In our continuing series on the fake cartridge epidemic, today we’ll have a look at Cali Carts.

Cali Carts?

These follow the same methods as other fake carts. The packaging is shipped from China to states in the US where cannabis isn’t legalized yet. In the case of Cali Carts, they’re showing up all over California in the Bay area and L.A.. Even though recreational cannabis is legal there, the carts are going for much cheaper than the legitimate market.

In the case of this company, the original name seems to come from Cali Plug. They call themselves a “premiere social lifestyle brand” (huh?). They don’t appear to distribute cannabis, THC, or CBD products of any kind. They have a “merch” category on their site that seems to be empty for now. As far as we can tell, they hold events of some sort.

Apparently the name of this “brand” is lifted from there. Here’s one example of a “Cali Cart” package found in the wild on Reddit:

Cali Cart psychedelic packaging

As is typical for fake cartridges, the more outrageous the packaging, the more likely it’s fake. But notice that they did lift the same “Cali” logo from Cali Plug. The packaging is all over the place. There’s this style, more conservative designs, and everything in between.

Cali branded cart

Cali Carts have been spotted with the following flavors:

  • Birthday Cake
  • Zkittles
  • Trix
  • Lemon Pound Cake
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Gelato
  • Cookie Punch
  • Slushy
  • Cookies
  • Nerdz

This is another red flag. Trix is a registered brand name of General Mills. Fruity Pebbles is a registered brand name of Post Foods. It’s obviously a stretch to imagine either one of those companies licensed their brands to THC products.

Finally, here’s a big red flag:

Legitimate packaging comes with certifications and marks of commercial dispensary disclaimers.

legitimate cartridge packaging example

another legitimate cartridge packaging example

There’s a batch number, a manufacture date, a contact phone number, potency tests, and so on. This is the mark of a company distributing through a dispensary. It’s a regulated system, as far as possible.

Cali packaging for sale…

As for the Cali packaging, here it is for sale on Alibaba:

Cali branded packaging for sale on Alibaba

Here’s much more packaging on DHGate:

Cali branded packaging on DHGate

Which means anybody could be obtaining the packaging for pennies per unit, filling them up with whatever they have laying around, and selling it. There might even be legitimate cannabis involved somewhere in the process, sometimes, but it’s all a gamble.

In our standard closing moral: The only way to be sure you’re getting legitimate product is to buy from the dispensary or the manufacturer, which will only be available in a legal state.

Is Cali Plug listening?

Several reviewers report attempting to contact this Cali Plug company to find out if they know about this. So far nobody seems to answer. If anybody has more information on either Cali Plug or these cartridges and where they’re coming from, help us help everyone with your tip in the comments below.


  1. I have that exact one too but cherry lime how does that mean it’s official though lol for all it could be some cheap thc cart that very well does have thc in it but a bunch of other shit too

  2. We’re being offered Cali carts in Glasgow Scotland
    Have tried it and taste like pure chemical and leaves horrible chemical taste on the tongue

  3. It’s so funny how u fucking losers come on here an talk about how u get them for these low prices. I sell dabwoods carts real legitimate ones for 60 a pop. 25 ? Ur smokin pure vitamin E. What’s even funnier is this is about how these are stupid fake yet so many people are telling us how stupid they are Bc they cop them 😂

  4. All of these black market “fake” carts really do vary in quality. I had a fruity pebbles Cali plug cartridge that was uncut raw distallite and it tested cat 3 at amazing levels! I also had one of those boxed “legit” ones and it was much darker and cut with some sort of terps can’t be positive if it was cannabis derived terps or something else, the distallite failed all safety tests with a pesticide level 4x the “safe” limit. The Distallite is more important and the quality of these cartridges vary very wildly

  5. I live in arizona and I just drove down to el centro california about a hour drive and to go to a dispensary and cali carts is the only brand they carry

      • The package i have is a black box with a plug cut out where the cartridge is peeking through. The cart comes inna little mini doob tube , has a gold textured screw off bottom with like a red silicon piece in it as well. Inside of the cart , it has cali plug written in the coil or metal piece that is inside or the cartridge. Also that piece is a lot thicker as well. Lastly on the bottom part of the cart , it has the letters CBONB which is their slogan cali bud or no bud. This cart is pretty official.


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