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It hits good, the taste is alright, but the price is a lot more than other cartridges. The Binske cartridge ended up being over $60 for just a half gram. A high cost compared to most other THC oil vape cartridges, but this one does use live resin.  See our in depth review on a Binske cartridge and how it stacks up against other brands.


  • Good quality oil
  • Tests clean
  • Uses live resin


  • Expensive
  • Not as strong as some other cartridges that that are already available for less

Recommendations: Lower the price by 25% and increase strength a bit.

See below for the video review on the Binske cartridge and continue reading to see more in depth review.


Binske cartridges use good hardware, are decently strong, but are also pretty expensive

Live resin is expensive to make and that is why the cost is high. The Remedy cartridge also had a high price and uses live resin, but I snagged that one on sale. The Binske cart says it is live resin infused distillate, so we are not sure if that is the same thing, but seems like it would be.

Binske is really close to a great cartridge. A little more strength and this thing would be fire. It’s still pretty good, just not stellar strength like I have seen from other brands in California and Nevada. This is really a matter of a few tweaks and Binske could be one of the best cartridges in Nevada. Definitely a brand I want to try again later and see if it has improved.

Design and Build quality is great they use the same CCELL that Select Elite carts use

binske packaging
Binske has some cool packaging.

Binske uses a standard M6T cartridge by CCELL. Although we do prefer the ceramic top cartridge that is refillable, this is still a great option and it really hits great, particularly on the Vessel battery. The only downside of this type of cartridge hardware is you can’t refill it. It’s very difficult to open if something goes wrong, however, reliability does not really seem to be an issue on CCELL cartridges.

Oil quality is good on Binske cartridges: consistent color and thickness

binske vape cartridge
Binske puts their logo on the bottom of their THC carts.

Binske cartridges use live resin which is not as popular as distillate or CO2  oil in cartridges that still seems to be the norm. I picked this cartridge up at a dispensary in Ely, NV and was told that this is one of the better cartridges they had.

Testing is strict where we got this cartridge so there are no pesticides or anything dirty about it. We also found other information that Binske hasn’t tested dirty in other states.

brinske test result
The test results for Binske pulled right off the packaging.

Binkse has been testing high on THC and is pretty strong, but not super strong

THC on the Binske was high at 85%. I have had cartridges before that had even lower percentage but also had a stronger effect. Binske is not bad on strength by any means, it is just not the absolute strongest.  I don’t mean to be too critical but this cartridge was a lot more expensive than others. The average cart costs in Nevada is about $45 and the Binske cartridges were over $60. We’ll discuss more on the value comparison below.

Taste on the Binske cartridge was pretty decent

Taste in the Binske cart was very similar to Select Elite. Flavor is not the most important thing in a cartridge and most our readers prioritize strength. However, the taste on Binske was okay. There’s really nothing special about flavor on these but it’s not terrible either. If you’re really looking for the best flavor, I would check out AiroPro. It tastes better and is also stronger than the Binske THC cart.

Efficiency is good as you can get it

Binske uses CCELL carts which we have covered before. CCELL is the most efficient cartridge on the market right now so there’s nothing Brinske could do to improve the efficiency. We still would prefer a TH2 cartridge but there are many reasons why they may choose this polycarbonate cartridge instead, including not wanting people to refill.

Number of puffs is excellent, this oil vapes very slow which is great

On the Binske cartridge, one thing that really maybe makes up for some of the high cost is the fact that it lasts a long time. I hit this quite a while and the oil really dissipates slowly. Probably one of the slowest dissipating oils in any cart I have tried.

Value was okay, I wish it was a little bit cheaper

The cost on this cartridge is over $60. The average cost in the state where this cart is purchased, Nevada is about $45. There are some cartridges that are in the $52 range such as Airopro and Select Elite. A Roots cartridge is $45. All three of these brands were better than Binske, at least for now, and they all made out top carts lists.

binske packaging
The cart fits nicely inside and sits upright.

Concluding our review of Binske…

Binske turned out to be pretty decent and it has fairly good strength, but it’s not the strongest. The cost is high, however it does vape for really long time- the oil seems to last substantially longer than a lot of other cartridges.

Overall I would definitely try Binske again. I think that this cart particularly might not have been the strongest of their variety and I would like to see what else they have to offer. It’s also likely that the cartridges keep improving through time. Remember two years ago, most carts were plain weak.

You can find Binske cartridges near you here. And you can learn more about bens go on Binske’s website.


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