Polaris MMJ is a cannabis cultivator located in Las Vegas, NV. Here we review the Head Cheese strain of flower. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers strong effects and that cheesy taste the various Cheese strains are known for.

Head Cheese was great all around cannabis flower

Good flower is not hard to come by these days, but great flower is not always available. I picked this up at Nevada Made Marijuana Laughlin by the Colorado River. We’ll go through the basics of the flower.

polaris mmj head cheese
Small top of a tree

Strength was excellent for Polaris MMJ Head Cheese

No complaints on strength at all. It was definitely in the top 10% of flowers I have tried. Testing was done by way of joints. Below are the test results. Polaris is coming in at almost 26% THC, very strong.

polaris mmj head cheese test results
Test results clearly posted on the jar

Effects were mostly energetic

This strain offered a good amount of energy. No tired feeling until it wears off.

polaris mmj head cheese
Crack open a nug and check it for crystals.

Head Cheese had excellent taste

Taste was top notch. It had that true cheese taste. Reminded me of the popular UK Cheese strain. I rolled the flower into joint for testing. I used Elements rolling papers by HBI. They are great for testing as they do not take away from the bud’s flavor.

Smoothest cheese strain I have tried

head cheese cannabis
This nug shined in the sun when broken open.

Polaris MMJ’s Head Cheese was super smooth. Other buds from Polaris have all been very smooth. No crackles and a great selection of nugs. Everything is properly flushed, not rushed.

Concluding our Polaris MMJ Head Cheese Review

Polaris MMJ came out strong with their Head Cheese strain. Their other buds have been impressive as well, and they seem to be a brand producing consistent quality cannabis flower.



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