Alright, so I decided to give these ROVE diamond live resin pods a whirl after being out of the cannabis reviewing game for a bit. Gotta say I’m not exactly impressed. Let’s break it down.


  • Variety of strains/flavors


  • Expensive
  • Not that strong
  • Low-quality hardware 
  • Low-quality oil

Recommendations: This series of pods needs a rework in almost every aspect.

Subpar on most levels

First off, the strength. Meh. Not that strong, which is a real bummer considering these bad boys cost a whopping 50 bucks. I mean, seriously? For that price, I was expecting to be knocked off my feet, but alas, it fell short.

And speaking of the price, it’s steep for what you’re getting. Fifty bucks could buy you a lot of other goodies, so it’s a bit disappointing when you’re left feeling underwhelmed.

Now onto the oil itself. Yeah, it’s alright, but not exactly top-tier quality. I was hoping for something smooth and flavorful, but it’s just kinda meh. Not the worst, but not the best either.

Overall, I gotta say I’m pretty let down. It’s like throwing money down the drain, ya know? Two thumbs down from me on this one. It’s a shame ’cause I used to love trying out new cannabis products, but lately, it feels like the industry’s gone downhill. The hardware’s gotten worse, and the materials aren’t up to snuff—it’s a rough time for us cannabis enthusiasts.


Lots of flavors

And let’s talk flavors. They’ve got a lot of them and they all taste pretty average. If I’m gonna spend my hard-earned cash, I want something that’ll knock my socks off, not just leave me feeling meh.


Concluding this review 

So, if you’re thinking about splurging on some ROVE diamond live resin pods, I’d say save your money and look elsewhere. Trust me, you won’t be missing out on much with these.

You can find out more about ROVE pods here.

Have you tried these ROVE pods? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.

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Bert has over 10 years experience in cannabis, vape and law. He has managed a dispensary, participated in product development, testing and legal research. He hits mostly vape cartridges and joints. He prefers nice distillates and wickless carts. In addition to reviewing products in California, Colorado, and Nevada, Bert is the editor of DabConnection.



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