Dry Herb is the cannabis flower buds themselves. There was a time when this was just about the only way to enjoy cannabis. In recent years with the rise of oilpens, dabbing, and other extracts and concentrates, the term “dry herb” became needed to distinguish cannabis plant matter consumed “the old-fashioned way.”

However, the term appears mostly in the context of vaping.

herb vaping has gained fashion as the preferred way to consume pure cannabis flower, with joints (now called “pre-rolls”) a close second and plain old bongs and pipes almost unheard of now. Dry herb vapes use the same heating convection technology found in other vaping rigs to vaporize the cannabis.

A good dry herb vape should vaporize the cannabis evenly, making the remains a crispy brown without burning it. You get the same effects as smoking it, without all the harmful carcinogens that come with inhaling actual smoke.



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