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Raw Garden vape cartridges are quality products filled with premium live resin. Their products can be found almost anywhere in California’s cannabis market. Here we review a couple of their strains. These were recently taken off of our  best cartridges in California because the quality has degraded.


  • High quality live resin
  • Available in any big or small cannabis club or delivery service
  • Affordable


  • Resin can get stuck in ceramic mouthpiece
  • Not as strong as it used to be

Licensing Information: THE HIVE CDPH – 10002269

UPDATE 9/2/2020: It’s a shame we have to do this, but we have to say that Raw Garden’s standards have definitely dipped since this review was originally written. For one thing, there is now a class action lawsuit against Raw Garden, alleging that Raw Garden’s live resin isn’t so “live” after all. Take that into context when considering this review.

Check out our video review below of Raw Garden and keep reading on for the more in depth review.

Raw Garden cartridges use quality oil, great hardware, and are priced well

Raw Garden vape cartridges are one of the most affordable, high quality live resin carts in California’s cannabis market. Their concentrates are extracted from quality flowers grown by experienced farmers in Santa Barbara County.

The strains used for this review are Cherry Pop and Raspberry White. We could not find any detailed info on the Raspberry White strain, but it might be a cross between Raspberry Kush and White Berry. Cherry Pop is a sativa and Raspberry White is an indica.

Raw Garden uses authentic CCELLs

Even though their carts are not expensive, they did not go cheap on hardware. All Raw Garden carts use CCELL cartridges, particularly the TH2. These have a glass body and a ceramic mouthpiece. These give a good kick in the hit that most the clones just don’t match up to.


raw garden review
Raw Garden THC carts have their logo etched in the bottom.

Raw Garden made a good choice going with CCELL, leaving us with nothing to complain about on hardware. We would like to see them come out with a syringe as well so we could test it out in different hardware. I bet this oil would also pair well with a SPRK cartridge.

A benefit of the TH2 over other CCELL carts is you can refill it or dump the oil out easily. The plastic top CCELLs are very difficult to open, but these ceramic tops screw right off. If there is a hardware failure, although rare, the oil can be easily dumped out into another cart.

Oil quality is top notch, smooth on the first hit

raw garden cart
Very clear oil on the Raspberry White cart.

Raw Garden vape cartridges have great quality oil. It’s a refined live resin that looks amazing and vapes smooth. Definitely one of the better cartridges out there.

The first hit is an experience since the concentrate inside the vape cartridge isn’t harsh. Some people equate coughing on the first hit a good sign… I don’t. Comparing live resin to live resin, would say it’s about on par with a Justdab cartridge. I think Remedy carts had a little bit better live resin oil, but the hardware is so weak, Raw Garden comes out ahead.

What’s Inside a Raw Garden Cartridge?

raw garden packaging
They keep the packaging simple and we like it.

Raw Garden vape cartridges use live resin with no fillers or additives. The labeling on the packaging guarantees it is a live resin sauce cartridge. Raw Garden’s packaging is fully compliant with California cannabis law.

They are not shy in admitting that their concentrates have CBD in it either.

Raw Garden vape carts are strong, but not the strongest

raw garden packaging
Raw Garden gives you a QR code thst takes you straight to the test results. Nice feature.

There’s no lack of strength on Raw Garden carts. I would put them just below Airo Pro and Select Elite on strength as a comparison. All three use CCELL hardware, but Airo Pro and Select Elite are distillate oils, not live resin.

The Raspberry White came in at an impressive 90% THC. However, THC percentage is not everything. It was for sure strong and in the top 15% of carts, but I have had Airo Pro carts in the 80s that were stronger.

You can still taste a little flower in Raw Garden carts

Raw Garden vape cartridges aren’t as filled with terpenes as I’d expected. Most solvent-based vape cartridges taste like air-freshener. But Raw Garden leaves a little bit of flower taste in there.

I got Cherry Pop and it tasted musty and floral. After the first hit there is a mild sweet after taste lingered once I exhaled. For some, the musty-floral taste in Raw Garden’s Cherry Pop cartridge may be overwhelming.

The Raspberry White cartridge was also floral tasting. Nothing fake tasting about it, but not super flavorful either. If you are looking for something strong with a lot of flavor, check out Airo Pro.

raw garden vape cartridge
Raw Garden carts will work with almost any 510 battery.

Oil lasts long, high number of puffs

Raw Garden cartridges lasts a while. And a half-gram cart, for me, lasted about three to four days with constant smoking. A full gram cart would easily last for a week.

