally, I found that the overall temperature from 450 to 600 degrees to be the sweet spot for most or all extracts using the Wand. For example, live hash rosin from LA Family Farms was best enjoyed at 450 to 500 degrees; however, cured resin from Cannabis Cvlt was better at 500 to 550 degrees.

Here are some of the recommended heat settings:

Below 450 degrees best flavor or smaller amounts of extract
450-500 degrees best for live rosin
500-550 degrees best for live resin/cured resin
550-600 degrees best for live resin diamonds/crystalline extracts
600 degrees and above best for most vapor production/larger rigs

Bulkier than other E-Nails such as the Freeze Pipe E-Nail and the DabX Rocket

Although bulkier than other E-Nails such as the Freeze Pipe E-Nail and the DabX Rocket, this method of induction heating felt more precise and efficient than other similar E-Nails. Whereas the portability of the Freeze Pipe E-Nail and the DabX units makes it more stable to balance on a glass rig, the bulkier weight of the Wand unit might cause it to tip over using smaller rigs. So a medium or large-sized rig is highly recommended for the most efficient performance. Although it can still be used while the device is charging, the battery life also feels slightly shorter than that of the DabX Rocket and the Freeze Pipe E-Nail.

ispire wand banger cups
Banger cups

The Wand device has incredibly user-friendly features that deliver the precise temperature each and every time

The Wand is turned on and off by quickly pressing the power button five times. After the Ispire logo appears on the screen, the menu on the LED screen will display the following:

  • your temperature setting on the bottom
  • the battery life in the top right corner

Operating the Wand device for best performance:

  • Charge the Wand device with the USB-C charging cable (included in the kit)
  • Turn on the Wand by pressing the power button five times
  • Adjust the temperature setting to your preference using the +/- buttons 
  • Place the angled or straight banger onto the rig of your choice
  • Insert one of the borosilicate glass cups into the banger
  • Load your preferred extract into the cup for “cold start”
  • Cover the opening with the carb cap
  • Activate the heating cycle by pressing the power twice
  • Wait until the device reaches your desired temperature when the screen will flash “Time Over”
  • Load your extract if the device is “hot”
  • Inhale slowly when ready

ispire wand banger-cup close up

The Wand kit is easier to clean and maintain than other E-Nails, as very little residue is left

At the right temperature, there is a very little residue left to clean, similar to the DabX Rocket. Although bulkier, it is also much easier to clean than other E-Nails, such as the Freeze Pipe E-Nail, which is more difficult to clean. All there is to do is to swab any residue (if any) from the inside of the glass banger cup. Soak the glass banger cup(s) and the carb cap in isopropyl alcohol if needed for deep cleaning.

I would highly recommend the Wand for its sleekness, precision, accessibility, efficiency, and taste

The Wand by Ispire is easily worth the investment for its sleek design, precise temperature, and extremely accessible features. As a result, the flavor is exceptional, while never tasting burnt. Very little is left to clean while never having to overheat your banger easily by torch. On the flip side, it is bulkier than other E-Nails such as the DabX rocket and the Freeze Pipe E-Nail. You can find the Ispire Wand for $169.00 on their official website here.

Have you tried The Wand by Ispire? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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