Selling fake cartridges has become popular and more have been making counterfeit vape carts that look a lot like to authentic ones. We try our best to keep you guys informed on the fake vape carts through our posts, so you can avoid them and be safe from the negative effects the fake products might bring.

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Pure Nectar Cartridges, Truth Cartridges: Both Just Packaging, Not Brands

In this post, we are about to share another thing to watch out for - Refillable cartridges that appear to look like real brands. What do we mean by this? There are some distributors who sell hardware labeled with brands that don’t even exist. These are not fake cartridges imitating another oil company, but a fake company altogether. Truth and Pure Nectar are among these brands.

These are not counterfeit products technically because the brands shown in these empty carts aren’t real in the first place.

Some examples of hardware from Truth and Pure Nectar carts

Below is an example of he first fake brand we will show you, Truth. These Truth cartridges claim to be "Premium THC" but really anyone can fill them up. That's why fake brands are often no good.

truth vape cart
The brand or company Truth does not exist

Pure Nectar is another brand. Like, Truth, these are said to be THC distillates. The packaging of Pure Nectar is similar to Truth. The ones making these so-called vape brands are probably buying the packaging from the same supplier and just have them printed with the company name.

pure nectar cartridge
Pure Nectar is not a real company

They claim solvent free, but who knows if it is solvent free when it has not even been filled with oil yet? That's the danger of fake cartridge brands.

pure nectar packaging
The Pure Nectar packaging as seen from the side

So far, we have only seen eBay selling the refillable cartridges. You can also buy Pure Nectar with only the packaging. Companies can buy the cartridges from another seller.

We did find Pure Nectar sold in a marijuana shop called MMJ Dispensary. This shop sells pre-filled oil Pure Nectar cartridges. It appears to be an illegal operation selling carts online. Here are some pictures from their site:

pure nectar premium
Pure Nectar cartridges ready to be sold
pure nectar premium
Pure Nectar could be filled with anything.

There could more of these made-up brands

We will be posting more of these if we find out about them. For now, we want you guys to be cautious about the cartridges you're buying. They may either be counterfeit products or hardware that make it seem they are marijuana brands. Any company can just fill these hardware with dirty oil. If you search the internet for Pure Nectar or Truth, you will realize that these aren't real brands.

Have you seen these cartridges yet? Comments or questions? Post a comment below or in our forum!


  1. Got a truth strawberrycough oil,It definitely has THC in taste just like the strawberry cough so I’ve heard from other companies,are some truth products legit?

    • It’s very likely that whoever made them put the right kind of oil in there. It is just that “pure nectar” is not really a brand, it is just oil from whoever buys that hardware.


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