After a few drags from a Raw Garden cartridge, the user gets the effects they want to feel. Raw Garden’s concentrates are in the 80% and up range. The

Value is great for the quality

Raw Garden vape cartridges go for about $30 to $35 for 500 mg.  The full gram cartridges are $60 at most places. Compared to other brands, Raw Garden cartridges are one of the most affordable live resin carts out there.

As a comparison, the Remedy live resin cartridge in Las Vegas costs $46 and used to be $64 at Essence Tropicana West. The Binske cartridge was also about $60. However, Justdab carts are only $35 as well and I would put them on par with Raw Garden.

There isn’t anything remarkable about the technology inside a Raw Garden vape cartridge. It’s just a good and honest well extracted live resin sauce cartridge with good taste and great effect.


raw garden cart on a 510 battery
Here is a Raw Garden half gram cart connected to the battery.

Concluding our Raw Garden review

Raw Garden vape cartridges aren’t fake news. They’re real and do not fall under the category of low quality fake cartridges circulating around the black market since they’re their own brand.

In terms of quality, affordability, experience, and taste, I would say their vape cartridges are a good standard. You can find Raw Garden vape cartridges near you on Weedmaps and you can find Raw Garden’s website here.

Have you tried Raw Garden carts before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forum!


  1. was a long time raw supporter but like Admin said they and many other big brands lower quality and paying to play freaking youtubers and social influenzas

  2. They used to be ALOT Better. First one I had was the Strawberry Marmalade probably one of the Best Cartridges I’ve ever bought. I had some good ones after but then quality dropped and the clogging got worse.. they are pricey so it gets very expensive looking for a good one.. no thanks

  3. I think I’m not getting legit raw garden carts not more at my store front, because at the beginning the resin was so clear and it lasted more, besides of that they don’t have the same taste

    • They still might be legit. Raw Garden has degraded over the past year and it’s not as good as it was. We took them off our Best THC carts for California recently.

      Unfortunately, we see this becoming common with some CA products. Stiiizy was super strong when it first came out, probably the best out there, now their standard distillate sucks. I have heard their live resin is better but have not tried it yet.

      Select Elite has also degraded a lot and we took them off our best lists.

      I think what happens is these companies get the great product out there and all the promo then cut the quality to save money. Then they use pay to play to keep it going on top of the prior good reviews that people didn’t change.

      ie: Stiiizy has some youtubers where they give them free shopping sprees etc to keep the promo going, regardless that the product might not be so great anymore.

      What’s interesting is I’ve seen the opposite happen with some other brands. Like Lucid Oils started out well made but weaker, now they make some really strong stuff. Same with Cannavative’s Live Clear. They already were top tier, but I’d say now that might be the strongest distillate cart anywhere.

      Those brands also don’t really advertise or try to pander to “influencers” with paid promo either, they keep the product quality just going up and it sells.

  4. Maybe it was one of you people that left an unopened package on top of a gas pump…net wt. 1 gram. Raw Garden refined live resin cartridge. To claim the found package, the batch #RV346. The side of package says, keep out of heat. Avoid moisture.

  5. I noticed that om actually getting s .7 as a full gram. I scaled and empty cartridge and a new cartridge that its suppose to be a full gram. 11.4 gram with put any oil and 12.1 grams when first purchased.???? i mean i do pay $70 at medmen. I would like to get a full gram.

    • tell me why i spent 200$ for 4 raw garden promo deal, and i gave away all but one. i set mine aside as i had other carts to smoke. they all had full grams and were satisfied, however i got a leeroy dawg that when i finally opened, was chunk chunked. thats a double chunk, a cool quarter out that john was missing. Ive had it for just under 2 months now and havent hit it, not mad, just feel robbed.
      while im on the topic. i get live resin carts for 25$ a pop in bulk. they are not fake, and they test almost the same as the raws. if you see fiyaman or breaking dabs live resin carts try them.

      • The ceramic element absorbs resin over time from being stored. It is in there soaked up in the ccell element. Other than that some asshole maybe the delivery driver wanted to taste the chron. It is pretty dank, I get a bunch, but I have noticed most of their flavors are very hazy and musky like super myrcene heavy. I wish they had more grape, like minty, apple, chocolate, coffee, diesel flavors. But they literally come out with something like a dozen new flavors a week.

  6. Good review on carts they also sell for under 40 a gm live resin and terp sauce. There carts like you said overall product and hardware combo hard to beat. As a local north county Santa Barbara neighbor I’m big fan of raw. Did you mention all products whole plant fresh frozen clean green certified no added additives or flavorings. Sorry wouldn’t let my enemies smoke or vape distillates


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