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Friendly Farms Cartridge Review: Strong Live Resin

Review of Friendly Farms live resin sauce cartridge. This turned out to be a great tasting, long lasting, strong THC oil vape cart.

PCKT One Plus Review: Excellent Design, Long Battery Life

Here we reviewed the PCKT One Plus battery. It has some unique features and hits hard with a little preheat.

Bud Tank V16 Review: Great Quality Atomizer and Excellent Battery

Our review of the Bud Tank V16 revealed a high quality, hard hitting oil pen cartridge system.

Dabbing 101: Should You Be Dabbing Wax or Vaping Wax?

A guide on the differences between dabbing wax and vaping wax.

Quartz Quest Review – Strong, Smooth Rips Yet Very Fragile Build

Our Quartz Quest review showed an atomizer that delivers on strength and taste, but lacks in durability.

Puffco Peak Preview – Interesting Dab Rig But Expensive

The Puffco Peak is being eagerly awaited by many, so as the release date gets closer, we wanted to share what we know so...

KandyPens Galaxy vs KandyPens Prism – Vape Pen Comparison

For this comparison, we look at two KandyPens vape pen models that people are most curious about…The KandyPens Galaxy vs Prism! We will be...

Amber Industries Vape Review – Very Strong But Inefficient

This Amber Industries vape cartridge is one of the strongest I have ever experienced. It lab tested at 80-90% THC.Amber Industries offers some of...

This Thing Rips ReMIX Review – Better Taste, But Nothing Special

This Thing Rips ReMIX - Better Than The Roil, But Not Great Design & Quality of ReMIX The This Thing Rips ReMIX is the newest edition...

The History of Vaping – They Are Older Than You Think!

Vaping History: Going Way Back In TimeYou're not even close. You probably thought vaping invented by hippies in the 60s, but really, you're not even...