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Liquid Diamonds is the name of Buddies’ line of THC cartridges. The cartridges are filled with premium quality, distillate. Buddies extract their concentrates from high quality, uncured cannabis. They capture the full profile of each strain using a patent-pending extraction method. Liquid Diamonds use CCELL technology, particularly the M6T and ceramic wicks to deliver a smooth experience. The cartridges are manufactured by Critical Mind Inc. and Distributed by Green Eagle LLC.

They’re available in California, Oregon, and Washington. Also known as the COW state area.


  • Tastes like fresh flower
  • Strong high, beautiful high
  • Amazing aftertaste
  • Very smooth
  • Available in 3 states
  • Extra-wide ceramic wick


  • Tastes like there are some distillate undertones

UPDATE 3/4/2020: This review covers Buddies distillate cartridges, not live resin.

Recommendations: There are no discernible marks on their cartridges. Familiarity is good for branding, and without a logo, it’s hard to develop familiarity with consumers.

liquid diamonds cartridge
Decent looking cartridge and oil.

Liquid Diamonds carts are a super product overall

The cartridges seem well-built and very neat. The base and neck are metal; they have a deep steel color to them. The mouthpiece is clear, solid plastic and it looks very nice. I don’t prefer it, but the tank is also plastic. However, the cart is still spectacular CCELL tech and that’s what matters. The wide ceramic wick keeps the live resin in Liquid Diamonds burning smooth and cool.

For this particular review, I tested the Lemon Kush strain. Lemon Kush is a 50-50 hybrid between Lemon G and Afghan Kush. I react really well to Afghan Kush and I enjoy the effects very much.

live resin cartridge without packaging tube
No tube with the Liquid Diamonds vape cartridge.

Standard builds on the cartridge with a wider ceramic wick to enhance the flavor

The cartridges don’t seem too different than other cartridges at first. However, Liquid Diamonds cartridges use a wider ceramic wick than other brands. Ceramic wicks evenly distribute heat, leading to smoother hits. A wider wick means a larger area to distribute the live resin and heat even further. Compared to Papa’s Herb, which has a smaller wick, Liquid Diamonds’ flavor stays consistent and less bitter. The more evenly distributed, the better the overall taste.

Buddies liquid diamonds
Pretty oil

A wider wick also improves overall performance

Liquid Diamonds’ ceramic coil instantaneously heats the live resin and makes huge clouds every hit. This is mostly thanks to it having a wide ceramic wick. The superior heat distribution throughout a wide ceramic wick makes each hit very smooth. The wick also distributes heat quickly so each puff produces large clouds faster. I get decent clouds for just a 2-second drag.

Faster burn means harder hits but lessens the puffs per cartridge

You get the same amount of oil as any other cartridge. However, the wider ceramic wick decreases how many puffs you get. The quick-burning ceramic wick keeps the hits heavy. You get larger hits on Liquid Diamonds carts, but you also get less PPC. The larger wicks also make it difficult to gauge the dose in each puff. Since the cart burns more live resin at once, each hit carries a large dose and hits surprisingly hard.

Liquid Diamonds live resin is superb quality overall

The live resin has a very nice color. It’s a light golden color that’s completely see-through. The consistency of the resin is also very favorable. Generally speaking, I like for my cartridges to have thicker oils. Mainly because a thinner oil could mean fillers or that it isn’t completely purged of solvents. However, Liquid Diamonds live resin is solvent-free and only has naturally derived terpenes.

Their extraction process makes a huge difference

Liquid Diamonds’ terpene-rich live resin comes from a preserved, uncured flower. Buddies’ special extraction process includes freezing the flower within an hour after harvest. Buddies preserve more of their cannabis’ natural compounds by freezing them so soon. Then, using a patent-pending extraction process, they extract the strain’s specific flavor and effect. The flavor and effect remind me of Friendly Farms’ live resin. However, I do prefer Liquid Diamonds.

liquid diamonds on a vape pen
Fits nice on 510 universal

The flavor of the strain I have is amazing

My Lemon Skunk live resin tastes like a fresh flower. It tastes a little sweet and creamy. On the exhale, it tastes nutty and earthy. However, the aftertaste is my favorite. Many cartridges have a bitter aftertaste, but Liquid Diamonds live resin has a sweet aftertaste. Maybe it’s the strain I have, but few of the cartridges I’ve had are sweet like this one is. The only issue with flavor is the usual stingy zest of BHO. However, it isn’t as bad as Dime cartridge, which has great taste but terrible aftertaste.

The high on the Liquid Diamonds live resin cartridge is just like flower

I’m a big fan of lemon skunk because of the effect it has on me. I’ve had plenty of lemon skunk in the past. So going into this review I was excited, but also afraid to be disappointed. However, Liquid Diamond didn’t disappoint. The high is a perfect balance between indica and hybrid. I feel very relaxed and my mind clears up. Buddies definitely capture the best of the strains they extract from.

It hits hard because the Live resin is chock full of natural compounds

The cartridge I bought has a THC potency of 84.79%. Which I generally consider to be good. It also has a  CBD potency of .28% and any amount of CBD is a good thing. However, what really surprises me is the 89.79% total cannabinoids. Which means there are a whole bunch of other cannabis compounds in their live resin. These compounds make the high so nice and well-rounded. I dare say that Liquid Diamonds is very close to being perfect. However, until I find something better, I consider these live resin cartridges perfect.

liquid diamonds potency label on packaging
Potency is nice

The only issue I have is the usual distillate undertones

Whenever I vape a distillate, no matter how clean it is, it has a stingy zest. This is normal, and I doubt other extractionists could do better. I feel this isn’t a big deal because the live resin in Liquid Diamonds is amazing in every other way. However, I mention it because it’s there. It’s very mild, but I’m sure many of you that smoke distillates regularly know what I mean. Buddies do a very good job to minimize it and they’ve got the best results so far. I only mention it because I feel pressed to list at least one negative thing.

Concluding this Liquid Diamonds live resin cartridge review

I love this cartridge. It really outshines similar carts I’ve tried. It’s inexpensive, generally priced between 30-40 dollars, and is superb quality overall. The Live resin is the best I have experienced thus far. It has great flavor and incredibly high. That strain is one of my favorites, and Buddies captures everything I love about it. I will absolutely be regularly buying these cartridges, as long as they have strains for me to try.

I purchased my buddies cart from Golden State Canna. They’re a trusty delivery service around Oakland. However, you can search for availability on the Buddies website.

Have you tried one of these cartridges? Consider posting a review below. Questions or comments? You can also post that below or share your thoughts in our forums!


  1. cluster ffffcckk of an article! NO EDITORIAL WHATSOEVER EVER! this was difficult to read and grasp! It like a man took a diesel title and explained everything about gasoline cars while using diesel reference! NOWHERE IN THE PACKAGING DOES IT SAY LIVE RESIN! or anything with resin! This is just a distillate with CDT infused… MY GUY TOOK MAJOR FAIL ON THIS ARTICLE! you just can’t mickey mouse this with a side note! The whole article is a joke with the wrong heading! Shame on google to show this in top results with so much wrong info

  2. The packaging in the pictures shows that this is a distillate cartridge that you purchased. The Buddies Liquid Diamonds Live Resin carts are in a green box and clearly state Live Resin LD. That’s probably why you noticed “distillate undertones” lol.. The Actual Liquid Diamonds (no distillate, High Terps, High THC and full spectrum is a great cart. It’s only $5-10 More depending on what state your in. Nice review otherwise…. The Buddies white box aren’t too bad for a distillate.


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