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Korova began their career as a humble kitchen business making edibles in California in 2010 and gradually have expanded both in scale and into many other products. Recently they have made their entry into the pre-filled vape cartridge game. Filled with high potency distillate and using the latest in CCELL tech for solid hits. With eye catching packaging marked with their signature three eyed cow, Korova cartridges aim to impress.

Korova cartridges are available in California, Nevada and Arizona. In this Korova cartridge review we’ll be trying out the Super Silver Haze cart and see why they made our best list of THC vape carts for California. They probably will make our Nevada list once we try it out there.


  • Excellent strength distillate
  • Dense, flavorful hits with thick vapor
  • Exemplary flavor profile
  • Eye catching packaging
  • Clean and accurate test results


  • Particularly harsh hits leave a sore throat after more than a couple hits

Recommendations: While the packaging does look nice much of it isn’t very legible. Including lab tests in the packaging would also make this an easy choice as one of the best.

Licensing Information: C11-0000578-LIC

UPDATE 4/29/2019: Korova has responded and stated they will be making their lab tests more visible on the packaging. They also sent a COA which we have added to this post.

Korova cartridge packaging
The hard acrylic tube and flashy packaging certainly make a visual impact, but the actual information on the packaging is hard to read and vague. They opted for graphs over numbers on the readable portion of the label. The label with percentages is almost completely illegible.

Korova cartridge delivers on flavor and potency like few others

While one gets the expected performance out of the CCELL cart on offer here the distillate that Korova puts in them stands head and shoulders above many. It’s potent and thick and delivers thick clouds of vapor that you’ll feel quick. The flavor of the Super Silver Haze strain was a particularly tasty citrus and very lightly pine accented taste that was deeply enjoyable It’s a bit harsh on the lungs though and prone to leaving you wheezing with particularly deep or multiple hits. This is only a side note thanks to the potency it delivers on.

Korova packaging opened
The cartridge is screwed into a threaded spacer which holds it suspended in the center of the vial. This makes for a nice display when sat on a desk and keeps it upright, minimizing risk of any distillate leaking out.

CCELL never fails to impress, but the Korova vape doesn’t stop there

The Korova cart makes use of the newest CCELL design, delivering reliable excellent performance. But they don’t slack on the appearance just because they got reliable hardware. The ceramic reed-style mouthpiece is a matte black, making for a very professional finish when combined with their three-eyed cow logo cleanly printed on the cartridge in stark black and white. The information band over what would otherwise be the plain metal housing helps to make this cartridge feel distinct as well. Each cart is color coded depending on the strain within. The performance and efficiency of the cart is, as expected from CCELL’s latest offerings, excellent and stands among the best.

Korova vape cartridge
The logo printed cleanly on the cartridge tube makes for a high grade look that matches its performance.

Hard hitting and a good value

The distillate Korova makes is incredibly potent and sets in fast. The flavor was excellent and full bodied, not flat or artificial like some distillates and no chemical flavors whatsoever. On most occasions one or two hits was enough for me and it lasted about a week of heavy use.

Because this is a distillate and not CO2 oil its excellent flavor persists all the way down to the very last hit. This allows for an incredibly enjoyable experience and at a decent price point of $35-40 for a half gram. The only major caveat to this distillate is that it tends to be a bit harsh on the throat. This makes it something of a one hitter quitter for most. Even with that in mind though its high THC content makes more than one unnecessary.

The high it delivers is long lasting and euphoric, with plenty of creative energy abound. Keep in mind its potency, as it can quickly get to be a bit much and send you into a napping frenzy instead of a creative one.

Korova cartridge on vape pen
This cart will launch you into the stratosphere with just a couple hits.

Detailed test results show Korova is clean and strong

Korova sent us their test results after we sent them our review. They then replied back with the test results for the strain I tested and here they are. Clean all around and the strength is legit! We will be posting the full test sheet on our oil vape pesticides page.

Plenty of hits, highly efficient, great deal

The Korova cart manages to brings its A-game on number of hits and efficiency, even if helped by CCELL on the latter. There is almost no distillate left in the tube at all by the end, after a full week of use. Its thick concentrate never drains quickly even when taking large hits. This isn’t the cheapest cart you can find but for the number of hits you get at the strength they are it’s an excellent deal by just about anyone’s measure.

Empty Korova cartridge
This cart was still drawing good hits with just that tiny bit left.

Knocked out of park with the Korova THC cart

Korova delivers all the way across the board with only some minor exceptions. Its shortcomings are very few. A problem with label legibility and a lack of access to easily verifiable lab testing for them. With these simple fixes this company could easily beat out some of the best out there. Even as they are they make it into the running and are a brand I would happily consider picking up again and even prefer. They aimed to impress and they hit the bulls eye on it, it’s hard to ask for much better.

Concluding this Korova cartridge review…

Overall I would rate Korova’s cartridges well and truly above average. They come with a hearty recommendation to any who enjoy a delicious flavor as well as intense potency and good value. The lack of easily verified testing results is a problem but it’s a common one and is the only sincere concern with these.

With this being the company’s first foray into pre-filled vape carts it bodes well for their future improvements. You can find Korova carts near you here. You can read more about Korova on their website found here.

What do you think about Korova vape cartridges? Comment below or post in our forum!


  1. Where in Arizona do they have the Korova vape cartridges available? Because I’ve checked Weedmaps and Leafly over and over again; nothing!


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