It seems if you trust the name “Dank” for even one second, everybody has it in for you. First off, Dank is a fake brand. Second, a rash of tainted THC cartridges has led to many hospitalizations for lung damage and at least five deaths and counting. Dank cartridges are among the ones confirmed to be tainted. And now, from the people who brought you so much misery already comes…

Fake online stores pushing fake carts

A while back, a commenter tipped us off to an online store that was allegedly selling Dank cartridges, but even at that, they just take people’s money and send nothing. That site is now dead.

But a new domain has popped up in its place, Note the ‘s’ is missing from ‘vapes.’ Once again: There is no Dank brand owned by any company on Earth, it’s just a package printer in China selling empty packs for people to fill with who-knows-what and re-sell. So there’s no way possible that such a site can be legit.

But, like fleas, ticks, and other parasites, once the scammers find out you can rob people of their money online just by posting an online cart store, they will return to the same racket. Here’s what other fake brand stores we find from searching:

There seems to be one for every phony “brand” we can think of. But wait, it gets better:

There’s online rip-off sites for real brands too

Yep, for instance, we found We talked about Counterfeit King Pens before. The real King Pen is made by LoudPack, and if you look on their website, they don’t sell vape cartridges online, they only offer a map of where to find their products.

We could of course go on, but we’ve made our point. Many of these online shops, if they ship anything at all, are probably supplied by illegal vape cart factories like the one just busted in Wisconsin.

> “The 10-person operation was filling up to 5,000 illegal carts a day, and selling them for $16 on the street.”

With selling carts for $16 and still making a profit, imagine what they could be filled with…

The Scam Directory has a great resource on these

The Scam Directory is a consumer advocate website which has a very thorough list of scam websites claiming to ship recreational drugs. Nearly all of them are listing THC cannabis products.


The listings go on for 39 pages as of this writing! By our count, there’s some 780 websites listed there which advertise popular THC vape cart brands, charge you money through a channel that’s difficult to get a refund, and fake the shipping steps to lead you along for awhile.

From here on out, we’ll recommend readers report all vape cart shipping scam websites to that resource. It makes sense to keep it all in one place.

Once again: Verify your distributor, only buy legal

Anybody else have an unfortunate encounter with an online cartridge distributor? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.

UPDATE – Reading all these comments about everybody getting ripped off, like:


With people losing $250 to $650, these scammers must be raking it in!

Here is the FBI’s Online Crime Complaint Center: – This has to stop, if it can be stopped.

The FDA and DEA are aware of the problem already. Here in December 2019 they took down 44 vape scam websites, exactly like what we describe here.



  1. I just recently got scammed too….by, they asked me if a want a mmj card($1k) or a restriction seal ($510), then later they wanted me to pay a”city permit fee” ($2k) then they drove all they way to Virginia for requesting me to pay a FDA licence fee ($5800). Sadly I paid for all of it

  2. Buyer beware! I just got ripped off of $310.00 thru thcvapecartshop. He had me pay thu Zelle ( for legal reasons lol) and then no communication or response. Their website looks totally legit , etc. So do not place\ pay for anything and run ….don’t walk away from The Vape Carts Shop …. CRIMINALS and SCAMMERS

  3. What about 420vapeshop?
    They said 50$ overnight.then was held up for 200 for delivery. I am a older newbie 1st time buying . I have had difficulty in sending to correct email. They have minimal order of 200 so ya 265$ thru zelle. Also told if I don’t pay for delivery it would be opened by customs tomorrow.
    The man is foreign heavy accent & is being very calm with my lack of tech. But omg omg it is medication. I don’t need harmed like this.
    Most I ordered were danks. I have had good results in past. Bought from person miles back.
    Thank you for caring. Oh ya now he wants me to use bitcoin. For delivery. Are you able to provide real place?

    • Did u ever get your order? I just ordered from them 4 days ago, also thru Zelle and I haven’t even received a tracking number or order # ect.
      Please dice me done peace of mind and tell me you received your order. Thanks so much

  4. Anybody ever tried I ordered yesterday morning and tried to cancel that evening now they won’t respond to me 😔😔😔

  5. I ordered from, sent my money then was told that I needed to double my order because the the order was to light to ship. I refused and then they “shipped” the order. Then I get an email that my shipment was detained and if I didn’t send an extra 500 they would open the box and turn it into the police. I did not because of several spelling errors in the “official” email and the airport was wrong where it was”held”. Just be aware of these sites. Thank goodness I didn’t fall for the 500 email.

  6. Since this industry got us all please list any creditable shops on line. I would really like to try and help my family member. I will still buy off the street for them.
    Please comment if any has worked for you
    Thanks for reading

  7. Legal vape store got me. Now that this happened I will never try again. Luckily they only got 204.99. That go through friends and family on PayPal so u can’t get $ back. PayPal needs to fix this. Be like a bank if u can’t cover it u can’t get money out. They say they will turn package over to DEA lol. If they do that they will get in more trouble the me so bring it on lol. Blue lives matter
    Every one has a reason why we won’t to get medication for seizure . My family member tryed some gummies and hasn’t had one in over a month (was 3to 4 times a week) very scary. Scum that do this needs someone in there family like this. Thanks for reading

    • That’s a very sad story with you having an ailing relative. More than a few of us have loved ones of our own who would be better off with a sane medical cannabis program, but it’s just not happening everywhere yet.

