Muha Meds is a THC vape cartridge brand which has managed to stay squarely in our radar, without us saying much about it. Originally we were driven to conclude it as a fake brand altogether, but someone reached out to us claiming to speak for the brand and there seems to be some consistency to some of the carts out there according to many users.

UPDATE: 09/13/2021Allegedly, someone or something actually got a license through for Muha Meds in Michigan, of all places. Given that Michigan has become notorious for regulation problems, this isn’t that surprising.


For what it’s worth, we don’t find license information on the Michigan adult-use license establishment list for Muha Meds, and the claimed official is an Instagram account and a blank wall. There are 27 “official” websites claiming to represent Muha Meds than we can find with a quick domain search, so it’s anybody’s guess whom is even claiming this brand.


We’re calling “BS”! As with other long-running fakes like Big Chief and Lion’s Breath, by the time a cart brand has been faked around the world and back, it doesn’t matter if God Himself issues a license for it, it’s still always going to be untrustworthy. And when we say “around the world,” we mean “we found a public health warning about Muha Meds posted from a domain in Nigeria.”

UPDATE: 06/01/2020 – Somebody claiming to speak for the Muha Meds brand has communicated to us about these issues. We do a summary below.

At this point we think they’re an unregulated street brand, but a centrally processed brand nonetheless, as there is still no license listing for them.

But today, let’s just talk about the endless counterfeits of Muha Meds out there.

There are INFINITE fake Muha Meds dealers on social media!

Does that term “infinite” have a touch of hyperbole? Let’s just start posting #muhameds tag results from Twitter and let you be the judge.

You’ll note that “Muha Meds” has become a name so thoroughly dragged on the black market that it’s become another generic name for “black market carts,” thus it’s tagged on posts like this one showing DankWoods. Other brand names that are treated this way include many from our top fake carts list, as well as completely fake brands like Dank, Monopoly, and South Carts.

Here’s another one.


Here’s another Muha Meds fake vendor:


Another Muha Meds fake vendor:


Here’s someone who literally has the Twitter account name “Muha Meds” posting fake carts, including the hashtags for #dankvapes #exoticcarts #smartcarts and #moonrocks.


Another Muha Meds fake vendor:


Here’s another Muha Meds fake vendor, this one claiming they’re “live resin” now:


Here’s another Muha Meds fake vendor, this one is “officialy plug 420” with a SnapChat icon on a Twitter account, who uses a hashtag “#brassknukles.” Can’t spell, can’t tell one social media service from another, but trust them with your lungs:


And another Muha Meds fake vendor, with the name Muha Meds US, and “new packaging”:


Here’s another Muha Meds fake vendor:


Another Muha Meds fake vendor:


Another Muha Meds fake vendor:


Here’s another Muha Meds fake vendor, showing the graphic of the product line-up taken from the current front page of the domain:


Let’s just say that’s a lot of fake cart accounts. Notice every one of those were under a different Twitter handle. You can search the hashtag #muhameds on Twitter and scroll for pages and pages and pages, never run out.

What’s the Instagram situation, can you guess?

Of course, they all claim that they’re the original and all the other accounts are the fakes. We could go on posting these all day.

Muha Meds carts are easier to find empty than full…

They’re sold everywhere online for prices like $25:





Here they are on DHGate, buy them wholesale bulk to fill with your own hot dog water:


Again, these go on forever too.

There is even a which appears to be a completely separate operation.

Redditors have been inquiring about Muha Meds and remarking on their black market lack of quality.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if Muha Meds goes legit or not

The absolute sheer number of fake counterfeit packaging flooding the market, showing up in illegal states, completely obliterates the odds of ever finding a legit company and reliable supplier. The fact that this brand has operated for two years (WHOIS shows their domain was first registered in April of 2018) without licensing or legal protection has allowed counterfeiters to flood the market.

Perhaps there has never been a legitimately filled Muha Meds cart. Perhaps it was never intended as anything but a website and a way to sell empty carts to the distillate gun underworld.

We’ve reached out to the owner of the domain and inquired about licensing plans. We got no response.

