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Left Coast Extracts is an Oceanside, California based cannabis extract company that is known for producing concentrates, vape pods, and vape cartridges.  Here we are reviewing their THC vape cartridge. Left Coast Extracts is currently available only in California.

Something about this cartridge seems to make it last forever. I’ve been able to hit the same cartridge a long time and the oil vapes very slow while the hardware still provides huge rips.


  • Good oil quality
  • The oil lasts really long
  • You can see everything on the cartridge
  • All glass cartridge


  • The cartridge could break if you dropped it hard enough
  • Does not fit on some battery types like the CCELL Palm and Silo

Recommendations: Make a smaller version that would also fit on different batteries.

Licensing Information:

Left Coast Extracts cartridge is unique and hits great

left coast cartridge
Here’s a shot with a lot of natural light

From the quality of their hardware to the oil itself, everything about this cartridge turned out to be great. Something about it makes it lasts super long. The oil seems to last longer than any cartridge that I have tried. The fact that you could see everything, nice and clear is also cool. Maybe the logos can be adjusted and look a little bit different, but other than that this cartridge is good all around.

For this review, I used a battery that was less than optimal and definitely not my favorite battery, the SteamCloud EVOD. There’s nothing special with this battery, its pretty much very similar to the type of battery that you would pick up from a gasoline station. We’ll talk more about how it ties in below.

Design and build quality is unique to Left Coast Extracts, and it’s great

This has to be one of the best cartridges design that I have seen so far. Complete glass, from top to bottom where your oil is sitting in the best possible position it can be in. I also like that you can see everything. I guess the only downside would be, you probably can’t take this apart. Once it’s filled, it’s filled and that’s that.

left coast glass cartridge top
Check out how thick that glass is on the Left Coast cart.

However, the hardware seems to be very reliable. There have been no issues with it and it hits consistently the whole way through. Considering that I’m using a battery that’s less than optimal and it’s still hitting this good, I can only imagine how much even better it can be if I had a good battery on this cartridge.

It could possibly break if you dropped it, but I haven’t yet

I actually ended up dropping this cartridge even though I tried not to. It does have a rubber seal around the top that will break some of the fall if you drop it. I dropped it twice, none of those were super high drops. Probably around 3ft – 4ft height of drop onto a wood floor and nothing happened. I was happy about that.

A heavy enough battery with a hard enough floor might break it. However, the glass is really thick, so I don’t know if it will break much easier just because the top is glass than you would on a regular CCELL or other glass cartridges.

So, this is just more glass, but a substantial fall is still gonna break a glass cartridge anyway and the glass on this cartridge is substantially thicker than I’ve seen on any other cartridge. So don’t think it’s weak until you feel it in your hand.

Contrast that with the SoKiss Cartridge that we did not post a review on because it cracked halfway through when I used it. On the design, they could maybe make the logo in one spot or have it listed around as opposed to all over. I would like just to see more of just straight oil, and I think that would stand out more.

Oil quality is excellent, no changes on consistency at all

Throughout the entire duration of this cartridge, the oil looks exactly the same. No consistency change in oil like I found on Brass Knuckles.

left coast extracts packaging
Just a packaging pic since I can’t find mine.

Strength was great on the Left Coast Extract cartridge

Left Coast Extract cartridge is strong because of two things: using great hardware and great quality of the oil. Even with the use of the battery that was not my top choice, it still hits very strong and is on par with a lot of other strong cartridges. The effects were unique and it did not make tired at all, it had a great amount of energy to it. The strain tested here is Gelato, a hybrid.

The taste was pretty good, not flavored

The taste on this cartridge was much better that you would find on most CO2 oils. It’s not flavored like you would find on the standard AiroPro distillate cartridges and it also is not a live resin taste because it is a distillate cartridge.

So, it does rank below brands like Raw Garden, Remedy, and Binske on taste but I rather take a stronger cartridge and this is stronger. Taste is comparable to most other distillate cartridges that have lighter color oil. It definitely tastes better than Brass Knuckles, Cookies, Loud+Clear, Select Elite, and I would say the taste is about on par with Stiiizy. Overall, the taste is not bad at all, but not the best.

Left Coast might be unmatched on cart efficiency

This cartridge hits good on even not that great batteries and oil is fitting from the very bottom. Doesn’t seem that they can improve much on the efficiency side on this cartridge at all. On top of that, it’s using all glass so less stuff sticks on the sides. You probably gonna end up hitting this down to the last drop.

Number of puffs so far is highest

I should know that we are using a full gram cartridge for this review. However, in comparison with other full gram cartridges, this thing seems to vape forever. The oil just goes down really really slow.

It’s not actually the slowest moving, most thick distillate that I’ve ever seen, but for some reason, you get fat clouds with this cartridge and the oil vapes really slow.

Value is good considering how long the oil lasts and unique, quality hardware

The fact that the oil just vapes so slow in this cartridge makes this cartridge of good value. I would say that this cart could last even two times longer than some of the other faster-burning cartridges that I have before. The hardware and slow vaping oil combo make for good value.

Concluding our Left Coast Cartridge Review…

left coast extracts
Oil looks nice in the sun

When I first posted a pic of the Left Coast Extracts cartridge, some people have stated that it is a street brand and it was unregistered. That turned out not to be true, it is registered in California and they’re making legit tested products. Now that I have tried their cartridge, I could say its awesome. The hardware is great, the oil seems to last better and the taste is decent. Not much more you can ask more from the cartridge.

Another note on Left Coast is their pods are cross-compatible with Stiiizy but hit stronger. I do think the cartridge is better than their pods substantially though. This new hardware might be the best piece of vape hardware out right now.

To learn more about Left Coast Extracts, you can visit their website here.

Have you tried the Left Coast cartridge before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forum!


  1. Currently I have a delta 10 and a Left Coast superman cart
    I am questioning it’s contents because the delta 10 gets me higher???

  2. What is wrong with their oil? Is it Delta-8? some of them are normal color as gold distillate. But I have gotten a lot of them that it’s very clear and leaks through the mouth. The effects is head too clear while more body high for all their strains smh. Their cartridges are worse than their pods. Very inconsistent formulas per batches. Too much dilution or too thick. The oil is probably distillate as 3 times to cover their nasty plastic rubber taste oil.

  3. I truly disagree, this company still produces fakes on their black market side of their operations and i have proof. They tricked me with their new glass carts twice. Once they told me they overfilled the carts by accident which led to liquid coming into mouth, second all carts would leak, i purchased about 900, all were duds, they kept changing their formula and they had so many issues and we kept returning damaged products from our customers that when we told a customer to contact left coast cure to address it,they told the customer we were selling fakes. So i text my rep and told him wtf, he said im so sorry its a new guy,but they all knew what they were doing until getting licensed. This company poisoned people before getting legit.


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