Selling fake cartridges has become popular and more have been making counterfeit vape carts that look a lot like to authentic ones. We try our best to keep you guys informed on the fake vape carts through our posts, so you can avoid them and be safe from the negative effects the fake products might bring.

See our fake cartridge posts on Dank Vapes, Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrocks ClearExotic Carts, Eureka Vapor, Stiiizy, Space Vape and King Pen for more information on actual brands ha have been counterfeied.

UPDATE 4/23/2019: We have found what appears to be the “legitimate” Pure Nectar creator, but it appears to be an unlicensed operation. The cartridges are called Pure Nectar Premium.  That still means most of the Pure Nectar carts are fake and are just packaging.

Pure Nectar Cartridges are faked all over, real brand does not appear to be registered, packaging sold on eBay

Recently we found what appears to be the official Pure Nectar brand. See their Instagram page. We also noticed that they use a wood mouthpiece while the other Pure Nectar branded carts have all been the standard clear mouthpiece. So if we can consider Pure Nectar Premium a real brand, it probably is fake without a wood mouthpiece.

Whether or not Pure Nectar Premium is really a brand may be up for question as well. It’s a situation similar to Dank Vapes. Not registered legally and faked everywhere, but there’s and Instagram account that appears to be the original source.

Truth cartridges appear to be a packaging only brand

These Truth carts are not fake cartridges imitating another oil company, but a fake company altogether. Truth does not appear to make any oil or be registered anywhere.

These are not counterfeit products technically because the brands shown in these empty carts aren’t real in the first place.

Some examples of packaging from Truth and Pure Nectar carts

Below is an example of he first fake brand we will show you, Truth. These Truth cartridges claim to be “Premium THC” but really anyone can fill them up. That’s why fake brands are often no good.

truth vape cart
The brand or company Truth does not exist

Pure Nectar is another brand, but as mentioned above it might be real. Like, Truth, these are said to be THC distillates. The packaging of Pure Nectar is similar to Truth.

pure nectar cartridge
Pure Nectar is not a registered company and many fakes exist

Truth cart packaging claims solvent free, but who knows if it is solvent free when it has not even been filled with oil yet? That’s the danger of fake cartridge brands.

pure nectar packaging
The Pure Nectar packaging as seen from the side

So far, we have only seen eBay selling the refillable cartridges. You can also buy Pure Nectar with only the packaging. Companies can buy the cartridges from another seller.

We did find Pure Nectar sold in a marijuana shop called MMJ Dispensary. This shop sells pre-filled oil Pure Nectar cartridges. It appears to be an illegal operation selling carts online. Here are some pictures from their site:

pure nectar premium
Pure Nectar cartridges ready to be sold
pure nectar premium
Pure Nectar could be filled with anything.

There could more made-up brands and fake vape carts keep popping up

We will be posting more of these if we find out about them. For now, we want you guys to be cautious about the cartridges you’re buying. They may either be counterfeit products or hardware that make it seem they are marijuana brands. Any company can just fill these hardware with dirty oil. If you search the internet for Pure Nectar or Truth, you will realize that that at best Pure Nectar is an unregistered brand and Truth carts are a fake brand altogether.

Have you seen these cartridges yet? Comments or questions? Post a comment below or in our forum!


  1. Did someone paid you to lie and misrepresent your finding? Any New Yorker can read between your lines.
    We support our own and appreciate the risk that brand is taking.

  2. I promise you that pure nectar premium is an actual brand.. I’ve seen them sold in dispensaries in multiple states and also sold on the black market in illegal states

    • Please provide a link to a legitimate dispensary selling it. It appears only to be a packaging brand.

      In legal states, the company must be registered, and we could not locate registration in any state.

  3. Pure nectar and truth are in a lot of dispensaries in Maine California, Nevada, and Oregon. You may want to research further.

    • Thanks for commenting – do you happen to know a name of one of the dispensaries?

      A search on weedmaps, google, and looking at menus does not show anything. It is possible they are already making fakes, but the fact that little known carts are now in multiple states also makes it seem like it is more likely a fake brand.

  4. Got a truth strawberrycough oil,It definitely has THC in taste just like the strawberry cough so I’ve heard from other companies,are some truth products legit?

    • It’s very likely that whoever made them put the right kind of oil in there. It is just that “pure nectar” is not really a brand, it is just oil from whoever buys that hardware.

    • Pure Nectar is definitely a real brand tried them in Brooklyn for the first time this month they have legit quality oil,flower,shatter and more we do support our own if you don’t get it from them 9x of ten it’s fake not sure where else they do business of course but they’re def in bk and their ig is legit

      • Apparently they make the brand in Brooklyn with some oil, but then also sell the packaging on eBay. That’s what we were told by someone who claimed to be associated with the company.


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