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Taking a closer look at the Dynavap M Starter Pack (pronounced Dyna Vape) it is one of the best vaporizers for bud that I have yet to try. Delivering amazing hits, we highly recommend you to try out this unique vaporizer. Here we talk more about this vaporizer, the good, the bad and what can be improved. Overall I have to say I do enjoy using the Dynavap quite often.


  • Unique design and built
  • Heats up amazing and evenly
  • Easier to use than it seems
  • The built makes it easy to clean


  • Doesn’t pack as much as I’d like
  • You need to wait to cool down for a while after every use
  • Pricey for a small device

Recommendations: A larger space to pack more weed would be nice. This alone would make the device much better, giving it more hits in each use.

Unboxing the Dynavap M Starter Pack


  • Dynavap Vaporizer
  • Wooden box to hold the vaporize and your flower
  • Extra chamber and plastic ring
  • Container
  • Cleaning supplies
dynavap m starter pack
Dynavap m starter pack has everything you need to maintain your vaporizer.

Opening up the Dynavap I was surprised to see everything it has. It really does come with everything you need to keep, clean and maintain this vaporizer. The first thing that you’ll see is this box and it is such a great feature to keep this vaporizer portable and on the go. Having two holes, one of them is for the vaporizer itself and the other is for you to put your bud in it. Another neat feature it has is the magnetic metal in the center of the wooden box show above. This is great for when you are packing it so you don’t lose that top part easily.

Furthermore, this starter pack has everything to maintain its use. Having a few things to clean this vaporizer and it even has wax to keep the vaporizer from hitting smooth. Another thing this pack contains is a small pack of chambers and plastic rings, for when it gets old or worn out/used too much. Also, it has the perfect torch to heat up this dry herb vape perfectly.

Best vaporizer for bud, giving clean and smooth hits

Opening the Dynavap, I honestly didn’t expect much from it. Looking like a one hitter, I thought that it would hit light given there’s no motor behind it.

But with there being a process to actually hit this vaporizer, it definitely hits a lot better than a typical one-hitter. The main thing that I dislike about this vaporizer is the fact that you have to wait a minute or two after each use before packing it again. Being still hot after you finish the bowl, it can be easy to get burnt from it if you are distracted.

Other than that, I have nothing but positive things to say about this unique vaporizer. My favorite thing about it is that once you heat it up and start hitting it, it will keep roasting most of the times. Although it is a vaporizer and it claims to vaporize all your smoke, giving little to no smoke when you hit, for me it did give massive smoke. Personally it gave big and thick hits but I actually like that a lot better than if it vaporized and gave light hits.

Instructions on how to use the Dynavap

So at first it may seem overwhelming or like too much work, but after a while you start getting use to it. First, you pack your vaporizer until the metal part touches the end. Do not over pack it or it will not hit as well. Once packed and you put the cover on, heat in towards the middle of the metal cap and start rotating your vaporizer.

Wait for the click on the Dynavap

Do not heat up the tip or else you won’t heat your weed up properly. After around 6 seconds, you will hear a click and that’s when it is ready to hit.

After hitting it for a while, it will make another clicking noise indicating that the vaporizer is done and finished for that hit. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all your bud is finished, it just means it’s not hitting anymore. But when this happens, be aware that you do have to wait a minute or two to cool down. Do not ever re-heat the vaporizer until it has cooled down or else it can get permanently damaged.

Using the airflow hole is optional on the Dynavap, when used correctly it makes a monster hit.

Another cool feature the Dynavap has is an airflow hole. This doesn’t have to be used at all. According to their website, most people actually get a better experience when they don’t touch the airflow hole at all. When you do, it will feel like you’re not getting any smoke but that’s normal.

The second you take your finger off, it will give a great hit with thick smoke. So because of that I personally like using the airflow hole more often than not. Use the Dynavap airflow hole correctly and it delivers monster hits.

Build and Design makes it very easy to clean

dynavap kit
This vaporizer makes it very simple and easy to clean with the way it’s built.

Being the way it’s built, the Dynavap is very simple to clean. Allowing you to open it apart in 4 ways, you won’t find it difficult at all cleaning this device. It also opens up this way easily so you can change your chamber or plastic rings whenever you want. As for cleaning the device, you open it and take apart all the pieces you can, like shown above.

Once you have done so, simply place it in a bowl of water with any sort of liquid cleaning solution that you desire. Do not clean it with alcohol. It won’t damage the vaporizer at all but may not be safe to smoke if you do so.

Hitting the Dynavap with THC concentrate

Hitting this device with concentrate didn’t deliver as good hits than hitting it with bud.

We tested out hitting this vaporizer with some wax and it did not hit nearly as good as it does with flower. This was a little disappointing for us. Don’t get me wrong, you can still use this vaporizer for wax and it’ll still hit decent. It’s just it doesn’t hit nearly as good as if you put bud in it.

Since vapes have been out, dab pens have been better for concentrates, and the more dry herb focused products seem not to perform well on THC extracts.

Overall, the Dynavap M Starter pack is definitely worth it for flower

If you love smoking flower, than you’ll love this vaporizer. It really does give amazing and smooth hits all at once, you will not be disappointed. The starter pack does cost $120 and it does seem like a lot for this vaporizer. With the same price, you can get a clean bong. But it all ends up to the person and as to how much they love vaporizing their weed. You can find more on the Dynavap here.

What are your thoughts on the Dynavap vaporizer? Comments or questions? Post your review below and comment below or in our forum!


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