UPDATE: 06/01/2020

Muha Meds did finally get back to us, or at least somebody who claims ownership of this brand. We find these communications puzzling on a few points, but we’ll pass a summary of points along to the community.

#1 – Muha Meds claims to be represented by PotBrothersAtLaw

We did reach out to this… firm? Somebody on the phone confirms they represent Muha Meds. Pot Brothers at Law has a whimsical website up where they offer legal services to both end cannabis users and cannabis businesses. As we mention before, the multiple claimants to Muha Meds, an inevitable side effects of a widely counterfeited brand, makes it difficult to confirm an owner even then.

Consider this: Anyone could go to the same firm and claim to be the owner of Dank Vapes. We’re surprised it hasn’t happened already. How would you know to even doubt somebody who claims to manage Dank, and if you did, how would you verify that they are the controlling owner of the brand? So at the least, Pot Brothers at Law could be just as in the dark as we are. The problem is that there is no owner of a company until there’s a license registered with some official source. It’s like the pink slip on a car. Without it, the car just belongs to nobody.

#2 – Muha Meds offers an explanation for their licensing state

The points summarize roughly to:

  • They’re trying to get “building plans approved”
  • They’re aiming for distribution and manufacturing license approval in Long Beach, CA
  • Plans are on hold due to Corona Virus
  • They claim the city says they can operate “regardless of the state” starting June 1st
  • They are developing their own in-house verification system

For one thing, we were looking at Muha Meds way back in December of 2019, before anything in the US was affected by Coronavirus. We also know of no authorization that anyone has to operate a facility without a license. In California, a state where you can’t throw a rock without hitting a licensed cannabis business, why would they tell one business to go ahead without a license?

For some context, Long Beach California shows 61 licensed facilities under CDPH (manufacturing) alone. Long Beach has a total city land area just shy of 51.5 square miles, which means more than 1 cannabis manufacturing / processing facility per square mile. With that kind of market density, it seems odd they’d be in such a rush to add the 62nd cannabis processing business that they’d waive a license requirement. They need space to do other things with the city too, like house residents and still have space left over to dock the Queen Mary.

In any case, we still can’t fault a brand too much for at least putting in this much effort. Compare to the average questionable cartridge brand we review here which has nothing but chirping crickets in response when we try to contact an owner. We will offer tentative encouragement to Muha Meds to get this situation straightened out, but in light of the tremendous counterfeit market based on their brand already, we will add “Good luck, because you’re going to need it!”

Unlicensed, unregulated brands like Muha Meds may contain anything

There is a deadly epidemic of lung illness tied to black market cart usage. Vaping-associated pulmonary injury has so far claimed 64 lives and hospitalized more than 2700 users. Unregulated vape carts could contain heavy metals like lead, pesticides, cut such as Honey Cut, or simply bunk. Or they could be fire if you’re lucky. But a lot of people in the hospital right now weren’t lucky.

If anybody has more information on where these are circulating, please feel free to help us protect public safety by sharing it with the community here in the comments or in our forum.



  1. Mine is made in California. It has the metric number and batch number and it’s 1,000mg. I’m going to scan it and see. There’s no code under the sticker. Would it be anywhere else. It’s not making me wheeze or cough so I wonder if I should use it. It gets me high though

  2. They have made to PA as well super unsure about them but I’m not taking the risk, I will stick to the dispensaries. That’s what they are here for lol

    • We had to remove the link just in case the site is not legit, but muha itself is not registered so even if it’s real it’s not a licensed product

  3. Real or not they’ve made it to Vermont as well, although the one I tried did its job. You have the information to make your choice people, so do what you will. I personally no longer vape, no moisture in my lungs, just smoke lmao

  4. I’m in Indiana, and my plug has had these for the past 6 months. All of them have the same packaging with the cbd, and thc listed, and the authorization codes. I’ve had zero bad experiences but I get them from the same source, and it’s 2021 now. Stay safe, and happy 420.

  5. You guys… Real or not they’re still not licenced or regulated. They can still be dangerous. If you’re gonna buy black market do your research on whats real and regulated.

