Green Roads CBD is a popular brand of pharmacy-formulated CBD products. Here I review three of their items: The Muscle and Joint Relief Cream, 2oz of Organic CBD Coffee and a bag of CBD Camomile tea.

Green Roads CBD products are high quality, with great flavoring on the tea and coffee comparable to non-CBD organic brands I typically use. I have tried a lot of CBD products and these were quite impressive.

Green Roads CBD, tested and pure

Over the years, Green Roads has won multiple awards for our quality products and industry leadership, and has been named the #1 privately held CBD company in the U.S. Although they love the recognition, they are far more honored by the heartfelt emails and social posts they get from men and women all over the country who tell that their products have changed their lives.

They consider CBD to be the biggest health and wellness story of their generation, and they are proud to be helping millions discover its benefits. They include test results from a third parties on everything with an easy to use QR code. Wish we had that for vape cartridges!

I received three Green Roads CBD products – The Muscle and Joint Relief Cream, 2oz of Organic CBD Coffee and a bag of CBD Camomile tea. Let me share with you my experience with these products that I’ve tried

Green Roads Product Packaging

Green Roads CBD Coffee
CBD Coffee from Green Roads

First of all, I like the packaging. It has a rich feel and they didn’t harm the planet by wasting materials. I am tired of opening a package of whatever and finding a smidge in the bottom and some very expensive air. Two ounces of coffee was vacuum sealed in a bag that was designed for 2 oz’s of coffee. Well done.

Green Roads CBD Tea and Coffee

CBD Tea and Packaging from Green Roads

The tea is interesting. At first glance I thought there was a bud of weed in the tea bag. No luck, but there was a beautifully dimensional chunk of plant in the bag instead of the usual ground mixture. Two thumbs up for letting a plant be a plant.

Both the coffee and the tea are as delicious as the organic brands I usually choose and they have the added benefit of the healing benefits of CBD. I will recommend these products for my seriously ill clients who need to invest in healthful, CBD-laced products in every facets of their life.

Their CBD Coffee and Tea are Worth it

CBD Tea and Coffee
Green Roads CBD tea and Coffee

The coffee and tea products are expensive. So? As I once told a television news reporter who claimed that my natural health recommendations were spendy, “Dying is expensive. I’ve tried it twice. Better to invest on the front end.”

Muscle and Joint Relief Cream

CBD Muscle and Joint Relief Cream
Muscle and Joint Relief Cream Box

The muscle relief cream is my new best friend. I am in love with this product and every musician should have a bottle. I carried it to work to perform last night and kept it by my bed. Also, I would pay top dollar for this product even if it had no healing qualities. The scent is an olfactory orgasm. (Can I say that? Too late.)

Muscle and Joint Relief Cream Effect

I have carpal tunnel type symptoms as I overwork my wrists as a street harpist. My hands also get stiff from playing and not stretching my fingers. I expected relief from the cream, but the deep eucalyptus type tingle was a lovely surprise. Better still, an hour after applying the cream I reached to adjust my head dress and the beautiful lavender knocked me off my feet again. Did I mention I love the scent? Wow!

Green Roads Muscle and Joint Relief Cream
The Actual Product and Box

The product is immediately effective. It seemed like the muscles in my hands and wrists just went ahhhhh and relaxed. I’d recommend Green Roads advertise this product directly to musicians. It’s a keeper in my tool box!

Our Overall Experience with Green Roads Products

The products that I’ve tried are effective. Even though these products are higher priced than some, I would say that the products are worth it because they are high quality and you can tell when you use it. I am sure I will end up trying more of their products in the future and we will add to this review.

Here’s where you can get the products we reviewed: Cream, Coffee and Tea. By signing up for their email list you get an additional 10% off.

Have you tried any Green Roads Products? Post your review below! Question or comment? Post below or in our forum!


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