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The Saber vape pen is made primarily for wax and other cannabis extracts. Our review revealed that this pen is great for smooth and discrete hits. Beware though, although it gives gentle and satisfying hits, it is very sneaky and will get you baked without you realizing it.


  • Easy to use
  • Magnetic features
  • Gives lasting and smooth hits
  • Comes with 2 coils
  • Has three different heating temperature levels


  • Needs a specific charger to it
  • Gets dirty often from glass tip
  • Glass tip needs to be cleaned frequently

Recommendation: Switch the mouth piece to some other sort of material that wont break or dirty up that easily and also change the current charger to something more convenient.

Below check out my video review of the Saber. Keep reading on for the more in depth review.

Build was sturdy and designed very well

saber vape pen design
The Saber has such a sleek design to it, making it very simple, fast and smooth to to pack your wax.

First of, the Saber has a magnetic feature to it, making it very easy to clean, charge and pack. This has to be my personal favorite thing about this pen.

As a result, it detaches apart in two pieces which happen to be the mouth piece and the atomizer. Something neat that the Saber has is a screen in the mouth piece, making it difficult to catch any reclaim on the glass. This magnetic feature makes the cleaning process a lot simpler.

saber vape pen mouth piece
With this screen, you will never have to worry about any sort of bubbling or dabs getting on your lips.

Although this makes it easy to clean, the mouth piece does get dirty quickly

That’s the one thing that I don’t like about the design, the mouth piece does get dirty very effortlessly. Whether you take hits constantly or just leave it in you pocket, the glass mouth piece will get either really foggy and cloudy, or it will collect a lot of dust to it. I recommend to just clean it constantly to prevent this from happening.

The Saber vape pen is easy to use and simple to pack

Having different heating modes, the Saber is a very straightforward pen to use. Three click to change the mode from a low to hot temperature. A cool feature it has is the ability to auto heat with just a press of two buttons, maintaining the heat that you specifically chose.

On the other hand, packing this pen has never been more simple. Just pack any sort of THC concentrate and puff away! As simple as packing and puffing. An interesting feature that the coil has from the Saber is its rugged surface on the sides. You will never have to worry about your oil getting stuck on any side again nor any reclaim.

Depending the type of atomizer you use, the Saber gives smooth and clean hits

This pen comes with two different atomizers, one of them being a dual quartz core coil and the other being a ceramic donut. They’re both very smooth and tasteful, but I’ll chose the quartz coil any day over the ceramic one.

Saber vape pen atomizers
Both turned to be very efficient, but the quartz hit way stronger while the ceramic donut vaporized your oil more.

The dual quartz core is my preferred coil

This atomizer gives great hits that last longer than you’d expect. It may not give the thickest smoke, but it does burn smoothly and evenly. You rarely burn through your dabs and it is difficult to over pack and clog it. If you have more of a thicker density wax, than I recommend to use this coil for best hits.

The donut was an unexpected, disappointing coil

For my preference, the donut coil that the Saber came with was out of choice and use. Personally, I felt it was a waste of time and concentrate, it just burnt through my dabs. It vaporizes a lot more, giving it a very light hit to it with low smoke density. This coil is more if you want to taste the terpenes than anything. Wasted shatter was used to experiment with this coil. But if packed with distillate, it probably would hit better.

The Saber is a very resourceful and discreet pen to take on the go

The design allows you to take this pen anywhere you go. Also, because of the smooth hits that it gives, this makes it very discreet, leaving little to no scent behind.

The only down side of it being portable is, as mentioned earlier, the fact of how easy it is for the glass tip to get filthy. Due to the smooth and sleek design, putting it just anywhere may damage, scratch or even crack the paint or glass easily.

For the price, it is definitely worth its value

The cost of the Saber is $44.99, which I believe is a great price for this pen. Due to the efficiency of this product, the value of the Saber vape pen is definitely worth every penny, from discretion to the design. In fact, comparing the Saber to the Ceram-X, the Saber would be considered a steal. Having two different types of coils, hitting just as smooth, giving stronger hits, thicker smoke and being cheaper.

saber vape pen
The Saber vape pen is well worth the investment if you need something quick and convenient to carry anywhere.

In conclusion, The Saber vape pen is a very easy to use pen that you can travel with anywhere you go. For discretion use and its simplicity, this pen will not disappoint any daily dabbers. It is well worth the money if you’re looking for something that is quick and efficient to carry around. You can learn more and get yours here.

What was your experience with the Saber vape pen? Leave a comment below or discuss in our forum!


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