Today we examine two devices: Dr. Dabber’s Switch and Puffco’s Peak. Both are close to the same price point (currently $20 less on the Puffco side). Both are loaded with features, and both are close to the most elaborate rigs the average consumer would invest in. So who comes out on top?

Below is the video by Dab Rat Labs, and keep reading on for the written break down.

Comparing the Dr. Dabber Switch and Puffco Peak

Dab Rat Laboratories takes a dab of RSO+GO shatter, an alcohol-extracted full spectrum cannabis oil, to test both devices. While these aren’t the same type of device, it’s an even enough comparison for dabbing.

Comparing a Dr. Dabber Switch and a Puffco Peak

We’ve reviewed products from both these companies here before. We did a comparison review of their vape pens, we once compared Dr. Dabber to Dabado for eRigs, and reviewed the Puffco Peak stand-alone. Neither company is a stranger to our pages.


The Dr. Dabber Switch:

Dr. Dabber Switch

A huge rig billed as “the next generation of vaporizer,” the Switch is an all-in-one rig for both oil and herb.


  • Good tabletop device.
  • Uses induction heating so you never have to replace a coil.
  • Has many settings, and you can customize it to the exact size dab.
  • It hits like an old-school bong with the water chamber.
  • It hits very efficiently, no waste.
  • Has great flavor and never tastes burnt.


  • It doesn’t come with a carrying case, not that you were going anywhere with it.
  • The quartz bucket is fragile and chips easily.

Note that the cap position on top affects the airflow. For an epic rip, keep it turned in a 5 o’clock position.


The Puffco Peak:

Puffco Peak

A tasteful and attractive design for using concentrates, the Peak is billed as efficient and enjoyable, “with no learning curve.”


  • Portability – Not pocket-sized, but doesn’t stick out too much either.
  • Comes with a carrying case.
  • Highly customizable – there’s parts made by third-parties available.
  • It breaks down into smaller pieces, for even easier carrying.
  • Delivers epic rips for its size.


  • doesn’t come with a quartz piece, have to buy off another vendor

Note that the haptic feedback system is a little off its timing. It vibrates to let you know it’s heated up and ready, but wait a couple seconds after that for it to really get cooking.

The Verdict:

They’re both great! It’s about an even 50/50 break between the two, but the superior choice will be up to the individual. If you like flower vaping too, the Switch has you covered. If all you care about is concentrate, and would like a little bit of discretion when you slip over to your boo’s for the evening, the Peak is your rig. If you don’t care about portability as long as you have the biggest and most impressive rig at the dining table, you’re back to the Switch.

One thing that also should be considered is reliability. The recent Puffco lawsuit has brought some reliability and replacement issues to light with the Peak that have not been issues for the Switch.

What do you think?

Have you tried the Puffco Peak or the Dr. Dabber Switch? How do you feel they stack up? Which one speaks more to you about the future of rig design? Give us an earful in the comments or on our forum.


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