Here is a list of the different deals for dispensaries in Denver. This page will be updated to keep up with the deals and specials that each dispensary offers. This page covers all the standard deals that are done weekly.

List of Denver Dispensary Deals For 2019

Diego Pellicer – Denver

Diego Pallicer Deals


  • Value Oz’s on Sale- $92 & $120 OZ’s (+ tax). Check with your budtender for strains and testing!
  • $25 OTD Live Resin- Variety of strains and companies available!! Ask your budtender for details!
  • $25 OTD 1/8th of Lemon Fizz testing at 25.86%!
  • Wana Edibles 20% off- Good until the end of the month
  • Keef Cola on sale- 4 bottles for 15.99
  • All Northern Standard 20% OFF!!!- Vape Cartridges, Edibles and Batteries

Location: 2949 W. Alameda Ave, Denver, CO
Tel: (720) 787-4909

Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry Denver


  • Mix and Match 8g Good Chemistry Processed Wax and Shatter $100
  • 8g Good Chemistry Processed Syringes $120
  • 8 Units Good Chemistry Processed CO2 Cartridges $160
  • 8 Units Good Chemistry Processed Disposable Cartridges $120

Location: 330 E Colfax Ave., Denver, CO
Tel: (720) 524-4657

Green Dragon

Green Dragon Dispensary Deals


  • Craft Sesh Wax:1 Gram $18.99
  • 5 pack all flower joints- $19.99

The Green Solution

The Green Solution deals


  • Shake & Ground Flower Blowout Sale!- Ground Flower Ounces: $49.95
    • Shake Ounces: $40
    • Add an acrylic grinder and TGS paper for only $5 more.
    • Scan code HERE.
  • Price matching now available at all TGS location- up to 50% off
  • Cash for Referrals- Receive $10 credit when you sign up & $20 Credit when you refer the App to a friend
  • Happy Hour all day, every day online!- 10% OFF all online transactions daily use code TGYES10 at checkout
  • Bundles:
  • 15% OFF Everyday- Seniors, Medical Cardholdhers, First Responders, Veterans

Location: 1995 Wewatta Street, Denver, CO 80202
Tel: (720) 612-7835

Location: 2601 West Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80219
Tel: (720) 399-6843


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