  6. My plug managed to snag Muhameds in FL! and I think they’re legit bc of the verification code not being scratched off yet, working on the website, and the plastic film seal that was around the whole box when I got it. I also smoked it a few times and it gets me high off a few hits for the whole night. I can even hold in the hit for a second or two and not have any weird lung pains… just the urge to cough (which everyone knows gets u higher anyways;)) so i think these are legit!

    • Gotta get that med card in FL! I know prices are high…. but there’s gotta be some strong stuff to make it worth it we don’t want you ruining your lungs!

    • First off, “everyone knows,” holding in a cloud does nothing for ones high, but put more and more tar in your lungs; counterfeit tar at that. That’s a VERY common misconception my boy… I hate to break it to you, but all Muhas of any sort are 100% fake. Even the, “real,” Muhas were R/D tested which has A.) little credibility (A.K.A. not reliable or accurate tests whatsoever) AND B.) little to no actual meaning. Even the information of verification MuhaMeds shows on their website/“official” Instagram account is—for lack of a better word—useless. Without government approval, there is absolutely no way of true authentication; and some screenshot doesn’t count. I, as do many other cannabis users wish this were not the case, but the truth hurts… sometimes even literally. Just smoke bud and be safe out there! Don’t trip baby, much love!

  7. Ok I have a box and I scanned the QR code and it takes me to the website but my box doesn’t have a scratch off for a code to enter?

  8. I just scanned my QR code and when I entered the authentication code it says “Not Valid, products can only be verified once.” The box has 4 circular images that don’t have Pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, foreign material. The bottom also has gold tape underneath. On the back, supplement facts with the 3 colors. Red, green, purple. Thc cbd total. All seems legit.

  9. My man got a blue raspberry hybrid muha meds cart. We scratched off and tried authenticating it but it said invalid and can only be done once. So does that mean this is a fake one?

  10. I recently bought a Muha Meds cart in Illinois. The box said “Lab tested for pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and foreign material” with little images. The back shows a graph of the THC and CBD content, as well as the total combined. Above the graph it has some text with a serving size and child hazard warning. Below the graph is a QR code with a unique identifier code, which when I put it through, came off authentic. One thing I think mine has that other’s don’t though is this tamper proof bottom thing. Inside the box, there is a smaller box that nicely slides out of the bottom. The bottom has a tamper proof sticker, that would make it extremely obvious if someone had opened it. And it didn’t look slapped on there either. The bottom of the container and the sticker had a unique shape that would be a little bit harder for some random to make. I tried myself. This is in September 2020, so Muha Meds has had a bit of time to correct this issue, if their statements are true.

  11. These drugs are no good, my son is in the hospital because of Muhameds
    There is a lot of fake ones out there.
    My advice is please stop using them…
    No good no good. people life is at stake so please stop.

  12. I got the plug on the real ones and there legit…all the pics on this those are all fakes…there should be a QR Pic you scan and go to and you scratch off your verification code on the back of the box…they can only be verified once all my come up authentic…so idk what y’all smoking on lmao

  13. I bought 2 now in Harrisburg PA. Both came out verified but I would like to know if anyone has any experience around here? Good/bad

    • I have one I’ve read this article after one hit not realizing how high I was if you get the real ones meaning it has a barcode and authentication , the wax is not liquidity and does not make your throat hurt at all enes after a fat hit , not denying that there isn’t fakes cause I’m scared of those too but I’m sure the one I’m stoking is real and that muha mess does actually have a good product I’d compare it five on the high level

  14. Alabama. They are here and they are definitely fake. When I hit a real cart I just feel like I gotta cough a little. When I hit any fake cart, my lungs legit hurt like the pain stays there for a while. And I at one point used them a lot and after using fake carts for an extended period, it starts hurting to breathe. I have 5 other people this has happened to

  15. Muha Meds are the best carts and pods available if they are legit..been getting some off IG FROM a reliable source.3 orders recieved with no problems…you really need to try the mini pods.i have seen plenty of fakes out there..trick is do your research before you send $$…if they are approaching you after viewing their page or When they promise you they are legitand theirs is better or cheaper.and biggest thing i noticed they want you to hurry and order today…then bitcoin, walmart gift cards, and western union are mentioned are red flags ..odds are you’re being scammed.

