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Saucey Farms & Extracts is a company based in California which strives to provide top quality cannabis products of all kinds. They began operation in 2019 but have immediately become a widespread brand. They follow their product from seed to packaging and thoroughly lab test everything to ensure safety and consistency. Here we review the Saucey Farms vape cartridge that comes filled with THC oil. The strain used in this vape cart review is Lemon Drop we’ll see if they’re all flash or stand up to the hype.


  • Strong and long lasting high
  • Good flavor that doesn’t take on any burnt flavors toward the end.
  • Thick oil that drains slowly


  • Flavor a bit overly strong for first hits

Recommendations: First up is that their cart design is very mundane and not particularly eye-catching in any way. This isn’t a dealbreaker, but for a brand that seems to pride itself on its design work, this is an oversight. It would also help to spread the product to more consumers to have an eye-catching cartridge. For example a logo printed directly on the oil reservoir as some high-end carts do would be more prominently displayed.

The mouthpiece looking less mass-manufactured would also help it to shake this issue. For example the Korova cartridge is one with a notably eye-catching and well-executed design without being radically unusual. The flavor is also a bit strong for the first dozen or so hits, but it does become milder after that point. Fixing that would fix the only major critique of the substance of the product and not just the appearance of it.

Licensing Information: Saucey Farms and Extracts TML18-0003238

Saucey Farms exterior package
The exterior packaging used by Saucey is both incredibly informative and very well designed and constructed. Graphics and text are clear, colors vibrant and the labeling well laminated in place. Very professionally done in a way that would be very difficult to counterfeit.

Saucey Farms carts dress to impress

Saucey Farms carts have professionally designed packaging, making a good look. Made of high-quality materials, solid, varied in texture and well laminated. The logo is prominently displayed, making it easily recognizable on the shelf plus on the packaging all technical information is printed including everything a potential user would be interested in. THC and CBD levels as well as lab results and resources to cross-check them yourself.

Saucey Farms interior package
The Saucey Farms vape cart is held tightly in the packaging with high density foam.

Heavy hits, thick clouds, and oil that lasts

Inside the packaging is a rather plain looking CCELL cart marked with the Saucey Farms & Extracts logo on the band under the reservoir. Compared to the exterior packaging the design of this is very low-key, but it’s filled with a bright yellow-gold thick oil. The oil being so thick means that it drains slowly, granting you more hits than a thinner oil would. It also provides incredibly thick clouds that quickly deliver a potent head change. With heavy use a half gram cart lasted just over a week, something I’d consider a good bargain.

Flavor overwhelming at first, becomes milder after first hits

The most major critique that I have for Saucey Farms carts is that the flavor was overwhelming at first. So strong that it was actually off-putting for the first dozen or so hits, but it became much milder after that. The flavor is rather perfume-like and flowery with underlying herbal notes, tasting distinctly like actual perfume for those initial hits. With that said, even at the end of the full gram cartridge, I couldn’t detect even a slight hint of burnt or bitter flavor.

Saucey Farms cart
Aside from the logos printed on the CCELL cart’s banding there are no clearly identifying visual traits for the cart. One of my cats makes a guest appearance because he decided to take up residence on the drawing pad I was using for taking the shots and wouldn’t move.

Saucey Farms carts will leave you well sauced

The high that the Lemon Drop cart has is relaxing and pain-relieving but also very positive and creative. It’s a great choice after a long day of work or when dealing with sore joints and trying to get some crafts or housework done. It’s light enough that a single hit will grant a lighter user just a head change but heavy enough that you can get a much more dramatic head change with just a few more.

Combined with the thick oil this also adds to the longevity of the cartridge, further helping to make it competitive with other brands at the same price point. Around the Bay Area, it’s readily available for about $35 a half gram and $60 a full gram. However, I have found that many dispensaries only carry the full gram carts. I’m not sure if this is on purpose or because the half gram carts have sold out or not shipped. Your mileage may vary.

In closing our Saucey Farms & Extracts cart review…

I would recommend Saucey Farms to any user. It provides a great high, lasts a long time and tastes good once the initial overwhelming hits pass. It also has well-designed packaging that would be incredibly difficult to counterfeit. This helps to grant consumer confidence in our current environment around vaping and also helps to make it easily picked out off the shelf when you stop into a new shop. Its low price also helps to make it a great choice for those on a tight budget.

If you would like to read more about Saucey Farms & Extracts you can do so on their website here. To get a cart of theirs to try out for yourself, you can find that here.

Have you tried Saucey Farms & Extracts carts as well? Questions or comments? Post below or in the forum!


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