It seems if you trust the name “Dank” for even one second, everybody has it in for you. First off, Dank is a fake brand. Second, a rash of tainted THC cartridges has led to many hospitalizations for lung damage and at least five deaths and counting. Dank cartridges are among the ones confirmed to be tainted. And now, from the people who brought you so much misery already comes…

Fake online stores pushing fake carts

A while back, a commenter tipped us off to an online store that was allegedly selling Dank cartridges, but even at that, they just take people’s money and send nothing. That site is now dead.

But a new domain has popped up in its place, Note the ‘s’ is missing from ‘vapes.’ Once again: There is no Dank brand owned by any company on Earth, it’s just a package printer in China selling empty packs for people to fill with who-knows-what and re-sell. So there’s no way possible that such a site can be legit.

But, like fleas, ticks, and other parasites, once the scammers find out you can rob people of their money online just by posting an online cart store, they will return to the same racket. Here’s what other fake brand stores we find from searching:

There seems to be one for every phony “brand” we can think of. But wait, it gets better:

There’s online rip-off sites for real brands too

Yep, for instance, we found We talked about Counterfeit King Pens before. The real King Pen is made by LoudPack, and if you look on their website, they don’t sell vape cartridges online, they only offer a map of where to find their products.

We could of course go on, but we’ve made our point. Many of these online shops, if they ship anything at all, are probably supplied by illegal vape cart factories like the one just busted in Wisconsin.

> “The 10-person operation was filling up to 5,000 illegal carts a day, and selling them for $16 on the street.”

With selling carts for $16 and still making a profit, imagine what they could be filled with…

Once again: Verify your distributor, only buy legal

Anybody else have an unfortunate encounter with an online cartridge distributor? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.



  1. There is a dispensary named Guarrenteed flight. Sold me fake Rove carts. All three tasted the same. Bad a little burnt. They Vaped different. The exhale seemed more like smoke not a vape. Smell and taste all wrong. I know what a real Rove. Tastes like. Now they traded the roves and gave me fake Pure One carts. Yeah,1 leaked half out in box the other 2 taste terrible. Also they said that they resold the Rove carts to long time customers. Yes resold, I have the text. Now I just want my money. But they said will give me a discount on my next purchase can you believe that crap. What can I do. Help


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