  16. When you called coronavirus “Corona Virus” I stopped reading. It was a good article since I found a cart on the ground and wanted to know about Muha meds. I don’t use carts.

    Come on. You were roasting someone for not spelling and then you call it the Corona [space] Virus.

    Coronavirus, or COVID-19.
    Corona Virus sounds like a computer virus.

    • That’s a matter of debate. A scratch code or QR code *should* go to a COA laboratory result for that specific batch, ideally. At the least, a verification system for a licensed brand.

      In Muha Meds’ case, there is no license, so where the QR code goes to is anybody’s guess.

      HYPOTHETICALLY, say I wanted to sell my own brand of empty vape cart for vendors to fill. I order some custom-printed packaging from an outfit like this:

      …then have a code on them and put up a website for $3 a month through GoDaddy. All the website has is a big sign: YUP IT’s LEGIT! Now I sell my packages to everybody I know. They can fill them and assure customers they check out when you verify them. I keep a website up to maintain the subterfuge, cover my costs, still make money…

    • Yes sir. It depends if it looks tampered with tho.. but if it is real and says authentic, and the box looks the same then u are fine

  17. I recently came a cross a some muha carts. As we scanned the numbers we came across one that was fake. After inspection of the box, if was obvious. True mm box will have 4 circular images they use to point out product testing. Pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, foreign material. Fake boxes will simply say “organic” in large font on one side. The real McCoy will also have gold type underneath. On the back, supplement facts will be 3 colors. Red, green, purple. Thc cbd total. On the fake it’s simply black background, gold print. We scanned 6 of the matching boxes as described, all legit. 3 of the fakes I described, all fake.
    Just my .02

  18. I recently got scammed by
    How do you even get these!? I really liked the authentic ones I had. Would like more!

  19. Damn. Purchased one in DC today and when I entered the authentication code I got “Not Valid”. Always got legit carts from this vendor in the past. Looks like I learned the hard way.

  20. Whoever is running the website and their verification system with QR code’s must be in ownership. Now they probably could just sell Packaging to Distillate suppliers too so who really knows?

  21. Hello. I have been buying carts and they seem real to me after being verified. However I bought a couple more and they came up “not valid. Product can only be verified once” so I’m not sure what that’s saying. And then there is no smoke at all when exhaled. And its shorter than my other muhameds that were verified. Is that a fake?

  22. Are legit muha meds supposed to make a smoke cloud or not when you exhale? I keep hearing yes and no, so I thought I’d ask someone with real answers. Just don’t want continue purchasing fake ones and not even know it. Thank you.

    • Yes, to some extent. It’s not going to be as thick as a nicotine vape cloud, but you should definitely see some ‘smoke’.

  23. Had given to me in the Philadelphia Pa area scanned the code came up verified, how do you know for sure it’s legit though

  24. Texas, here. We didn’t know anything about these, but the shortage of decent flower had us desperate. Bought 2. They are amazing. I love them. I will be checking the codes tho. New to this..would like to know more…

  25. Some of the Muhameds carts I have show the thc and cbd content on them. Others say scan for details. They all have verification codes on them and when I check they all say verified. I did notice that not all of the strans that I have tried have any lab results on the package or online. I did think that was kind of strange, even one of the carts that said scan for details did not show results

  26. Some of these websites do look like fake Muha meds, but a fair bit of the pictures posted look like they come from people who buy bulk from Muha.

  27. I need a real cartridge i spend $60.00 dollars on a original new york seltzer
    Vanilla cream soda soda stix and its fake.
    I also have a muha meds and its the real thing one good puff and i was coughing for a minute good stuff. So were can i find the real thing?

  28. I just bought 4 cartridges from a local dispensary shop that I have used many times before and they are fake!! I called them and they said they would replace them tomorrow and to not smoke them at all. He’s pissed because they have legit looking codes on their packaging…

  29. Looks like a legitimate website. They just take your money and deliver nothing. Even send fake tracking numbers.


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