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Las Vegas Dispensary Deals

Where to Find Dispensary Deals in Las Vegas

We're fans of the cannabis scene in Las Vegas, so we're appreciative of finding a site devoted to tracking Las Vegas Dispensary Deals.

Best Stoner Games – Video Games That Score Best With A...

What video game doesn't go well with weed? A surprising lot of them, which is why we pick the most enjoyable video games to play while stoned.

Best Movies To Watch Stoned

The true best stoner film recommendations from a stoner movie critic. No Cheech and Chong! No Reefer Madness! Quality flicks only.

The Top Recommended Dispensaries in San Jose

The most highly recommended dispensaries in San Jose, ranked with customer feedback, reviews, recommendations, and good word of mouth.

Washington D.C. : Cannabis Legalization Is Hard To Do

The SAFE Cannabis Sales Act of 2019 was shot down, dashing Washington D.C.'s hopes for full legalization of sales. Now what?

Our Picks For The Best Weed In Las Vegas

Our picks for the best weed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Covering the top flower brands with pictures.

How To Make Your Own Weed Pills

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make your own weed pills at home. From cannabis buds to gel capsules!
planet 13 las vegas

Planet 13: World’s Largest Dispensary in Las Vegas

Here we go over Planet 13, the largest dispensary in the world, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Los Angeles Dispensary Deals: Saving You Money

Deals at the most popular Los Angeles dispensaries. First time patient deals and recurring sales are featured here.

Las Vegas Dispensary Deals: Saving You Money

Here is a list of the different deals for dispensaries in Las Vegas, Nevada. This page will be updated to keep up with the...

Dabbing 101: Should You Be Dabbing Wax or Vaping Wax?

A guide on the differences between dabbing wax and vaping wax.

Distillate On A Joint: How To Make It Burn Evenly, Works...

Guide on putting distillate on a joint so it burns evenly. Works with CO2 oil as well.
Healthy Hemp Energy

Healthy Hemp Energy Review: Energy Paired With CBD

Healthy Hemp CBD Delivers Good Smooth Energy Healthy Hemp Energy is an energy shot that comes in a similar bottle to another energy shots, but...

KoKo Nuggz : Chocolate Budz: Review (NEW Flavor Update!)

KoKo Nuggz - Chocolate Budz (THIS PRODUCT IS NON-MEDICATED. NO THC, NO CBD) Updated: January 23rd 2018 When we first reviewed Koko Nuggz Original OG flavor back...

4/20 Events in California 2017!

Get ready marijuana enthusiasts, 4/20 is almost upon us! 4/20 is like Christmas for stoners! And with more states legalizing weed, people are becoming more...

8 Suprising Reasons to Use Weed Daily

Should I smoke weed daily? hmm... be patient and lets find out. Read on. Cannabis has always had and probably will always get a bad rap,...

13 Truly Weird Food Combos to Try Out When You’re High...

Weird Food Combinations: Everyone knows about the munchies. They're a by-product of the incredible feelings associated with smoking weed. When everything tastes good, and...

Dabbing For The First Time: The Basics

It’s time to put away your rolling papers, as ‘dabbing’ has become one of the most popular forms of smoking. Doing a 'dab' is a...