Puffco vs Dr Dabber : Which Company Makes Better Vape Pens?

Puffco vs Dr Dabber, Puffco Wins
Puffco wins the battle vs Dr Dabber

Puffco vs Dr Dabber: Vape Pen Battle

People often wonder what is the best vape pen to get. There are tons of options out there, many of them junk from smoke shops that still have wicks in it. Then there are the brands that at least have some minimum quality standard, and that is what we cover here. When it comes to Puffco vs Dr Dabber, both are higher quality items on the wax pen spectrum.

Are There Even Better Vape Pens than Puffco or Dr Dabber?

When it comes to coiled atomizers, the W9 Tech Omicron v5 is definitely better than the Puffco Pro 2 or the Dr Dabber Aura.Take a look below at those high end attys.

omicron atomizers
You can clearly see the quality on the Omicron atomizers
Dr Dabber Ghost atomizer
How’s that coil wrap? Not so great.

To the left there is a Dr Dabber Ghost atomizer for comparison. I know the W9Tech photo is much better, but you can see the difference in the wire qualities regardless. Plus W9Tech’s wrap is on point.

When it comes to coilless, The Puffco Plus however it an awesome vape and offers a very simple to use, compact setup with a great tasting coilless atomizer.

When it comes to build quality and form factor on Puffco vs Dr Dabber, the Puffco Plus is top notch. Compared to the 2014 style coilless ceramic donut atomizer on the Dr. Dabber Aurora, Puffco wins this round with a KO.

Puffco Coiled Atomizers vs. Dr Dabber Coiled Atomizers

Both are not stellar in this category. As mentioned above, W9Tech’s Omicron makes both Puffco or Dr Dabber’s coiled atomizers not even a consideration for purchase from me.

puffco pro 2 atomizer
That wrap is a bit thin too.

However, this is a draw between Puffco vs Dr Dabber. The airflow on the Dr Dabber Ghost and Aura with a coiled atomizer is substantially better than the airflow on the Puffco Pro 2. The feel of the Ghost is much cheaper than the Pro 2 though. The Pro 2 also has a better wrapped coil and appears to have a higher quality wire.

Both seem to have solder or a melting point, indicating they are not higher grade titanium like the W9tech.

Puffco vs. Dr Dabber: Coilless Atomizers

Puffco easily takes the cake here. Dr Dabber is on some 2014 nonsense with that ceramic disc Aura as their coilless vape pen. I give them credit that the Dr Dabber Boost eRig is decent, but they are way behind the game in the coilless atomizer department. The coilless atomizers on the Puffco Plus are substantially better than the Dr Dabber Aura. Puffco wins this by a long shot.

Puffco Plus
Puffco Plus has a nice, compact size.

Build Quality and Design: Puffco Takes The Title

Even though I am not a Puffco Pro 2 fan, it has a much better feel to it than any of the Dr Dabber vape pens. The Puffco Plus has both functionality and great build quality going for it.

Dr Dabber vape pens with the rubber texture in black just does not feel as good. The Dr Dabber Light has a wicked atomizer, is this 2012 playa?

I get that the Dr Dabber Light is a cheap vaporizer, but at least give me a ceramic rod in there. The Light tastes awful after loading it just a few times. To Dr Dabber’s credit though, Puffco does not make any vape pens this cheap. So on the cheap of cheap, Dr Dabber might win the Puffco vs Dr Dabber lowest cost category. Still at the Light’s MSRP, you are much better off spending the extra for a Puffco Plus.

Puffco vs Dr Dabber
PuffCo Pro 2 doesn’t have great airflow, but you can feel the quality.

When comparing the Dr. Dabber Aura or Ghost to the Puffco Plus, the Plus not only feels better, but it’s a better quality vape pen.

Who Wins In The Puffco vs. Dr Dabber Vape Pen Battle? Puffco!

The best overall vape pen for any user is subjective. But there are certain quality standards we can use to say this vape is better than that. If I take the best of Puffco, the Puffco Plus, and compare it to the best of Dr Dabber, the Aura, the Plus wins.

If I compare the similarly priced Dr. Dabber Ghost and the Puffco Pro 2, they are about even. The Ghost wins on hit strength, while the Pro 2 wins on build quality. Even though I think the Dr Dabber Light is poor quality, I am not weighing it as much because Puffco does not have a competitor to it.

Overall, when it comes to Puffco vs Dr Dabber, Puffco has the Plus, which is a vape pen I would actually buy and use on the regular. Dr Dabber does not. The overall build quality of Puffco vape pens is higher than that of Dr Dabber. Dr Dabber quality just screams Chinese re-brand. Puffco wins.

You can get the Puffco Plus here.



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