      So far as I can see, there is not one legit website shipping THC cannabis products. If you can go through a doctor for medical needs, ask them where you’re supposed to get prescriptions filled. NORML also might have resources depending on your state:

  8. Legal vape store is a joke. I placed an order and received my shipping confirmation. The next day the shipping company emailed and demanded an extra $580 to make the shipment. Please do not give these people any money. I lost $210 on my order.

  9. i placed an order off of they sent me 2 confirmation emails and now when im trying to talk to them off the live chat they dont answer. The reason i placed the order was because of reviews people have made but now i get no answer. Be careful with this site as well. Now i lost $199.90 to be exact because the also had a minimum order of $170.

  10. Thanks 🙏🏿 because I almost purchased. Gladly I came upon this I’m sorry for the ones who lost money I know it’s a punch but y’all will be fine it’s jus lessons we learn I cursed them out in the chat but no response. I thought it was reply immediately 😂. it sounded good Until I saw misspellings and copy paste pics from other sites. Before spend money imma investigate. Y’all stay safe and be blessed

  11. I just tried to use and it is a SCAM.. They got my money through Cash App and I haven’t heard from them since. No confirmation number or anything else. When I sent them an email, the message couldn’t be delivered. I wanna know, how I can get them??

    • Same thing just happened to me…they got my $225 and no word from them since and the Dank vapes site is also a scam I could tell the way the guy got angry when I asked how to verify…now Im out $225. for the oil I ordered at vapes420shop. wow what despicable people to have no soul but they will never find happiness or peace deceiving people

    • Medicine good site order a 1/8 first time buyers payed bitcoin no problem vacuum seal shipping took a while like a week but it worked I did get fucked over

    Total scam. I lost 250 on my order and then 650 for some certificate from FDA that was needed by the shipping company. The fake shipping company contacted me and had me convinced. I feel like a fool for not finding this forum before purchasing.

  13. Placed an order from for 260 including the fast shipping only for them to try and get additional 900 the day after saying DEA and feds would be coming down on me the company for transport is globalogistic definitely a shell company

  14. I ordered from After receiving my second order, I started researching the name of the company they had as their address along with their actual address and found out the address is to a UPS store. I was getting pure carts. I read that they don’t sell them online. Im afraid now of what might be in them now.

  15. is a scam. After I placed an order for 210$ worth of product, the shipping agency, ggi shipping sent me an email stating the DEA had my package and official documents had to be produced under the threat of fines or imprisonment. They demanded 2500$ to get the documents, called me multiple times, and stressed the importance of getting the money right away to avoid jail! What else is a person supposed to do!? I want to save someone else from this horrible scam!

  16. I literally am out 195 dollars from mega bud dispensary. I use it for my anxiety and let’s just say I’m more anxious than when I started. I saved up for a month to purchase.
    I’m so sad and upset honestly. How do people order this stuff? I can’t travel to Colorado.

  17. Ordered $194 worth of all different brands from and after sending bitcoin I did receive an email saying my order has been processed, but wasn’t provided a tracking number, only transaction number for the bitcoin transaction

  18. in conjunction with AYO Transports are operating straight out fraud. I paid $325 to include overnight shipping for an order I had absolutely no idea was illegal (there is not a single disclaimer anywhere on their website stating that the transaction was illegal) until receiving an all caps email from AYO Transports demanding $900 for a restrictive stamp in order for the package to be delivered. I have not been able to speak with anyone; however I have been stolen from, lied to, intimidated, harassed, bullied and totally evaded in multiple attempts to get a simple answer to my question – which is the exact address/location where the package arrived as documented in the shipping details on the AYO website. These companies need to be shut down.

    • The phone number listed is a medical practice in Cali, but every ad I read from the site is in Chinese. Scam city.avoid thc cart shop like the plague.

    • I just ordered from today. Lets see what happens. I already dont like that the address its shipping from (when I look it up) says The Vape Shop, and they don’t sell carts. I payed with Zelle, I hope I get them?????

      • You won’t, Scam website, scam company.CCCP fronted ‘house” in Cali, with a Chinese legal watermark..sorry you will not receive anything from them.

  19. There is a dispensary named Guarrenteed flight. Sold me fake Rove carts. All three tasted the same. Bad a little burnt. They Vaped different. The exhale seemed more like smoke not a vape. Smell and taste all wrong. I know what a real Rove. Tastes like. Now they traded the roves and gave me fake Pure One carts. Yeah,1 leaked half out in box the other 2 taste terrible. Also they said that they resold the Rove carts to long time customers. Yes resold, I have the text. Now I just want my money. But they said will give me a discount on my next purchase can you believe that crap. What can I do. Help

    •, this website is a fraud. They say you must spend a minimum of $170. You send them money through PayPal or Zella, which are the forms of payment that I remember. I was instructed to put for purpose gift. Once the payment is made, send copy of payment to Not to mention, every time I did a search this site came up and the Shannon person doing live chat was responding immediately to my questions. Once I sent the payment receipt, no more responses or anything from this site. The site is still up and all information about them is still up even though that won’t respond to me. FYI $205 is what they got me for and I just want to save someone else before you make the same mistake I made. Their phone number on the site is 714-584-4485


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